Top 5 Best-selling Cigars for Quarter 2, 2020

A little “inside baseball” for you non-industry folks: For tracking and reporting purposes, our sales data is broken down chronologically into four quarters annually. In order to give you a glimpse into “what’s hot” at BCP currently, here’s a break-down of our top 5 best-selling cigars for the second quarter of 2020.

Punch Diablo Diabolus cigars

1.Punch Diablo Diabolus

(item #237398)

Strength – Full

Package Count – Bundle of 25

MSRP: $194.75

BCP Price – $155.99

Crafted by Master Blender AJ Fernandez, the Diablo features a beefy blend of rich Nicaraguan and Honduran Habano ligero tobaccos under a US Broadleaf binder and dark and toothy Oscuro Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper. Ferociously full in both body and flavor, the Diablo conjures up a wickedly tasty, complex, and adventurous profile with bold notes of Cuban Coffee, black cherry, cacao, and roasted marshmallow with an intoxicating woody and leathery aroma. As if that wasn’t enough, each bundle also comes with a free Punch bobblehead and free shipping. Go ahead, I’ll wait right here while you place your order.

Punch Rare Select Robusto cigars

2. Punch Rare Select Robusto

(item #236566)

Strength – Medium – Full

Package Count – Box of 18

MSRP: $129.50

BCP Price – $114.99

Yes that’s correct, ol’ Mr. Punch has managed to pull both of the top 2 slots in this quarter’s round-up. Medium to full in body, the Punch Rare Select is handcrafted in Honduras using an authentic Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over Nicaraguan binder leaves and an audacious mix of well-aged long-fillers from Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. This diverse assembly of premium tobaccos results in a balanced and deeply rich taste with tones of espresso, leather, dark chocolate, and cedar. 

El Coto Toro cigars

3. El Coto Toro

(item #232602)

Strength – Mellow – Medium

Package Count – Bundle of 25

MSRP: $87.50

BCP Price – $29.99

Back in the best-sellers list once again, the budget-priced bundles of El Coto remain a hit. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, El Coto is a full flavored blend of Dominican Criollo 98, Olor Dominicano, Nicaraguan & Pennsylvania long fillers under a smooth Sumatra wrapper. Delivering creamy, semi-sweet flavor and an inviting aroma for just $1.19/stick, it’s really no wonder these antler-clad values smokes continue to fly off shelves.

A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada San Andres Claro 5-pack

4. A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Capa San Andres Claro 6X54 5-Pack

(item #237458)

Strength – Medium – Full

Package Count – Pack of 5

MSRP: $56.25

BCP Price – $50.99

Bringing you that smooth Dominican taste in an expertly-rolled, box-pressed vitola, the A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Capa San Andres Claro is another home run from the masters @ PDR. Medium-full in body, the A. Flores 1975 Serie Privada Capa San Andres Claro delivers a slow, even burn with earthy, nutty, and spicy tasting notes that hit all the right spots, and lately these low-priced 5-packs have been all the rage.

Cusano 18 Petite Connecticut cigars

5. Cusano 18 Petite Connecticut

(item #238089)

Strength – Mellow

Package Count – Box of 18

MSRP: $93.58

BCP Price – $79.99

The 91-rated Cusano 18 Connecticut presents the smooth flavor you’ve come to expect from the masters @ Davidoff. Showcasing a creamy Connecticut wrapper leaf over Cusano 18’s legendary 18-year aged filler tobaccos, the Cusano 18 Connecticut expels a steady flood of woody, sweet, and leathery flavor with hints of vanilla and almond via a slow, straight burn. Sounds good, right? They are, and apparently, plenty of people agree.

So there they are – the top performers for our second quarter. Hopefully you’ve seen something here that piqued your interest, and if not, I’ll be back soon with our Q3 top contenders – stay tuned!

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