Venture 1492 Is Helping Cigar Brands Grow

Getting a brand started or taking your business to the next level is never an easy feat. In the cigar industry, one could argue it’s even more difficult. Tobacco products can present unique hurdles for entrepreneurs around nearly every corner. From FDA regulations to advertising restrictions, it can be frustrating getting your cigar business to boom.

That’s where Venture 1492 comes in. Founded by Kyle Gellis, owner of Warped Cigars, the company aims to assist new and emerging cigar brands in a variety of ways. Whether you don’t know where to begin with tobacco sourcing or just need to develop eye-catching packaging, Venture 1492 can help.

It would seem many starters in the cigar business are already taking them up on these offers. As the Venture 1492 website notes, “Due to the increased demand of Private Label requests, we must know before we respond to your request what your production size in [sic] the introduction email.” So if you’re planning to request help, be sure to have those numbers ready!

The premium cigar industry has been steadily growing as of late. The result is a market that is somewhat saturated with up-and-coming brands looking to get a foot in the door. Hopefully, Venture 1492 will help many of these entrepreneurs find a seat at the table. Who knows, maybe some of Gellis’s clients will even find their cigars in our humidor one day!

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