Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Box - 25 Total Cigars
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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Cigars

From: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Item #: 3995
$183.75 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 25 Cigars
Diameter 49 Ring
Length 4 Inches
Origin Dominican Republic
Packaging Box
Rating 93
Shape Perfecto
Strength Medium
Wrapper Cameroon

Rating: 93 by Cigar Aficionado

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story small batch cigars are the most sought out cigars in the Hemingway series, dedicated to Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea.” These cigars feature a Dominican binder and filler tobaccos beneath a creamy Cameroon wrapper. This combination offers smooth, earthy flavors with a spicy finish and a woody aroma for smoke aficionados for decades. Rich in character, the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story cigars are medium in strength with packaging options of 2x deals, boxes, packs, and sticks. Find 4-inch cigars at the lowest prices at Best Cigar Prices.

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Short Story

Enjoyable quick smoke. Medium to mellow strength

By Tim on Apr 4, 2024

Almost my favorite

Excellent taste and aroma. Good price. Grab them when you can. Maduro is my favorite but I haven’t had one in years

By Paul on Feb 13, 2024

short story

High quality..amazing cigars..

By frederick on Jan 18, 2024

By Gume on Nov 2, 2023

Hemingway S Story

great smoke

By Ralph on May 18, 2023


Great quickie

By Wisdom on May 19, 2022

By Harold on Feb 24, 2022

Short in length, long in satisfaction

I've smoked "Short Stories" for years. Never been disappointed. I savor the flavor of the wrapper on my tongue and the aroma of the smoke after lighting. I've tried several sizes of the Hemingway series and enjoyed them all.
The "Short Story" typically holds it's ash almost the entire length of the smoke. It's in my top five cigars!

By FRANK on Jan 7, 2021

Hemingway Excellence

Short Story gives a new meaning to the cigar "Pleasure Zone". Cigar Excellence?

By Monte on Dec 3, 2020

By joseph on Sep 17, 2020

Great short smoke!

Fuentes are always at the top of my list. The Hemingway Short Story is a great stick when you don’t have a lot of time- maybe a 45 minute smoke at best- and a tasty one.

By David on Aug 4, 2020

Fuente Short Story

The frequent cigar that I smoke. Always perfect draw and great taste. When I don't have time it fills the bill. Price has gone up, but not so much that I didn't reorder

By Karle on Mar 26, 2020

Great cigars.

This cigars is a winner. Great taste, nice draw from start to finish and good balance. One of my favorite cigars.

By Lenard on Feb 6, 2020


Great smoke

By kevin on Jan 14, 2020

Just right

Perfect for a winter smoke in the basement at home. Of course, it's a Fuente!

By Albert on Dec 19, 2019

By Terry on Dec 3, 2019

By Michael on Oct 24, 2019

excellent smoke!

terrific smoke, always consistent. One of the best I have had. I highly recommend them!

By Frank on Oct 8, 2019

Short Story

I have smoked these for over 5 years and enjoy them. They are rich and smooth and I can smoke them without feeling guilty about excessive time away from tasks.

By Dale on Sep 24, 2019

Short Story

The price and delivery performance of Best Price Cigars is excellent. I will continue to buy these and other cigars in the future without exception.

By David on Aug 20, 2019

Tasty Cameroon wrapper

You get more taste from the wrapper in a smaller ring cigar. The Short Story celebrates that sweet graham cracker and cream Cameroon wrapper. I buy the Best Sellers too but the Short Story is tastier and is even quicker to smoke when you have less time. I’m a maduro smoker for the most part, but the maduro versions of the Hemingway are not as good as the Chateau maduro, and of course, not nearly as good as the Anejos. Large ring cigars are popular now, but remember, you get more taste from the wrapper with small ring gauges like the classic Cuban corona or a even a robusto. Historically, a 49 ring was more typical and I think tastier because the wrapper to fill ratio is closer. All the Hemingway series with Cameroon wrapper are wonderful. Enjoy!

By Ryan on Aug 9, 2019

By Juan on Aug 1, 2019

hemingway Short Story

Great cigar for those with a short time available to smoke a cigar.

By Clinton on Nov 13, 2018

My everyday lunch time smoke

I've smoked these for 2 years every day on my lunch break. Lately, if had some issues with the draw being too hard.

By Harry on Aug 13, 2018

By david on Jul 17, 2018

Perfect for a Quick Hitter

Always consistently smooth and flavorful for that quick smoke.

By Eric on May 8, 2018

By Mark on May 1, 2018


By M. on Mar 20, 2018

By Dale on Feb 10, 2018

Great Short Smoke

This is a great 20 minute smoke. Smooth and flavorful.

By Edward on Feb 1, 2018

Best small cigar out there

With the trend towards larger cigars continuing, quality smokes of this size are hard to find. This is by far the best and continues to deliver.

By Mike on Nov 16, 2017


By Daniel on Nov 7, 2017


some construction problems

By Stephen on Nov 4, 2017

Best quickie

I save these to smoke when I’m truly going to be able to enjoy a smoke but don’t have much time. Always a pleasure.

By Ralph on Oct 31, 2017

favorite cigar

By john on Sep 7, 2017

Very smooth and burns well for a short cigar .

By bill on Jun 20, 2017

Short on time? this is the one

Beautiful all around quick puff money can buy

By Alex on Jun 15, 2017


Never a disappointment. Always smooth.

By anthony on Apr 11, 2017

Best short cigar

These Short Stories never fail to deliver a very pleasurable interlude of smoking pleasure. They are well crafted and balanced.

By Gerald on Mar 16, 2017

By PETER on Feb 17, 2017

By Richard on Jan 17, 2017

got short story

nick adams was happy. I bought my first box this past july . wow. amazing.

By BRIAN on Dec 22, 2016

Excellent smoke before dinner with a cocktail!!

By George on Dec 8, 2016

Here's the Short Story

The Hemingway Short Story is a nice smoke after a delicious Italian seafood Christmas Eve dinner on a chilly NY state evening! Just wish they were cheaper!

By Lee on Dec 6, 2015

arturo fuente


By Andreas on Nov 12, 2015



By Andreas on Oct 8, 2015


Very nice

By manuel on Oct 1, 2015

Best Short Smokes Ever

I don't even know how many hundred of these I have gone through in the last 5 years, but when I want a great cigar and only have an hour to burn, these are my favorites. They're mild, smooth and not an all night commitment. They pair well with a variety of beverages and they're satisfying. Buy some, just don't buy all of them cuz I'll still want some.

By Erik on Jul 23, 2015

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

Wonderful & consistent smoke!

By Bill on May 28, 2015

great little smoke

smooth smoke with rich flavors developing quickly. Good medium draw with a consistent burn. A cigar to be loved by the novice and afficianado.

By scott on May 7, 2015

Great Short Smoke

Great cigar for the busy after work or after game schedule.

By Christopher on Apr 28, 2015

Great Short Smoke

Great smoke when you don't have time for something that takes an hour plus to enjoy. 20-25 minute smoke. Enjoy!

By Christopher on Apr 28, 2015

Hemingway One of the Best

Short Story is one of my favorite cigars. Size is perfect for a "quicker" smoke. Smooth, good burn, good taste.

By kevin on Dec 22, 2014

Tony Vanario

A delicious smoke evenings are getting cooler and I smoke one every night without freeIng to death.
This is a half hour to 45 minute smoke that I think can be enjoyed on my patio right through the winter.
Thanks Artiro

By TONY on Oct 13, 2014

My Arturo Fuente Short Story

This is my second purchase buying these cigars and have to say, they arrived in perfect condition and well moist. This put you apart from all other retailers selling cigars. I will continue to purchase through this website.
Thank you, well done.

By James on Sep 17, 2014

Great Cigars

Your product is well packaged and very fresh. This will be my 4th box of cigars I have bought
this website and highly recommend to friends.
Keep up the good work. I do notice this short story is always backorder.

By James on Sep 7, 2014

Arturo Fuente Short Story

Excellent cigar! Easy to light; great draw; superior taste; not bitter! If you only have time for a short smoke the, the Arturo Fuente Short Story is for you! Also, Best Cigar Prices are the best on the Internet! Thank you!

By Edward on Sep 6, 2014

The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

I purchased a box of the short story for the first time from this website last month. I was very impressed in how fresh, moist and package very well. I will continue to order from this website in future

By James on Aug 12, 2014

Great cigar!

Another perfect short cigar! Great for when you don't have much time, but still want a flavorful smoke. This and the Unica 400 are my short cigar favorites.

By Minas on Jan 6, 2014

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story is rated 5 out of 5 based on 59 customer ratings.

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