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The Big Smoke – Drooling Over The Cigars

A simulated first-person view of tomorrow night from the author's perspective.

According to the promotional material for tomorrow’s Big Smoke at Foxwoods, 26 premium cigars are included in the ticket price. Even though the BestCigarPrices team will be puffing away around the poker tables in a little over 24 hours, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend a blog post thinking of what dreams may come. We won’t list them all, but here are a choice few:

Alec Bradley Family Blend – Can’t wait to smoke another one of these sweet and nutty works of cigar art. This is one of the few cigars mentioned by specific line.

Arturo Fuente – Never disappoints, and is the brand many cigar smokers claim got them hooked on cigars in the first place.

Ashton – Another can’t-go-wrong offering. Many of our staff has enjoyed a nice VSG, and we’re eagerly awaiting what they have for us this year.

CAO – With so many high-rated cigars, CAO probably had to build a separate trophy room. CAO Flavors will also be given away.

Camacho – Hot off the heels of the Ramones release — we’re one of the first to offer them online — I wonder if that’s what they’ll have.

Carlos Toraño – An incredible high-quality output no matter what they do — we’re guaranteed a top-shelf cigar here.

Cusano – Man, that Cusano 18 is a tasty cigar… and the Cusano CC’s are incredible for their price. What’ll we have here?

Diamond Crown – Everything these guys put out is super-premium, can’t wait to see what they have in store.

El Triunfador – Haven’t tried one of these relatively new blends out but I hear they’re fantastic.

La Aroma de Cuba – You have to try the new blend in La Aroma de Cuba. It was updated last year and is even more superb than before.

La Flor Dominicana – Smoke any LFD and you’re guaranteed a hearty, robust aroma.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R – We just sold a truckload of these during their “Win a Lotus” promotion. It’s a full-bodied powerhouse with a great balance of flavors.

Nub Habano – This is my favorite of all the Nub wrapper options — it’s got a long, spicy finish and sweet, woody core.

Oliva Serie G – Check out the cigar review I wrote on Monday of the Oliva Serie G Cameroon Robusto.

Padron – Oh yeah. Everyone loves Padron. ‘Nuff said.

Punch Upper Cut – This is one helluva stick with notes of sweet wood, cherry and faraway spice. Grown in volcanic soil!

Rocky Patel – Rocky’s stogies were what started my personal love affair with cigars. I can’t wait to smoke whatever he contributes to the Big Smoke, even if it’s something I’ve tried before.

Tatuaje – Incredible cigars in the Cuban tradition. Some of ’em pack quite a punch but remain smooth and creamy.

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