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The New Gurkha Factory Tour Sampler

The Gurkha lineup is known to have some of the finest cigars around; unfortunately, many of those come with a pretty hefty price tag. Luckily now there’s a way for you to sample a few stogies from Gurkha’s roster with the Gurkha Factory Tour Sampler. For a measly $49.95, you can enjoy a smattering of five varieties of these robust, premium smokes. In this economical sampler you get TWO of each of the following powerful stogies:

Gurkha Assassin Churchill, 7.5×52
This cigar will sneak up on you, hence its namesake. It features a rich and flavorful Brazilian wrapper, Dominican binder, and filler from Peru and Nicaragua. Expect a powerful smoke with lots of pepper, leather, and dry cocoa.

Gurkha Evil Churchill, 7.5×52
This cigar was described by Gurkha’s owner, Kaizad Hansotia, as “just pure evil,” and rightfully so. This insanely powerful stogie boasts a Brazilian wrapper, Dominican binder, and intense Nicaraguan filler. This is a cigar that will put some hair on your chest if the Assassin hasn’t already.

Gurkha Ninja Torpedo, 6×52
Contrary to what the name would suggest, the Gurkha Ninja will not sneak out of the shadows and massacre you. It’s actually one of their milder smokes, hovering around the neighborhood of medium-bodied. This cigar flaunts a chocolaty Brazilian Maduro wrapper, buttery Cameroon binder, and spicy Nicaraguan filler for a smoke that is rich with coffee, cream, cocoa, and a hint of vanilla.

Gurkha Vintage Shaggy Torpedo Dominican, 6.5×53
This is another one of Gurkha’s less intense offerings; the Gurkha Vintage Shaggy Torpedo Dominican is a Dominican Puro, featuring an eight-year-old wrapper and six-year-old binder and filler. This provides a smoke rich with spice, earth, leather, and cocoa that would be perfect for a relaxed daytime smoke.

Gurkha Viper Robusto, 5×50
The Viper debuted with the Ninja not too long ago; it is one of Gurkha’s most affordable smokes, lingering around $5 per stick, and is slightly stronger than its masked counterpart. This thing definitely has some bite to it, as the name would suggest. The Viper is nicely rolled in a Dominican wrapper with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler. Expect sweet smoke with notes of leather, black cherry, and caramel.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try some of these highly sought after smokes, this is your chance; each of these stogies averages in at just under $5 per smoke, a price that is practically unheard of for Gurkha. Pick up a Gurkha Factory Tour Sampler and experience true cigar opulence at a price you won’t find anywhere else.