Weird and Wacky Cigar Stories from Around the Web

Anyone who’s spent just a little time on the Internet knows it’s the place to go for oddball and offbeat news and stories. Never before in the history of humanity have we been able to communicate to rapidly, and it’s so surprise we use this new medium to discover just how often real life can be stranger than fiction. It is in that spirit that we present to you a handful of very strange cigar features selected from around the web.

Children Forced to Smoke Cigars as Punishment
This strange but sad story out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia details how a teacher who caught his young students smoking in the boy’s room forced them to smoke cigars as punishment. The school has appropriately freaked out, but the Western Pacific Region has well-documented problems with adolescent cigarette smoking. This was recently brought to light via a viral video of a two-year-old Indonesian boy who apparently smokes two packs a day.

Law Prohibits Pets from Enjoying Cigars and Other Weird Smoking Laws
Cigar Advisor’s list of odd smoking laws has some entertaining stuff, but smoking ban for household pets in Zion, Illinois takes the cake. The rule specifically disallows giving a lit cigarette to domesticated animals like your pet cat or dog. Other odd laws include a similar animal smoking ban in New Jersey, which specifically prohibits people from giving cigars or whiskey to zoo animals. Does that mean cigarettes and vodka for the zebra are OK? We feel like these animals deserve a little something to pass the time in captivity.

The Cigar Arsonist and Other Urban Cigar Legends
If you haven’t heard the one about the lawyer who insures his cigars against fire only to have the insurance company sue him for arson — well I kind of spoiled the story right there but you should read it anyway. There are several urban myths surrounding cigars, including the one about cigars being rolled on the thighs of virgins. We’re very disappointed that one turns out to be false.

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