Top 5 Cigar Apps for iPhone

We’re repeatedly amazed at the growing number of customers who visit our sites via smartphone. We knew it would be a popular option, but now one out of five visits are made through a mobile device.

We’ve put together a list of our five favorite iPhone apps for the cigar fan. We excluded silly apps that display cigars burning on the screen, which you can fake-smoke by puffing on your iPhone’s microphone. It’s fun the first time, you show it off to your friends, and then you wonder what the hell you just spend a dollar on. The apps we chose are all functional, and for a small investment, they’ll turn your smartphone into a resourceful database of cigar facts and functions.

Perelman’s PocketCyclopedia of Cigars
Price: $3.99

From the makers of the famous Cigar Cyclopedia, Perelman’s has introduced one of the most useful iPhone apps for the cigar smoker. Using the same vast database of cigar information as Perelman’s “bible of cigars“, this app puts a list of thousands of brands at your fingertips. Look up countries of origin, wrapper/binder/filler info, sizes, shapes and more.

Cigar Review
Price: $3.99, a popular online forum for cigar smokers, has branched out to the iPhone with this handy app. You’ll find thousand of specs on a wide array of cigars, top 100 lists, reviews, voting and more. It’s certainly the best-reviewed app on this list according to its users.

Price: $4.99

Based on Doc’s popular desktop app to track your cigar collection, StogieRate is a great way to keep tabs on your humidor. For those with big collections, this app could be indispensable, allowing you to track inventory in multiple humidors. There are also tools you can use to rate your smokes and check the value of your collection. It’s a very cool and in-depth resource.

DogWatch Cigar Radio
Price: $2.99

This app allows you easy access to one of the best cigar podcasts out there, DogWatch Cigar Radio. Hosted by true aficionados Bob and Dale, it’s a weekly radio show that gives you the lowdown on new cigars and trends in the industry. The app has some cool extra bonus features as well, but you can always subscribe to the podcast for free if you don’t want to shell out the three bucks.

Mobile Stogie
Price: $3.99

Mobile Stogie is another cool cigar collection tracking app. You choose your cigar inventory from a large catalog of over 2000 vitolas in over 100 brands. The program not only keeps tabs on your collection, but serves as a handy reference if you want to look up the characteristics of any of your sticks.

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