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The Ultimate Cigar Gift Guide

Nothing makes a better gift than one of luxury, relaxation, and satisfying flavor. And to all of us at Best Cigar Prices, these words describe only one thing – a premium cigar.

Whether you’re a beginner or an aficionado, cigars transcend all knowledge boundaries and lend the perfect celebratory element to holidays and special occasions. Unwrapping, lighting, and savoring a perfectly-cured and flavorful cigar is a luxurious ritual that can be shared or enjoyed alone. The rules are simple – savor and revel in the state of bliss and celebration only a premium cigar can bring.

Why Cigars Make Great Gifts

Historically, cigars have always been associated with victories and celebrations. The origins of this indulgent tradition are hazy. Europe was not introduced to the tobacco leaf until Columbus visited the Americas, and only many years later did the dainty, tightly-rolled Spanish cigarros really influence American cigar culture. The tradition of smoking a cigar most likely stemmed from the Native Americans, who would wrap their tobacco leaves in corn or palm husks, and this morphed into the well-known peace-pipe ritual. Hence, savoring a fine cigar has come to represent something more than just smoking a stogie – it can transcend boundaries and bring people together over a shared act. Cigars also lend themselves as symbols for American patriotism, political victories, sports triumphs, and becoming a father for the first time. Cigars have even become collector’s items – purchased and given for luck and then preserved and only smoked when success or another life event has been achieved.

When you give the gift of a luxury cigar, you’re not only honoring a masculine tradition of camaraderie and celebration, you’re also gifting an experience – a reason to slow down and savor the moment. Cigars are highly prized partly for their mellowing and calming effects, and are perfect when enjoyed alongside a celebratory beverage.

Savoring a full-bodied premium cigar is also an experience that begs to be shared with friends and family. It’s the perfect ritual to indulge in as your son or daughter’s wedding comes to a close, you ring in the New Year with friends, for Dad to savor on Father’s Day, or to congratulate a coworker on a promotion.

A Little Bit About BCP

At Best Cigar Prices, we’ve taken the overwhelming or complicated aspects out of choosing the right premium cigar as a gift. Fine cigars are not only what we do, but they’re also our passion.

Best Cigar Prices was established in 1997 in New York before relocating in 2011 to Northeast Pennsylvania, a region known as the heart of “Cigar Country.” Our name is synonymous with high-quality, luxury cigars at discount prices, our top-notch customer service, and a state-of-the-art on-site humidor that preserves cigars at peak freshness so they reach our customers in ideal ready-to-light condition.

Our quick shipping, customer-friendly return policy, and experienced staff available online 24/7 to answer any questions set us apart from the rest of the cigar world. Not only do we provide premium products, but also premium customer service. This makes it a pleasurable and comfortable experience to find the perfect premium cigar product for you, or a friend.

Whether you’re selecting a premium treat for a beginner or connoisseur, follow our Cigar Gift Guide to find the best gift possible for a night of relaxation and luxury for any cigar lover.

A Little Bit About Cigars

Anatomy of a cigar – three basic components

The Cigar
Every cigar contains three basic components – the center portion of filler tobacco leaves, a sturdy binder leaf that binds it all together, and the outer wrapper leaf. Depending on your experience, you’ll likely be able to identify a hand- vs. machine-rolled cigar in most cases. Hand-rolled cigars are highly prized because full, high-quality tobacco leaves are used and the cigars are crafted by experts who are highly skilled in producing smooth-smoking, even-burning cigars. Machine-rolled cigars are typically created from short-filler tobacco or “scraps”, and while not all machine-rolled cigars are inferior to a hand-rolled stogie, they commonly contain tobaccos of lesser quality.

The Flavor
When describing the taste of a cigar, some aficionados tend to sound like wine drinkers. There’s hints of “mahogany”, or “earthiness”. If your palate picks up on these flavors, they’re probably there, but rest assured – savoring the flavor of a cigar doesn’t have to be complicated. Enjoying the flavor only requires one simple question – does it taste good? If it has a harsh or bitter flavor, it’s not a good cigar. Simple as that.

The Price Tag
When selecting a cigar, whether as a gift, or a treat for yourself, keep in mind that a heftier price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a better cigar. While premium cigars are generally more expensive, don’t be afraid to sample some mid-priced stogies, or even some budget-priced smokes – you may be pleasantly surprised. Once again, the highly pleasurable ritual of savoring a cigar comes down to one simple thing – whether or not YOU enjoy the taste.

The Country of Origin
While great cigars come from all over the globe,  the majority of handmade cigars are produced in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, and Cuban cigars are known as being among the best in the world for good reason. It’s a reputation that dates back as far as the 1600’s, thanks to Cuba’s perfect tobacco-nourishing climate. The quality of the soil there yields more virile and well-formed leaves, both for the filler tobacco, and for wrapper leaves. The humidity levels of the climate also provide the perfect environment for the ever-important curing process. And after many, many years of perfecting rolling techniques, Cuba is also home to many of the most skilled cigar-rollers in the world. Cuban cigar popularity also has its origins in mythology – the original appeal for fine Cuban cigars as gifts or self-indulgent purchases for men began when they were claimed to be formed by hand and rolled in the laps of alluring and attractive Cuban women. With all that being said, Cubans are still prohibited for sale in the United States due to the long-standing embargo, and so we do not sell or promote Cubans here at BCP. Luckily for all of us, Cuban cigar methods have been imported over the years to other prominent tobacco-growing and cigar-making regions, and so we now enjoy Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran cigars that are of the same, or even better quality than the fabled cigars of Cuba.

The Shape
When selecting your cigar,  it’s the quality and characteristics of the tobaccos used that count the most, but for some smokers the shape of the cigar is an important factor as well. Though usually slight, the shape of a cigar can have some impact on your smoking experience. For example, torpedo-shaped cigars are tapered to a point at the head, creating a narrower channel for smoke to travel through before reaching the smoker’s lips. This added concentration can make the flavor of the cigar come across a bit richer or bolder than it might in a regular, straight cigar. Another common shape variation is the “big-ring” cigar, which generally refers to cigars with a ring gauge of 60+. These larger cigars are wider in circumference and contain more filler tobacco than a traditional cigar, which sometimes translates to a easier draw or cooler burn, and will almost certainly increase burn time. If you are unsure of your recipient’s cigar shape of choice your best bet is to go with a classic straight cigar, or “parejo,” which will typically deliver the most “standardized” profile of any given cigar.

Now that we’ve established a little background on cigars, let’s take a look at which cigars make the best gifts for a beginner, a connoisseur, or someone with a more intermediate grasp on the luxury that is enjoying a cigar.

The Ultimate Cigar Gift Guide

Extensive knowledge of what goes into a fine cigar is not required to enjoy one. It’s a moment of relaxation and luxury that’s accessible to anyone wanting to experience a satisfying and relaxing moment.

Best Cigar Gifts for the Cigar Beginner –

Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe

When purchasing cigars as a gift for someone who is not immediately familiar with specific brands, styles, or flavors, we recommend keeping it simple. Go with something that’s a little light on flavor and classic in style, like the Arturo Fuente Curly Head. With a consistent draw and a mild to medium flavor, the Curly Head is a handmade Dominican cigar that makes an excellent introduction into the world of cigars without breaking your bank or skimping on quality. Can be bought as a single or as a 5-pack, depending on your needs.

The Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut is a favorite among beginners and aficionados alike. It’s combination of Dominican Republic, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian leaves swathed in a Connecticut-grown wrapper bring the perfect blend of silky smooth, creamy, and crisp taste that some have compared to a nice cup of coffee. This is a great cigar to give as a gift to introduce someone to the complexity of flavors, and can also be bought as a single or given as a gift in a multi-pack.

Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut

Vertigo Bullet Double Lighter

A tasty mild cigar is the perfect gift to mark a special occasion, but for a beginner, they may not yet have any appropriate accessories. A good basic lighter given alongside the cigar of choice is a classy way to celebrate and make sure the new cigar fan is off on the right start. The Vertigo Bullet Double Lighter is one good choice. A viewing window allows fluid level visibility, and it comes in a classy metal case for easy storage.

Intermediate Cigar Taste
You know this guy. He’s got a humidor and a nice cigar cutter, and his birthday’s coming up so you want to make sure he’s got the proper elements to celebrate. But what do you get someone who’s familiar enough with cigars to really appreciate the flavor and ritual? He’s probably also got a well-developed sense of taste and can easily spot a “dog rocket” (slang for a cheap cigar.) This shouldn’t intimidate you, however – with a minimal amount of effort, BCP can help you find the perfect gift for this cultured fellow.

Best Cigar Gifts for the Intermediate Cigar Fan – 

Arturo Fuente Queen B

The Arturo Fuente Queen B is an excellent “stick” of choice for someone who might have a slightly more developed palate. Sweet and earthy, the medium-strength flavor has garnered a lot of positive reviews among fans and makes for a highly enjoyable celebratory experience. And the multi-pack option makes it easy for your recipient to enjoy the great flavor again and again.

A uniquely delicious and mellow selection, Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Connecticut Churchill cigars feature an Ecuadorian wrapper that’s been aged for a minimum of six years, with an additional six months inside bourbon barrels. This brings an extremely unique flavor that blends well with the creaminess of the Connecticut wrapper and gives a truly pleasurable smoky-smooth experience.

Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Connecticut Churchill

3 Cigar Black Folding Case With Cutter by Prestige Imports

A perfect accessory also makes a great gift. For the man who’s familiar with his cigars, a classy black case such as the 3 Cigar Black Folding Case With Cutter by Prestige Imports is a great option. It holds 3 cigars and includes a quality guillotine cutter, allowing him to preserve his fine cigars and enjoy them any time, anywhere. This slick and sturdy cigar case is lined with Spanish cedar and features a snap closure for secure protection.

Cigar Aficionado
This guy knows exactly what he wants. He’s experienced enough with fine cigars that he’s got an elaborate set-up at his house. You know – the full “man cave” experience. Much like a well-procured liquor bar, he’s going to already have a collection of fine cigars and the luxury accessories that come with it. Any occasion that he can elevate with the relaxing and pleasurable cigar experience – he will. However, all this being said, choosing the perfect gift for an advanced cigar lover doesn’t have to be intimidating or tricky.

Best Cigar Gifts for the Cigar Aficionado –

CAO Brazilia Amazon

The CAO Brazilia Amazon is a beautiful, powerful smoke. Named for its nearly black wrapper, it’s flavors are oily, bold, and feature notes of cedar, coffee, and black pepper. Robust and smooth, it begs to be enjoyed with a fine wine or liquor at a celebratory occasion, and makes a perfect gift for an advanced cigar lover.

A true classic, the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story cigar will be appreciated by any connoisseur. Featuring an interior blend of Dominican leaves that have been aged for 6 months or more within cedar-lined aging rooms, the Short Story delivers incredibly complex, smooth, and robust flavors. Hints of almond, sweet cream, spice, chocolate, and black pepper will please an experienced palate, and despite the name, this cigar smokes long and even, perfect for holidays and celebrations.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

Alexander Humidor by Diamond Crown

Any real connoisseur will most likely have quite a few cigars in his or her possession at all times, and will need a proper place to store them. The Alexander Humidor by Diamond Crown holds up to 40 sticks and offers your cigar aficionado the perfect storage environment. This popular humidor includes a Digital Hygrometer and Humidification System for maintaining optimal storage conditions and is wrapped in ebony with a classy high-gloss finish – The perfect blend of classy, convenient, and practical.

Celebrations and Cigars – Sharing the Experience

From weddings to baptisms to birthday parties, you might want to bring enough for several people to share in a fine cigar experience, not just the guest of honor. Depending on the type of celebration, your final cigar gift choice may vary.

For bachelor parties, weddings, and other group celebrations, sampler packs can be a great option. Having an assortment of different cigars will ensure a variety of flavors and strengths to please everyone. Cigar Samplers allow you to try multiple cigars from the same brand, and here at Best Cigar Prices, you can even build your own.

For a birthday, selecting a single high-end cigar for the recipient to enjoy and then bringing a few others for the rest of the guests to share is a great option. Samplers or multi-packs make this simple.

For a wedding, a box of fine cigars will probably suffice as a celebratory ritual. Bring a nice lighter and a cutter so that guests can partake in the ritual of preparing and lighting their own cigar to enjoy along with a festive beverage.

And when you just can’t seem to figure out which cigar or accessory would make the perfect gift on any occasion for the gentleman in mind, go with a gift certificate. A gift certificate is a fantastic option that allows the recipient freedom to choose their own gift! Select a dollar amount ranging from $10 – $500, and let them pick the cigar or accessory gift of their choice. Here @ BCP we’ll even email your Gift Certificate directly to that smoky someone for you!


Nothing conveys “classy and refined” quite like the perfect gift of a cigar or fine cigar accessory. Whether for a promotion, graduation, birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, wedding, or bachelor party, the act of savoring a fine cigar to mark a celebratory occasion has been a part of our history for many years. It’s a beautiful ritual and tradition that can either be shared or enjoyed alone by a beginner or advanced cigar lover alike.

Visit Best Cigar Prices to find the perfect cigar lover’s gift. Never hesitate to contact us with any questions – we love what we do and our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to assist and guide you.