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arturo fuente hemingway short story alternativeBCP #10 – Alternative to a Popular Dominican Cigar (4 ½ x 49)

Wrapper: Maduro
Ligero: 36%
Seco: 38%
Viso: 15%
Volado: 11%

A review for an alternative cigar? What’s the deal? This stick wasn’t in Cigar Aficionado! I know, I know. Allow me to explain.

I chose to review this particular stick because I don’t normally smoke budget stogies or alternatives. We all know they’re not quite the same as their counterparts, however they generally make a good inexpensive smoke for yard work or fishing.

So you can imagine my surprise when I lit up this alternative and was floored by how closely it stacked up to the real thing. That’s one of the benefits of this job. I get to find the $8 sticks in our humidor masquerading as $2 ones.

We can’t say what popular Dominican this is an alternative to. Our lips are sealed. However, the size and shape of this stick are not exactly common. If a Brother or Sister of the Leaf were so inclined, they could narrow down the answer with just a quick visit to Google…

arturo fuente hemingway short story alternative 3Notes:

    • Before I lit this solidly packed little flavor bomb, I detected notes of hay and grass in its scent and earth, hay, and dry maple syrup in the cold draw.
    • The first chapter of this stick started with an explosion of black and red pepper, raw lumber, cream, and bread. Cue the salivary glands.
    • You might be intimidated by the incredibly tight draw at the start, but 3 puffs in it completely opened up, with massive amounts of smoke.
    • As I smoked the first 3rd, this stick weaved its way into a super smooth, creamy profile of bread, lumber, and vanilla earth with subtle sweetness and a slight pepper hit on the finish.
    • After some transitions, grass and earth notes became more prominent while a sweet tart-like sweetness came out to hold everything in sugary goodness.
  • The cream flavor escalated towards the end of the cigar along with the pepper on the finish; this change was accompanied by a barnyard note dropping in and out at just the right times.

Flavor Report: Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Cream, Raw Lumber, Bread, Vanilla Earth, Barnyard, Grass

arturo fuente hemingway short story alternative 2Overall: 7.5/10

This smooth and creamy smoke was the definition of a classic Dominican profile with a nice little pepper zing on the finish throughout. Throw in some great transitions and nuances and you have one of the best alternative smokes out there.

And if you think you’ve figured out what we copied with this one, give it a try yourself and see how it stacks up.

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