The Best Winter Cigars

Alec Bradley Tempus Robolo

As much as we hate to acknowledge it here in the Northeast, winter is right around the corner again. With the most recent weather reports screaming Polar Vortex,  one must adjust their smoking schedule accordingly, as super-low temps and high winds rule out bigger cigars as an appropriate course of action.

The problem is that small cigars might not have the same “full effect” as a larger cigar. So we want our flavor bomb, but we want it without having to endure hours out in the cold. That’s why our cigar size of choice for the winter is the mighty Robolo.

Why do we believe that Robolo is the right size? Well for starters it’s a big ring cigar, weighing in at a 60 ring gauge, so it’s a definite flavor bomb, and coupled with its short 4.5″ length, it’s not a cigar that would take hours to burn through. It’s a big ring cigar that pumps tons of flavor that you can enjoy in a shorter period of time.

The Robolo’s wide ring size and moderate length means that during a deep freeze outdoors, you still get all the qualities of a big ring cigar without the major time commitment. This makes Robolo the choice size for aficionados looking for a great winter weather smoke.

We currently offer 19 different types of Robolo Cigars. Most of them are popular cigar lines from big brands that you’re  most likely familiar with, such as Montecristo White, Romeo y Julieta,  and H Upmann.

Now you can enjoy those smokes in the 4.5 x 60 Robolo size without risking frostbite.

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