The Best Cigar Lighters of 2022

Let’s be real here – it’s not hard to find a light. There’s plenty of fire available at any given cigar lounge, there’s Bics and matches on every convenient store counter, and in a pinch, one can humble themselves to stoop over a kitchen stove burner to get that stogie fired up.

So when you’re purchasing a cigar lighter, you’re not simply buying for function, but investing in a little piece of luxury to enhance your overall cigar experience. That raises the stakes, and usually, the price a little. But fear not – with cost, looks, and overall functionality as deciding factors, we’ve pored over our inventory in order to compile this list of the best cigar lighters available in 2022. No matter your needs, style, or price range, your lighter awaits below.

1. Slim 7 Wave Torch Lighter By S.T. Dupont

Slim 7 Wave Torch Lighter by S.T. Dupont

With its sleek design and elegant white and rose gold patterned finish, no one is going to mistake your Slim 7 Wave Torch lighter for anything less than the world-class luxury lighter that it is. With a thickness of just 7mm, the Slim 7 is, in fact, the world’s slimmest luxury lighter, and this particularly eye-catching edition packs a powerful, wind-resistant jet torch behind its cool exterior. It’s ultra lightweight, refillable via a discreet nozzle on the bottom, and dependable as an every day pocket torch.

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2. Xikar Allume Single Torch Lighter

Xikar Allume Single Torch Lighter, Gunmetal

A tough and compact lighter with understated and dignified looks, the Xikar Allume could quite possibly be the last cigar torch you ever need to purchase. This heavy little number comes with the works – a visible fuel window, large flame adjustment wheel, easy side squeeze ignition, and a lifetime warranty. Did you catch that last one? That’s right, if anything ever goes wrong with your Allume, Xikar will repair or replace it free of charge.

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3. Defi Xxtreme Dual Torch Lighter By S.T. Dupont

Defi Xxtreme Dual Torch Lighter by S.T. Dupont

It looks like it may unravel itself to reveal its true identity as a Transformer at any moment. Really, it will only transform your cigar lighting routine into one of precision and ease in even the most adverse conditions. Engineered to fire at altitudes of more than 11,500 ft (3500 meters) and through winds up to 37 mph, the Defi Xxtreme Dual Torch Lighter By S.T. Dupont is far from your average cigar lighter. Its pointed dual jet flames form a pyramid shape when ignited to provide a fast and thorough light, and shock-proof bumpers encompassing the entire length of the lighter will help you get lit in any weather, from the iciest temperatures (-10°C) to the warmest ones (+45°C).

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4. Xikar Trezo Lighter

Xikar Trezo Lighter

The world’s first lighter built with inline triple jet flames, the Xikar Trezo uses modern innovation to provide the most accommodating light for your cigars. Its primary torch is supported by two additional outer jet flames positioned at an 8 degree angle inwards, creating a perfect heat point in the middle, and its ergonomic ignition design allows you to put these flames to work with a simple single action. With a simple and striking look to go with its superior performance, the Trezo means business. And again, because it’s Xikar, you’re covered for life by their handy warranty.

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5. Rocky Patel Envoy 5 Torch Lighter

Rocky Patel Envoy Lighter, Copper & Black

If you’re looking for a strong cigar lighter with a built-in punch cutter, might I suggest the Rocky Patel Envoy. This thing kind of has it all. For starters, it’s equipped with 5(!) jet flames to make light work of even your largest ring gauge cigars. These flames are housed in your choice of different stunning finishes, adding some eye-catching flair to the situation. Then you factor in the built-in punch cutter, fuel tank window, and lifetime warranty and voilà – you’ve got the ultimate cigar lighter on your hands.

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And if you’re looking for more of the best cigar lighters on sale, browse our full selection of lighters here.

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