Wynwood Hills Unhinged Cigar Review

Wynwood Hills Unhinged  (4 1/2×50)

W: Connecticut Broadleaf

B: Honduran

F: Honduran, Dominican

Origin: STG Danlí, Honduras

New from former Camacho head honcho and founder & President of CLE Cigar co. Christian Eiroa, the Wynwood Hills cigar line is a trio of unique smokes that are a new iteration of the short-lived (and very good) Wynwood cigars that originally debuted in 2012. As a big fan of the original Wynwood cigars, this new series of 4 1/2×50 smokes immediately caught my attention. For today’s evaluation I procured a sample of the Connecticut Broadleaf-wrapped “Unhinged” blend.

Pre-light draws were generous in flavor, providing me with a clear taste of cedar and dark fruitiness with shades of raisin and black cherry.

After lighting, the cedar and dark, fruity sweetness from the dry draw came alive, along with some smooth leather and a good pinch of white pepper on the finish. A stark white ash began to build, providing some nice visual contrast to the cigar’s even, dark brown complexion.

Burning into the 2nd third my palate was awash in a sea of cedar, black pepper, walnut, and cream. The sweetness was fading fast and a new element of mildly-spicy earth rose up to take its place. The profile here was bold and well-rounded with less nuance than the intro, and ashes were hanging on tight.

Huge cream ushered in the final third of the smoke, along with the triumphant return of some of the sweet, fruity notes of the first third. This quickly developed into a complex finale with hints of anise and a slight chalkiness, before leather and lingering spice showed up just in time to say goodbye.

Big ups to Christian Eiroa. The man literally grew up on Honduran tobacco farms and the cigars that he creates are a direct reflection of his intimate understanding of the leaves. My biggest complaint about the Wynwood Hills Unhinged is that it only comes in this single, tiny size. I clocked the smoke time on this one at a concise 37 minutes, which is a very short period of time to soak up all the deliciousness that this little banger has to offer. To have such distinct and eventful flavor progression in such a short cigar is a testament to the astute blending skills at play. I could burn through a box of these in no time, but I’d enjoy every minute.

I’m looking greatly forward to trying the other two blends in the series, as well as hearing your enthusiastic response once you experience the magical taste of Unhinged. Don’t deprive yourself, grab a box now.

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