Arturo Fuente Cubanitos Natural Tins: 100 Cigarillos
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Arturo Fuente Cubanitos Natural

From: Arturo Fuente Original Item #: 3977
Tins: 100 Cigarillos
1-2 Week Backordered
Tin - 10 Total Cigars
In Stock
$235.00 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 100 Cigars
Diameter 32 Ring
Length 4 1/4 Inches
Origin Dominican Republic
Packaging Tins
Shape Regular
Strength Medium-full
Wrapper Natural

10 Tins of 10

Enjoy the timeless smooth quality of Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva cigars on your coffee break with the petite pleasures of Arturo Fuente Cubanitos! These woody and zesty gems are the perfect treat to fire up when you're pressed for time. 

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By Vincent on Sep 25, 2023

By Noor on Jun 27, 2023

Best Cigar Prices always have the best prices and deliver quickly never disappointing

By JONATHAN on Apr 25, 2023

Kept my product fresh. And I'm able to reuse.

By Marcos on Jan 24, 2023

Arturo Fuente Cubanitos

These are a very nice short smoke. Have tried several other brands and Imalways go back to these.

By Pat on Dec 18, 2022


Very satisfied

By John on Nov 24, 2022

Great quality short smoke

I love Arturo Fuente but sometimes I don’t have enough time for a short story, and feels like a waste if I rush it. I would like to smoke a maduro exquisitos or Cubanitos. Given the choice between the two. I would choose these smokes, I would always select these as my choice.

By Derek on Sep 20, 2022

Just the right size and flavor for us!

Sometimes one wants a shorter duration cigar that still is well made and flavorful, these fit that bill very nicely.

By Joseph on Jul 28, 2022

By John on Jul 14, 2022

Best cigar for a quick smoke

They may be rolled by trainees but the ingredients produce a fine smoke isn't to much of a mouthful.

By peter on Jun 23, 2022

By Dan on May 17, 2022

By John on May 17, 2022

Small great smoke

For a small cigar these are great smokes. I'm an 82 year old woman and these are perfect for me

By Dorothy on Apr 5, 2022


Good just an all around good smoke for any thing cuting grass drinking a beer

By Trucking on Feb 1, 2022

By Deborah on Jan 11, 2022

Great Small Cigar

This is my go to for a less than half hr. cigar

By John on Sep 14, 2021

By Daniel on Jun 26, 2021

Top shelf

Excellent all around cigar. A very addictive smoke. Everything is just right on this one.

By Matthew on Apr 22, 2021


Nice burn, mild with great flavor.

By William on Oct 8, 2020

Excellent smoke

Quality and flavourful cigars.

By George on Mar 20, 2020

South Beach Cigars

Good smoke. Lot's of flavor's to choose from.

By Roger on Feb 4, 2020

use them when I do not have time for a full size smoke - good value

By Dorin on Sep 4, 2019


Love these, perfect "daily" little cigar, wish they would offer without the tin and cheaper price!

By Jayson on Jul 15, 2019



By john on Jun 25, 2019


Great service prompt delivery

By Brad on Jun 20, 2019

Smokes like a bigger cigar

I got these before going to Las Vegas thinking they would be a good quick smoke plus not to offensive to others in the casino. Surprised when a couple of people next to me complemented the smell of this cigar. You find yourself smoking these right down to your fingertips hoping they won’t end. Gave out a couple but now have to hid them or they would be gone in a minute.

By Charles on Mar 22, 2019

Very good

Very good cigar for a morning coffee

By George on Feb 14, 2019



By Gary on Jan 3, 2019

When time to smoke is limited

What would you expect from Arturo Funente other than perfection. These are great for when time is tight and you want a great enjoyable smoke.

By Gary on Sep 4, 2018

By Leonard on Aug 28, 2018

Fuentes cubanitos

By Francisco on Jul 3, 2018

By James on Jan 4, 2018

These Cigars are one of the best

By Marie on Dec 28, 2017

Great for a quick smoke. A quality AF product

By Jarry on Dec 18, 2017

a f cubanitos

good cigar flavor is good good value but small cigar

By tim on Sep 19, 2017

Love These

Always high quality and well constructed!

By Mark on Sep 7, 2017

By Ruben on Jun 6, 2017

much better cigar than the price indicates

By Bob on May 9, 2017

Arturo Fuente Cubanitos

mmmmm good.

By robert on Mar 22, 2017

Excellent cubanitos

I enjoy the Arturo Fuente brand. One of the best cigars for the price

By Sunil on Oct 12, 2015

Excellent Cubanitos

Well constructed, packed with a great flavor and draw

By Sunil on Sep 6, 2015

AF Cubanitos

great little smoke

By Noble on Sep 4, 2015

Excellent Cubanito

It is small, sllek and full of flavor

By Sunil on Jun 29, 2015


very good cigar. just enough when your on the move. Good smooth flavor. well pack.aged

By Rodney on Jun 25, 2015

Arturo Fuente Cubanitos

I enjoy the flavor and size of the cubanito cigar.

By Ed on Jun 25, 2015

Excellent Cubanito

Generally a well contructed cigar, ocaasionally the wrapper peels off at the bottom. Draw is great 8 out of 10 times. Really love the falvor and the complexity if the cigar

By Sunil on May 21, 2015

Auturo Fuentes Cubanitos

great little cigar

By Noble on Apr 24, 2015

Best cubanitos

Arturo Fuentes makes excellent cigars for the price . Great value

By Sunil on Apr 17, 2015


always a great little cigar

By Noble on Mar 12, 2015

Husband's Faves

These cigars are my husband's favorite cigar. He enjoys everything about it.

By Wendy on Mar 12, 2015

A work horse Cubanitos

It is a practical everyday cubanito that can be enjoyed on the run

By Sunil on Dec 22, 2014


nice little cigar; sometimes the ring is hard to get off and tears the wrapper

By Thomas on Oct 29, 2014

Arturo Fuente Cubanitos - Excellent Product

Arturo Fuente is in excellent brand overall with a decent price range. Well crafted cigars and perfect flavor. Occasionally the wrapping is loose and dry and starts coming off.

By Sunil on Sep 27, 2014


I love this little cigar. I've tried most of the small cigars from prominent makers and this is my favorite. As with the larger Arturo Fuentes there is no compromise. The 10 year aged Cameroon wrapper rocks!

By Don on Sep 17, 2014

cubanitos review

nice little cigars

By Thomas on Aug 12, 2014

Good standby

Pretty enjoyable, but not as smooth as I had hoped

By Randall on May 25, 2014

Perfecto small cigar

These are excellent little cigars that I use when I need to "hit the spot" and don't have much time. The bigger cigars are just too much to deal with for me, during the day. I light one of these up, smoke half of it and I'm good for 4 hours or so, then I finish it.
Not complex, straightforward classic Dominican Fuente flavor and smell throughout the smoke. Their strength and body is more apparent in the last third but the flavor remains the same throughout.
They are well constructed but some of them are a bit loose for my taste, overall I do like tightish cigars. They draw very easily and if I wanted too I could power one of these down in less than ten. But that would be a waste because these are satisfying little cigars. Each puff goes a long way for me with this cigar.
Also a nice cigar to hand out to friends, don't have to worry about a more expensive and/or larger cigar going to waste. I would say it is a little "heavy bodied" for beginners, but the smoke is smooth and fairly mild, and isn't around long so they are unlikely to overpower anyone.
Very enjoyable and great for what I use them for. I love Dominican tobaccos, they are definitely my favorite with Nicaraguan in a close second.

By Ryan on Dec 5, 2012

Arturo Fuente Cubanitos Natural is rated 5 out of 5 based on 57 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

Are these hand rolled?

These cigarrillos are all handmade!

By Frank on Mar 30, 2015