Why Cigars Are The Best Father’s Day Gift Of All

This is what I think of ties as a Father’s Day gift

Father’s Day is a little more than a week away. I know I always want to get my dad the perfect gift to let him know I care, and I’m sure you do too. Of course I’m more than willing to pony up some dough for a nice gift, but whenever I look around the mall I always end up feeling like anything I’d buy that he’d be into just doesn’t have that personal touch that I want my gift to have. I mean, if my dad wants an iPod or a new putter he’s going to pick out exactly the right one and buy it, he certainly doesn’t need me to get it for him.

Of course being in the cigar industry, when I think “gift” I immediately think “cigars”, but when it comes to Father’s Day I really feel that cigars can provide exactly what I want out of a great gift for my dad. The absolute best part about getting cigars for pops is that as soon as he opens the package you get to sit down and smoke one together. You both get to share in the relaxing state of mind that comes along with a good stogie, and most importantly you get to share an hour or so together without a care in the world. Transcending the material aspect of a more traditional gift, for me the cigar gift actually serves as the catalyst to stimulate the absolute best gift of all that has no price tag and can’t be bought in any store – good quality time together making great memories.

Sorry to get all sappy on you, but I know I’d probably be flipping burgers instead of sitting here writing this blog post without all the great career advice, training and support I got from my dad. Am I really going to repay him for all his wisdom with a lame tie? No way. Whether your dad is an aficionado or just the occasional puffer, take my advice this Father’s Day. Pick a nice cigar out for him and spend a summer afternoon together out on the deck catching up, remembering the good old days, and solving the world’s problems. It’ll mean so much more to him (and you) than anything you could get him from Best Buy.

Of course we get asked all the time “what is the best cigar to get for a Father’s Day gift?” As you can probably guess from my post I don’t really think it matters too much. Sure, you could go for the obvious like a Don Pepin My Father or a Perdomo Patriarch, but I say if he’s a smoker get him his favorite special comfort smoke, and if you’re the bigger smoker get him YOUR favorite and give him the added gift of turning him on to a great blend. I will suggest whatever you get make sure you get a nice big size so you & pops will have an excuse to hang out for a good long time.

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