Acid Kuba Kuba 6 Cigars
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Acid Kuba Kuba

From: Acid Blue Item #: 13921
$66.30 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 6 Cigars
Diameter 54 Ring
Flavor Infused
Length 5 Inches
Origin Nicaragua
Packaging Loose Pack
Shape Regular
Strength Mellow-medium
Wrapper Sumatra

Our best-selling cigar in the Acid Blue line, Acid Kuba Kuba features a savory Sumatra wrapper over Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos, infused with a secret blend of herbs and botanicals known only to Drew Estate employees. Expect a perfect burn and draw on every handmade stick, along with a truly unique flavor profile that will leave you smacking your lips long after the smoke is through. Acid Kuba Kuba is a creamy, sweet, herbal, and aromatic smoke with mellow-to-medium body in a 5x54 Robusto Extra vitola. Sample Acid Kuba Kuba in this convenient 6-pack before you buy a box!


x6 Acid Kuba Kuba Acid Kuba Kuba 5 x 54 $66.30 MSRP
MSRP:  $66.30
Best Cigar Prices:  $54.99
$11.31 off MSRP

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Kuba Kuba, a good smoke

I am a big fan of most of the Acid and Drew Estate cigars, but the Kuba Kuba is a go to cigar.
It is a great casual smoke, burns very well and has a smooth finish. It is a good cigar to share with friends who either are new to cigar smoking or are seasoned smokers. I like to always have a coupe on hand.

By Mark on Jul 1, 2023

A great smoke experience

This cigar is a great smoke IMO as I enjoy the taste, smell, the burn and the overall greatness. A little hard to get on some occasions but we’ll worth the wait to get. Definitely would recommend even though they get a little pricey at times.

By Albert on Mar 8, 2022

Great Smokr

I love these cigars. Taste great right to the end. I have to watch I don’t burn my lips!

By Gene on Jul 29, 2021

PERFECT. Coffee and a Kuba

Good morning puff.

By John on Nov 12, 2020

By Peter on May 3, 2020

By mark on Apr 9, 2020


Kuba Kuba was the first Drew Estates cigar I ever tried. They are what got me hooked on Acid cigars.

By Steve on Mar 17, 2020


These ACID KUBAs are flavorful and rich! I love the hint of flavor as well as the feel and smell of this large dark cigar. Very classy and a real treat!

By Nancy on Feb 6, 2020

Sweet smoke

Sweet on the lips pleasant on the palate,smooth from start to finish!!

By Robert on Nov 1, 2019


Great cigars.

By NICK on Sep 12, 2019

By Richard on Jul 23, 2019


My first choice had been Padron 7000. But these Acid maduros are better. Full leaves, no chopped up stuff, no stems, no burned clothes. Most of the time a great burn, beautiful ash and great taste. I hope quality stays like this as they get popular.

By frederick on May 28, 2019

Quality Cigar

Full bodied and very flavorful

By Claude on May 9, 2019

A Great Cigar

Great product and awesome taste.

By John on Feb 19, 2019

By Shane on Feb 14, 2019

I buy the acid Kuba kuba for a gift got my boyfriend he is always satisfied with the freshness and product every time .

By Jean on Dec 22, 2018

Love these cigar

By janice on Nov 8, 2018

Smooth smoke

This cigar is very smooth and easy on the palate. It has an easy draw , with no burn even after burning it to the nub. I would recommend it, and will purchase again. I know the hard core smoker is not a fan of this stick, but for an everyday smoke it fits the bill for me.

By Mark on Sep 27, 2018

a sweet smoke

Rich, sweet, slightly perfumed for an unusual rich relaxing smoke.

By John on Sep 18, 2018

By Robert on Aug 23, 2018

By Rich on Aug 21, 2018

By Richard on May 1, 2018

By mark on Dec 14, 2017

By Craig on Dec 5, 2017

Kuba Kuba

One of my favorite smokes! I like them a LOT! Always a good, flavorful smoke all the way to a nub.

By Ken on Oct 24, 2017

Very Good Flavor

Great flavor, could be wrapped tighter

By Peter on Oct 12, 2017

Great Cigar

I truly enjoy this Cigar and plan to order more

By Barbara on Sep 14, 2017


very smooth and flavorfull cigar down to the end. I didn't want to put it down.

By Edward on Jul 1, 2017

Kuba Kuba

Very good cigar

By Kevin on May 24, 2017

Lil Treat

Great cigar to hold over to the best - Acid Blondie

By Lorri on May 20, 2017

Hard to beat it

By CAM on May 11, 2017


Great cigar. One of my all time favorite flavored one.

By Dave on May 11, 2017

Best cigars ever

Besr cigar ive ever smoked!

By william on May 9, 2017

By Marcus on May 2, 2017


Smaller conventional cigar with very nice acidic sweet taste.

By robert on Apr 24, 2017

Best tasting smokes!

This cigar has the best taste of any cigar that I have ever tried and I have tried over 30 different cigars. The only improvement I would like to see is to offer them in longer lengths.

By Steve on Feb 6, 2017

Good value great taste great price very good .

By Kevin on Jan 17, 2017

Kuba Kuba Acid

Introduced to me by a friend, great smoke and great flavor. Will be sure to add more of these to my humidor!

By Anthony on Nov 5, 2015

Acid Kuba Kuba

Marvelous flavor!!!

By STEVEN on Oct 1, 2015

Acid Kuba Kuba

Very smooth and flavorful

By Byron on Aug 3, 2015

Mild, enjoyable, flavorful

I am A beginner cigar smoker and I bought a few of these for myself. I really enjoy them anytime i have time for one!

By Michael on Jul 23, 2015

Blue Connecticut Kuba Kuba

I'm a big fan and advocate of acid cigars. My favorite flavor is the Blue Connecticut line from the tins of cigarillos to Wafe to Blondie Belicoso to the Kuba Kuba. The flavor of the Kuba Kuba cigar is second to none and everyone I've given one to has raved about them. Every time someone offers me a cigar, I cringe because I doubt it will be an Acid, therefore I always bring my own so I'm never disappointed.

By Bill on Jul 9, 2015

Great Infused Cigars

Kuba Kuba by Drew Estates is a unique blend of infused tobacco leaves that is a pure delight to smoke. An everyday cigar for me.

By Jeffrey on Mar 17, 2015

Good to the last puff!

Acid Kuba Kuba's are always a great consistent good flavor thru out the entire experience. Their good to the last puff!

By RICHARD on Feb 26, 2015

Very good

This is a very good cigar, mild taste, pleasing aroma, good draw to the end.

By Sandra on Feb 5, 2015

Nice long smoke!

My husband love these cigars!

By Shauna on Dec 30, 2014

Smooth nice smoke

A nice relaxing smoke.

By Tom on Dec 23, 2014

Consistently, enjoyable

when you just need to mellow out and sit back...this is where I go. I have always been a Drew Estate fan....and these were my "gateway" smokes to his Liga line as either love or hate the aroma, but 2nd hand compliments are always positive

By David on Dec 22, 2014

Kuba Kuba

My husband absolutely loves the Kuba Kuba cigars! I decided to order some and surprise him!! He was surprised! What he likes most is that they are a smooth daily cigar! He likes the flavor!

By Sheryl on Oct 10, 2014

The one that got me hooked!

It's still nice to return to the first cigar I ever had. Still delicious! Even though I prefer a less flavored stick now. Always nice to have a few on hand.

By Randall on Sep 5, 2014


Great Prices and Quick Delivery!

By Devin on Aug 14, 2014

Love it

Of all the cigars I have tried this is the one I buy most of. It is a pleasant smoke and has a great taste. I truely will buy more of these.

By James on Mar 2, 2013

Flavorful and Delicious

These cigars are definitely a new favorite, what a great flavor! When smoking this one you get a really sweet aroma that is pleasant to be around, even for a non-cigar smoker. I would recommend these to new and experienced smokers.

By frank on Nov 30, 2012

Acid Kuba Too Sweet

I could not even get through a quarter of this cigar. It is really sweet almost like candy. I normally smoke Berger & Argenti and Arturo Fuente Robusto's. The flavor of sweetness is not described it almost like have a candy stick in your mouth. Appearance and construction can be deceiving.

By darryl on Nov 24, 2012

Acid Kuba Kuba is rated 5 out of 5 based on 54 customer ratings.

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