Nominate Your Favorite Smokes and Shops for the Cigar Trophy Awards

Ever since Cigar Journal first started them in 1998, the Cigar Trophy Awards have become known as the cigar awards chosen by the people who actually buy the cigars. Not only do consumers vote on which of the nominees they want to win, they vote on the nominees themselves! If you want to participate in this initial round of voting, you can fill out the survey from June 1 to June 14, 2021. Before you get started, here are the different categories to consider.

Best Brand

Vote for the brand that you think puts out quality smokes with the most consistency—or just pick one that holds a special place in your heart. You’ll be able to name your favorite brand from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, and another country of your choice. Don’t jump right to the brand that makes your favorite cigar because, well, there’s a category for that.

Best Cigar

Maybe it’s a cigar from your favorite brand; maybe it came from a company you’ve never tried. Either way, this is where you can name the single greatest stick you’ve had over the past year. Actually, you can name up to five of them. Like the Best Brand category, voters can select a cigar from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, and one other country of their choosing.

Best Value

Over the last year, have you ever “settled” for a cheap smoke that instantly became a new go-to? This is the category where you can show those yard ‘gars some love. You can pick one cigar for each of the four countries mentioned above, along with a country of your choice.

Best Lounge

This category is looking a little different this year. After a year of pandemic-induced lockdowns, Cigar Journal decided to rename this category “Best Interactive Virtual Cigar Lounge.” If you’ve enjoyed one of these virtual experiences, just share the name and web address of the lounge to try to get it nominated.

Best Accessory

Whether you were gifted a top-notch lighter or got a free cigar cutter with one of your orders, you can nominate accessories too! There’s no separation by country of origin in this category, so you’re only getting one pick here.

Be sure to get your votes in before June 14 if you want a say in what gets nominated in each category. Even if you miss the deadline, you can still vote on which Cigar Trophy Award nominees you want to win it all from June 27 to July 11. Remember, only one ballot per person, so don’t try submitting your picks multiple times!

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