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SOPA/PIPA Legislation: Regulations Gone Wild

If you spent any time browsing the internet today, chances are you noticed some of the most frequented sites, such as Wikipedia and Google, are participating in a blackout to protest the SOPA/PIPA bill, a.k.a. S.968. The proposed act, which is quickly making its way through the Senate, would grant the Department of Justice or copyright holders the power to take down websites that they deem to be “ dedicated to infringing on activities”, in some circumstances, without first allowing them to defend against any allegations. Under the act, the DOJ would have the ability to block search engines and social media sites from showing or allowing access to sites, and even take legal action against accused websites. The bill, which currently has 40 co-sponsors, is dangerously close to being passed.

The PROTECT IP act is a re-write of the COICA act, which failed to pass in 2010, and is the latest chapter in what seems to be a persistent theme in recent proposals that would have potential to hinder small business, and creative properties online. The passing of such a bill could have a strong impact on the very fabric of the internet as we know it, including sites such as

This is not the only problem we, as a company, currently face, though it certainly has a similar sentiment to the proposed FDA regulation of tobacco products, which would restrict sales and presentation of tobacco products so severely it would eliminate the premium cigar industry we enjoy today. Much like the SOPA act, its repercussions would put the jobs and livelihood of many at risk, and is an intrusion upon our civil liberties.

In order to prevent these actions from seeing fruition, it is imperative that we make our voices heard. We strongly urge you to contact your local government, as the most effective action you can take is to call your representatives and tell them you oppose SOPA and PIPA, and any similar legislation, and help protect our freedoms from this invasive movement.