Smoke Notes Cigar Reviews: Padron Damaso

padron damaso cigar 3Padron Damaso No. 12 (5×50)

W: Connecticut-seed
B: Nicaragua
F: Nicaragua

Factory: Tabacos Cubanica S.A.

Famous for its ultra-premium cigars that are made with nothing short of the stuff of legend, Padron cigars has finally decided to offer its loyal smokers a mellower-bodied smoke. This new blend is named after Jose Padron’s grandfather, who was the first Padron to start growing tobacco when he arrived on the shores of Cuba in the late 1800s. Not the mellowest of Connecticuts, but also a far cry from the typical Padron, this latest addition is both unique and delicious.

padron damaso cigar

    • Sucking air through the unlit tobacco provoked flavors or sawdust and earth. The pre-light aromas held hay, vanilla, earth, and musty wood.
    • The first third of the cigar was primarily raw lumber and red pepper with a bit of a vegetal note. The finish had a round, chocolatey flavor with a pepper zing.
    • Although solidly packed, these sticks burn faster than your average robusto size. Smoking time was about an hour.
    • In the second third the profile shifted over to vanilla bean, dark cherry, and earthy cocoa, contrasting heavily with the beginning of the smoke.
  • If you stick with it until the nub, you might want to put some ear plugs in. The earthy chocolate goes supernova and gets deafeningly loud. A hint of almond sneaks in the back door while all this is going on and nestles in the finish.

Flavor Report: Vegetal, Red Pepper, Raw Lumber, Chocolate, Dark Cherry, Vanilla Bean, Almond

padron_damaso_no12Overall: 7/10

Not exactly a mellow Connecticut, this stick definitely shows its Nicaraguan roots. However its pleasant array of flavors and classic peppery gusto make this the perfection addition to the Padron family, rounding out the brand’s already stellar portfolio.

Have you tried the Padron Damaso? If so, we’d love to hear your take on it. Tell us what you thought in a comment below.

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