Can I Bring Cigars on a Plane? And Other Common Questions

As (parts of) the world begin rebounding from the pandemic, many industries that were hurting in 2020 are seeing a spike in demand. One such industry is air travel. With more and more Americans finding themselves flying the friendly skies, those of us with cigars in tow may have some questions.

Can I Bring Cigars on a Plane?

While you can bring your cigars on board an airplane, the same is not true of many cigar accessories. If you keep your cutter and lighter stored with your stogies, we recommend separating them and putting the accessories in your checked luggage. Torch lighters are almost always not allowed, and cigar cutters usually depend on their style and size. It’s best to just err on the side of caution—you can’t smoke on the plane anyway.

How Do I Keep My Cigars Safe?

Before you can worry about the temperature and conditions that your cigars are exposed to while flying, you have to make sure they don’t get crushed. Obviously, a hard shell cigar case is ideal.

H. Upmann Travel Humidor

If you don’t have a case though, a Ziplock bag placed carefully in your carry-on will have to do. Try to loosely wrap them in clothing or other soft materials if possible for added protection.

Will My Cigars Be Safe with Checked Luggage?

If the luggage you’re checking is more durable than your carry-on bag, you may be tempted to just store your cigars in the checked luggage for the flight. That can be a dangerous gamble, especially for long flights. While the cargo hold is pressure and climate controlled to a certain degree, it is generally not going to be as comfortable as the cabin. Not only will your cigars be exposed to lower temperatures, but the changes in pressure can be enough to crack cigar wrappers.

So there you have it. Just remember to check your cutter and lighter, and to bring your sticks on board as safely as possible. Even if your carry-on bag doesn’t offer much protection, bring your smokes on board anyway. A chilly cargo hold is an inhospitable place for something as sensitive as cigars.

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