Villiger’s New Cigar Factory Opens in Estelí, Nicaragua

When it comes to Nicaragua’s booming tobacco industry, the city of Estelí is truly at the heart of things. It is home to more than 50 cigar factories of various sizes, which is only more impressive considering the city’s population hovers at just 100,000.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that Villiger chose Estelí as the location for their new cigar factory. Now, after only a year or so in construction, the modern facility is complete. It boasts more than 16,000 square feet of space, allowing Villiger to produce about 16 of their brands there under the umbrella of Villiger de Nicaragua.

You may recognize some of these brand names, such as San Doro, Corrida, and others. Now these top-shelf cigars will be produced in an efficient, modernized factory, reaching even more consumers with ease. As Villiger’s owner, Heinrich Villiger, stated, “With the new Villiger de Nicaragua factory, we will be able to strengthen and expand our market position in all markets in the future, especially in the largest sales market for handmade cigars—the USA.”

Unfortunately, there isn’t going to be a celebratory ribbon cutting ceremony any time soon. Due to Covid 19’s grip on Nicaragua, the official opening has been pushed back to Spring of 2022. By then, the many international guests that were invited should be able to give this factory the opening it deserves.

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