We at Best Cigar Prices are proud to announce the first ever 3D Printed Cigar.

3D Printed Cigar - April Fools

The cigar is of the highest quality, your choice of Natural, Sungrown or Maduro wrapper. Delivered within seconds and 100% fresh. We developed a way to make it work with ANY printer, no 3d printer required!

To perform a print, download the cigar from the 3D printable file (STL file) and watch as each successive layer of the cigar is created from a series of cross sections. These layers, which correspond to the virtual cross sections from the Cigar CAD model, are joined and automatically fused to create the final product. The primary advantage of this technique is its ability to create almost any kind of cigar you can imagine.

Go ahead and place your order now and be the first to enjoy a 3d printed cigar.


It has been described as nutty, with a hint of carbon powder, iron oxide, and sugar. However some have described it with a chocolatey taste with a hint of styrene acrylate copolymer. There have been some MINOR reports of the cigar wrapper staining fingers. We are sure we can work out this problem in the future.


Happy April Fools!

Bottom Line: This is a Blatant April Fool’s Prank! What is not a prank is that we are offering you free shipping until 9AM EST April 2nd (Wednesday) with any order over $75. See Below for Coupon Code!!

If you want a traditional premium cigar as well use this coupon code during checkout : APRILFOOLS14 : as that ensures free shipping for your traditional order (it uses Free BCP Shipsaver)

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