Patriotic Cigars That Are Perfect for July 4

There are few moments in which a cigar is more enjoyable than while you’re manning a grill in the middle of summer. Of course, July 4 is the perfect occasion for such a cookout, so be sure that you have some quality cigars on hand. Better yet, why not get some smokes that pay homage to the U.S. of A? Best Cigar Prices has plenty of patriotic cigars to choose from, and all of them are generously priced. No need to settle for the cheap burgers!

CAO America

Box of CAO America Monument Cigars
CAO America – Monument

Let’s start with the obvious. If you were to type “cigar + America” into a search engine, chances are good that you’d see the CAO America near the top of your results. However, it isn’t just a name. The CAO America features not one but two American-grown wrapper leaves: a Connecticut broadleaf maduro and a Connecticut shade. The dual wrappers also create a unique “pinstripe” design around the cigar, letting everyone know these smokes are something special.

300 Hands by Southern Draw

300 Hands Maduro Petite Edmundo Cigars from Southern Draw
300 Hands Maduro Petite Edmundo

The 300 Hands collection from Southern Draw refers to the number of hands that are thought to be needed to create a cigar “from seed to shelf.” These cigars are an homage to the blue-collar workers who toil behind the scenes to make America what it is today. Sounds like the perfect July 4 stogie to us. On top of that, Southern Draw is a veteran-owned business that deserves support year-round, but especially around Independence Day.

La Palina Goldie

La Palina Goldie Box of 10 Cigars
La Palina Goldie

Even when using U.S.-grown tobacco leaves, most cigars are still produced outside of the states. The Goldie from La Palina is one of the few premium cigars that can boast that it’s made in U.S.A. To be more specific, these beautiful sticks are made at the El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami. However, only 1,000 boxes were made. If you’re intrigued by this blend, be sure to grab a box before they’re gone.

Honorable Mention: Palio’s Honor Gift Set

Palio Lighter, Cutter, and Cigar Rest
Honor Gift Set from Palio

Sure, this is supposed to be a list of cigars to smoke on the July 4 holiday—but just look at this accessory set! You get a table lighter and a cutter, both with matching U.S. flag graphics. You even get a bonus cigar rest (which I’m sure would also display a flag if there was room).

Any of the above cigars are a great choice if you’re looking for a patriotic puff. Whether you enjoy them while grilling steaks, lighting fireworks, or lounging about—there’s no wrong way to spend the holiday. After all, having the freedom to do whatever you’d like is kind of the point!

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