Ultra Premium Coffee Assortment By Electric City Roasting Co.

It’s no secret that cigars go great with a good cup of coffee. The warmth, comfort, and deep flavors derived from these two simple luxuries go hand in hand, and finding the perfect coffee to match your favorite cigar can be positively revelatory.

Regardless of your experience level in pairing cigars with coffee, you’ll know it when you’ve found an excellent combination. The sudden raising of the eyebrows and corners of the mouth upon tasting are always a good indicator, and there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll experience this serendipitous phenomenon when you light up your preferred smokes with the artisan coffee blends in the Ultra Premium Coffee Assortment By Electric City Roasting Company.

Ultra Premium Coffee Assortment By Electric City Roasting Co

Showcasing three different coffee bean blends from our partners at the Scranton-based Electric City Roasting Co., this assortment represents three unique styles of coffee to brighten your day and complement your cigars of choice. Sourced from sustainable farms around the world, these premium coffee blends represent the highest quality, offering delicious taste and an inviting aroma in every cup:

Electric City Roasting Blue Moose Coffee

Blue Moose

A smooth medium roast, Blue Moose is comprised of a careful combination of specialty coffees from Latin America & South America. This perfect “all-day” brew comes alive with a soothing aroma, full body, and even finish.

Electric City Organic Awakening Coffee

Organic Awakening

Organic Awakening is a smooth and flavorful Peruvian roast. Mellow in body with tasting tones of honey, cocoa, and sweet toffee, this tasty morning-starter is lush in amazing natural flavor.

Electric City Autobahn Espresso Coffee

Autobahn Espresso

The vibrant Autobahn Espresso blends El Salvador and South American coffees with a strong Ethiopian component for an extra caffeine kick. A classic Espresso with delightful floral undertones, this blend delivers full-throttle flavor and makes a perfect cappuccino.

Simply put, these are some of the best coffee blends that the world has to offer. And the real kicker? This assortment is only $14.99. Get it here.

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