What’s New This Week at BCP? – July 2nd, 2014


Hey everyone, fireworks have already been going off here in our warehouse as new products hit our shelves and I am proud to say that I am the first one to have it all go through my hands. Some of you may know me from the BCP Break room reviews in our catalog, but for those who don’t my name is Pete Shultis and I am the Receiving Manager at Best Cigar Prices. I can supply you with some great news regarding recently released and upcoming products, everything from brand new cigars to cutters, lighters, humidors, and all your smoking accessories. Let’s jump right in to some exciting lighters and cigars that just came through our doors:

Xikar Allume Torch Lighter

Xikar was the very first brand lighter I was hooked on when I came into the industry. I noticed they were not only reliable and durable but extremely stylish. With options such as single torch, dual torch, triple torch, and dare I say quadruple torch, there was no need for a Bic lighter anymore. I love when accessory shipments come in because there is always something interesting inside. This week a brand new line of Xikar Allume single torch lighters founds its way to me. I opened one of them up to find this sleek and pocket friendly lighter with a very ergonomic design. I can never help myself, if the boss isn’t looking then I’m diving right in to play with these new items. With a small price tag of $44.99 you will be happy to light all your buddies cigars for them because, let’s face it, torches get the job done right.

Nat Sherman Metropolitan Selection Tycoon (8×70)

After filling up that beautiful Xikar single torch I had to light something with it! What better way to test it out than to convince the merchandising director to let me try a new Nat Sherman Metropolitan Selection cigar that landed on my table this week. The Tycoon they call it, a very fitting name for an 8×70 sized cigar (of course I chose something that would take a while to finish.) I had heard a lot about Nat Sherman but never got around to try one. Wrapped in a Connecticut shade leaf and packed with Dominican filler, this bad boy had a lot of depth to it. Very smooth and mellow-bodied smoke poured out and in my opinion it had an earthy, cedar backing with hints of unsweetened cocoa. It took a while to get through but was certainly happy I picked it.

These are just two of the new products we at Best Cigar Prices are launching out to our valuable customers, I’ll be checking in here from time to let you know what new awesomeness to expect. So keep your eyes peeled for all of the great offers on cigars and accessories that I receive for you, and keep your spirits up as the 4th of July Rolls around, enjoy the festivities and celebrate our nation’s freedom!

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