Acid Kuba Grande 5 Cigars
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Acid Kuba Grande

From: Acid Blue Item #: 221283
$59.20 MSRP - 20% OFF
About This Cigar
Count 5 Cigars
Length 6 Inches
Diameter 60 Ring
Flavor Other
Origin Nicaragua
Packaging Loose Pack
Shape Regular
Strength Mild-medium Bodied
Wrapper Sumatra
Acid Kuba Kuba is one of our bestselling Acid cigars, and with good reason. It features a savory Sumatra wrapper and a unique blend of herbs and botanicals known only to employees of Drew Estate. The perfect construction of these stogies allows for an excellent draw and flawless burn.

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Wife's Favorite

Thewife liked them so much I had to buy the largest box offered...X 2!

By James on Jun 7, 2014

Kuba Grande

If you like th eAcid cigars, especially the kuba kubas, but prefer a bigger longer lasting cigar, then you will be quite excited. These are the answer. I have been in love with the kuba kuba cigars for a long time. But like a longer lasting one. They have it. You won't be disappointed. If you have never tried the Kuba Kuba's, then you need to check these out, they are one of my favorites.

By Kevin on Jul 11, 2014

More is not necessarily better

I thought the Acid Kuba Grande would be a longer enjoyment of the smaller Acid Kuba Kuba. Actually, the Kuba Grande has bitter after taste that creeps up rapidly. I will stick to the Kuba Kuba.

By Richard on Aug 12, 2014

grande master

My fav smoke ever!

By Anton on Aug 12, 2014

Acid Kuba Grande Review

Very mild and Great Cigar

By James on Sep 5, 2014

Delicious smoke

Kuba Grande's are one of my favorites. The infused flavors may not be for everyone, but they add a subtle twist to an after-dinner cigar experience. The infused oils will overwhelm any subtleties in the filler, making for a fairly one-dimensional smoke. The BCP two box deal is the absolute best around for these bad boys.

By Robert on Oct 23, 2014

Best deal out there

I love Acid Cigars and the Kuba Grande is my favorite. I searched high and low for a great deal on boxes of the Grande and this is by far the best deal out there. The cigars are so pleasant to smoke and are the only ones that the wife doesnt mind sitting near me!

By scott on Mar 26, 2015


One of my favorite acid cigars the blue line

By Eduardo on Sep 3, 2015

Anthony Russell

I get my cigars fast

By Anthony on Nov 29, 2016

Kuba Kuba's big brother

Bigger and longer lasting than it's smaller counter part the Kuba Kuba. Just riight for 18 holes of golf or when time is not an issue. i feel it has the same great taste as the Kuba Kuba only in a bigger bolder package. You wont go wrong with either. Pleasing taste and aroma.

By Donald on Jan 31, 2017

By Kathy on Feb 9, 2017

Kuba Grande

I find the delivery and convenience better than local stores as I know that I can get what I want. Quality and delivery are great.

By John on Feb 17, 2017

Acid Kuba Grande is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 12 customer ratings.

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