Best Cigar Prices Double Blade 80 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter
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Best Cigar Prices Double Blade 80 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter

From: BCP Gear Item #: 238605
$9.99 MSRP
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About This Item
Color Black
Size Big Ring
Style Double Blade

Equipped with two sharp blades and easy to grip handle, our Best Cigar Prices Double Blade 80 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter was built to put a clean cut on even your largest cigars. Cuts up to an 80 ring guage

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Works Well!!

Wors very well, as intended!

By Martin on May 21, 2024

Durable,Great price

If I need another one this will be it. Durable,good price. No complaints.

By William on May 21, 2024

liked it

Great for large ring cigars

By James on May 21, 2024



By JOHN on May 9, 2024

By Ron on May 7, 2024


If you smoke 50+ ring size cigars -you need this.

By Jeff on Apr 30, 2024

Good cutter

Big enough to cut any Guage cigars.

By Lance on Apr 25, 2024

works great

By Richard on Apr 23, 2024


Basic but does the job well. I still like these traditional cutters.

By Paul on Apr 23, 2024

By Dan on Apr 9, 2024

By Robert on Apr 4, 2024

Okay cutter

The cutter is solid and reliable, but not quite as nice as one that provides a V cut.

By David on Mar 26, 2024


Great value, does what you need it too

By David on Mar 26, 2024

Cigar cutter

Very nice cigar cutter, it is larger for bigger cigars

By Gary on Mar 19, 2024

Big enough

This cutter is a good general purpose tool. No frills, just works.

By Charles on Mar 12, 2024

By Roderick on Mar 8, 2024

Works well

Works pretty well. Gives you a good handful of cuts. Wipe it with alcohol now and then, and it'll last longer.

By Exavior on Mar 5, 2024

By Roberto on Mar 3, 2024

Works great!

Works great!

By Brittany on Feb 27, 2024

It cuts like expected

It does the cutting without ripping. Sharp blades

By Pedro on Feb 17, 2024

By Al on Feb 15, 2024

By Anthony on Feb 15, 2024

I have three of those

By Ronald on Feb 14, 2024

By William on Feb 13, 2024

Have not used this item, but a good idea for those larger ring size

By keith on Feb 12, 2024

Functions as designed!

Functions as designed!

By James on Feb 11, 2024

By jorge on Feb 6, 2024

By Leroy on Feb 1, 2024

Cut the Butt

Nice cigar cutter. Works well, and getting it as a freebie was great!

By Eleazar on Jan 23, 2024

Not my favorite cigar cutter

This is a cheap flimsy cigar cutter and I would not recommend this product.

By Vince on Jan 22, 2024

Very Smooth Cigar

I have been looking for smooth cigar for a few years now. I have found it and have purchased this over the past year

By Jeff on Jan 16, 2024

Cigar Cuttet

Great cigar cutter especially for big ring cigars. Would buy again.

By Dell on Jan 16, 2024

By Claudia on Jan 14, 2024

By Chris on Jan 10, 2024

By Said on Jan 9, 2024

Works great

Ordered this cutter and works great. Cuts 60 gauge easily.

By Jeff on Jan 1, 2024

90+ All-Star Sampler

Fine quality and fresh with vacuum pack. Ring size best for me 40.

By Mike on Dec 15, 2023


By Gary on Dec 13, 2023


This product came at really good rate. I got for a family meme we and they love it. Wouldn’t again.

By Shyla on Dec 7, 2023

By Ryan on Nov 28, 2023

By Afton on Nov 17, 2023

By Jeff on Nov 16, 2023

Nice and strong

By Walter on Nov 14, 2023


Product works well. Certainly not the best cutter I've used but useful as one that can be tossed around and works well enough.

By Todd on Nov 14, 2023

By Reginald on Nov 14, 2023


Good Cutter for large cigars

By Jack on Nov 2, 2023

By Bryan on Nov 2, 2023

By Noor on Oct 31, 2023

By Liam on Oct 26, 2023

Cigar Cutter

The double blade 80 ring cutter is excellent. Very easy cutting 60 ring cigars which are my favorite for the golf course.

By Anthony on Oct 26, 2023


This cutter is going to last along time, very sharp!

By Andrew on Oct 17, 2023

Seems like a great cutter!

I have not tried it yet, hence 4 stars, but the construction seems solid and well made. Blades very sharp as well. Can't wait to use it.

By Chris on Oct 11, 2023

No frills

I have a more expensive cutter which I tend to misplace. So when traveling this will do the job. Seems sharp and that’s all I ask.

By Carlo on Sep 28, 2023


Does the job, cuts the tip off.

By Alisha on Sep 28, 2023

By Bryan on Sep 28, 2023

Functional and Inexpensive

Gets the job done. No frills.

By Saul on Sep 21, 2023

Works great

By Virginia on Sep 19, 2023


By Maria on Sep 14, 2023


What can I say except it cuts the end off CLEAN.
Works great.

By Byron on Sep 14, 2023

By Kevin on Sep 12, 2023

By Greg on Sep 7, 2023

Double cutter

Smooth clean cut.

By Angelo on Sep 3, 2023

Cuts well

This is my backup cutter

By Jim on Aug 31, 2023

Can't Go Wrong

By Marvel on Aug 26, 2023

Gr8 inexpensive cutter

This cutter works great. It handles 70 ring gauge cigars w/ease.

By Jeffrey on Aug 22, 2023

By Melvin on Aug 22, 2023

Bought this because my old cutter was becoming dull. This one is much sharper, handles virtually any gauge, and was a great value

By Gregory on Aug 22, 2023

Best Cigar Prices Double Blade 80 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter

Durable cigar cutter.

By Tom on Aug 17, 2023

By James on Aug 10, 2023

Works fine

By Norm on Aug 8, 2023

XL Cigar Cutter

I replaced my old regular size cutter with this new larger cutter in my golf bag gear because I was tired of having a cigar too large to fit. Problem solved.

By Todd on Aug 3, 2023

By Salvador on Aug 1, 2023

Great cutter

By Kyle on Jul 20, 2023



By CHARLES on Jul 20, 2023

Best Cigar Prices Double Blade 80 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter

The 80 ring gauge cigar cutter is easy to use

By Gregory on Jul 19, 2023

Good, basic cutter

This cutter has worked very well for me, especially for larger ring gauges.

By Thomas on Jul 18, 2023

By Jerry on Jul 18, 2023

By Jerome on Jul 17, 2023

Great cutter

I really like the size, I can actually cute any ring gauge cigar with this cigar

By JR. on Jul 7, 2023

By Kevin on Jul 6, 2023

A must

A must have it for a good smoke.

By Hector on Jul 4, 2023

Standard cutter

It's a standard cutter, albeit for larger gauge cigars. Nothing special here, it works as it should.

By Steve on Jul 4, 2023

Awesome cutter

Sharp, reliable, free

By Joseph on Jun 23, 2023

Good cutter

Good everyday cutter

By PATRICK on Jun 22, 2023


Great. Love ity

By Elias on Jun 20, 2023

By Joel on Jun 13, 2023

Great cutter

By John on Jun 13, 2023

Not so good

By Fernando on Jun 8, 2023

By Charles on Jun 7, 2023

cigar cutter

Not the best, but reliable and lasts for several months.

By james on May 30, 2023

Great Big Cutter

Works very well.

By Craig on May 30, 2023

Great cutter!

By Ron on May 30, 2023

Ring cutter

Best carry in your pocket, low priced, share with your friends, take anywhere, cigar cutter.

By Joseph on May 27, 2023

nice gift

excellent cutter

By John on May 25, 2023

This is a great cutter

By Arthur on May 17, 2023


nice cutter bu to big for the job

By joseph on May 11, 2023

cheap and usable

Nothing fancy, gets the job done for cheap

By John on May 11, 2023

By Gregg on May 2, 2023

very handy.

By robert on May 2, 2023


Nice cutter.

By Randall on May 2, 2023

Works Great

This cigar cutter works great, easy to use and very handy.

By Bob on Apr 27, 2023

By Thomas on Apr 25, 2023

By Keith on Apr 25, 2023


very good cutter very good price

By Bamidele on Apr 18, 2023

Very nice, I like the larger size, works well.

By Monte on Apr 11, 2023

By John on Apr 11, 2023

By Richard on Apr 6, 2023

Nice product

Worth the price paid. No complaints

By Scott on Apr 4, 2023

Free gifts

What else is there to say, free is great, especially when it is a good quality cutter!

By Dominic on Apr 4, 2023


Works perfect. Bought another as back up

By Jeffrey on Mar 30, 2023

By Wesley on Mar 30, 2023

By Nobel on Mar 30, 2023


Good base grade product at a great sale price.

By Michael on Mar 23, 2023

By joe on Mar 23, 2023


Always love the cutters

By Dre on Mar 21, 2023

Works great

Got a couple of these because my old cutter came unglued where the plastic meets the metal. its been a few months and no issues with regular use. Cheap and durable... all good.

By Scott on Mar 16, 2023

By Robert on Mar 16, 2023

Works Good

By Barry on Mar 15, 2023

I like it

Iuse it every day as I like the big stogies!!!

By Richard on Mar 9, 2023

By charles on Mar 9, 2023


By Clifford on Feb 23, 2023

not very good

not sharp enough to clean cut 50 ring size cigar

By richard on Feb 21, 2023

By ivan on Feb 15, 2023

By Bret on Feb 14, 2023

Not sharpen as good as my old one.

By Rick on Feb 14, 2023

Perfect cutter to keep in the vehicle, got another one or two in the house!

By Loreen on Feb 8, 2023

By Gerry on Feb 2, 2023

I always get these because I loose them great deal

By Rafael on Feb 2, 2023

By Eddie on Feb 2, 2023


Great cutter.

By Karyn on Jan 31, 2023

not the fanciest but gets the job done

not the fanciest but gets the job done and i am not afraid to lose it

By James on Jan 27, 2023

Great cutter

This cutter works. It stays working unlike this stainless steel cutter that fell apart after a few uses!

By Ron on Jan 24, 2023

Double Blade 80 ring cutter

Very sharp with clean cut. Hefty weight.

By Juan on Jan 14, 2023


This works great

By kenneth on Jan 12, 2023

By Felix on Jan 10, 2023

Gets the job done.

Does what you need it to do

By Bryan on Jan 10, 2023

By Jacob on Jan 10, 2023

By Terry on Jan 5, 2023

I’ve been smoking this cigar for over 8 years.consistantly good quality. Good as any I’ve ever used. Thanks for a good product. J.Bell

By James on Jan 5, 2023

I like Baccarat and Gispert cigars both Honduran I usually get the cigars that have free 5 or 10 free cigars with purchase

By Jerome on Jan 4, 2023

By Nick on Dec 29, 2022

By John on Dec 20, 2022

Great service great prices and excellent delivery! I purchase all my cigars and supply for Best Cigar Prices.

By Douglas on Dec 6, 2022


Never received

By Timothy on Nov 17, 2022

The big cutter

This size cutter is nice to have if you like big cigars. Easy to get a clean snip of your Tip.

By Seth on Nov 17, 2022

Great value

works great and very sharp

By Bryant on Nov 15, 2022


Unbeatable quality for the buck

By Manny on Nov 15, 2022



By Kiesha on Nov 8, 2022

Nice Little Cigar Cutter

I got this cutter with an order of cigars as an extra to take out and about and was not disappointed. For the price you can't beat it.

By Leslie on Nov 8, 2022

By Jeff on Nov 3, 2022

Excellent Cigar Cutter

This really works, it cut your cigar as needed. It is very easy to handle, you will feel very professional cutting your cigar before smoking it.

By Daniel on Nov 2, 2022

Big enough to cut any cigar I'll ever smoke.

By Greg on Oct 30, 2022

Broke in 2 days

Cigar cutter was nice for about two days. It broke after that.

By Dmitry on Oct 25, 2022

Cigar cutter

Great value for the price. Sharp blade. Sleek design

By Joy on Oct 25, 2022

By Steve on Oct 20, 2022

By Renaldo on Oct 13, 2022

Great smoke for the money

By Scott on Oct 11, 2022


Best cutter eva

By NICHOLAS on Oct 11, 2022

Cigar cutter

Great product and good price

By Gregg on Oct 4, 2022

Cigar cutter

Great product and good price

By Gregg on Oct 4, 2022

big cut

this cutter allows you to cut the fat ones!

By Diane on Sep 27, 2022

This is a huge straight cut gage cutter.

80 to be exact but sometimes I like huge gage cigars but I doubt I will be so lucky to locate this cutter when I smoke them but there is always that possibility.

By David on Sep 22, 2022


Great cutter, very sharp, gets the job done!

By William on Sep 18, 2022

By ember on Sep 15, 2022

For the money this is the best. It is easy to use, maintains its sharpness and made of quality material.

By Rudy on Sep 14, 2022

By Brian on Sep 13, 2022

Excellent product!!

By Ronald on Sep 8, 2022

Got this for free with one of my orders and it cuts very well

By arnold on Sep 8, 2022

Great cigars.
Great price.
Great customer service!

By Beverly on Sep 1, 2022


Sharp clean cut. Feels very solid. Should last.

By Dirk on Aug 25, 2022

Great cutter

Works well on both large and small gauge cigars

By Timothy on Aug 25, 2022

By Jim on Aug 25, 2022

Works good, love the size.

By Roland on Aug 18, 2022

By Garry on Aug 16, 2022

Not the best cigar cutter

It falls apart all the time everytime I try to open it it comes apart other then that it works as intended

By Paul on Aug 11, 2022

By Robert on Aug 11, 2022

It works.

By Geary on Aug 9, 2022

Cigar cutter

This cutter is perfect for cutting ring gauges of 60 or larger. I quit buying the smaller cutters as they are harder to operate as my age increases and my dexterity decreases.

By james on Aug 5, 2022


Cuts great

By Andrea on Aug 4, 2022

Best Cigar Prices Double Blade Cutter

A very nice cutter for the price

By Michael on Aug 2, 2022

Double blade make for a better cut.

Cuts well, and is big enough to handle some Flathead Big Block cigars given to us as gifts.

By Joseph on Jul 28, 2022


Item shipped as advertised.

By Gregory on Jul 26, 2022

By James on Jul 26, 2022


By jeff on Jul 25, 2022

By Larry on Jul 21, 2022

Good Service

By John on Jul 13, 2022

By saverio on Jul 12, 2022

By Mark on Jul 7, 2022

By Donna on Jul 7, 2022

Received poor service from the customer service rep... Zero

By Vaughn on Jul 5, 2022

Great cutter!

Works fantastic, doesn’t leave strands behind, and does the job.

By Alan on Jul 5, 2022

By Dennis on Jul 5, 2022

Big cutter

Handling is about the same as a 60-ring gauge, maybe a bit more loose. Sharpness is good.

By Tom on Jun 30, 2022

The second purchase test

The proof of great value is when a customer returns again....and again ...and again.

By tim on Jun 30, 2022

The cutter does a great job of cutting my cigars without leaving a tear in the wrapper.

By Richard on Jun 28, 2022

G R E A T!!! JUST GREAT!!!Smooth cut!

By Joey on Jun 24, 2022

All I mean all Great Smoke!!!! :-)

By Adrian on Jun 23, 2022

Double blade cutter

I’ve had no problem with the cutter since I have received it.
So far it is staying sharp and doing the job

By Keith on Jun 23, 2022

By Richard on Jun 21, 2022

Nice cutter

By Bruce on Jun 21, 2022



By steven on Jun 16, 2022

Cool cutter

Works perfectly

By Marty on Jun 9, 2022

By Todd on Jun 9, 2022

Nice cutter

It came with my 5 pack of cigars and perfect timing because I just broke my old one. Thanks

By chris on Jun 2, 2022


Its a little big

By Cihan on May 26, 2022

Nice cutter for the price

By Mike on May 20, 2022

Great inexpensive cutter

This is an inexpensive plastic cutter with a huge cutter hole and nice sharp blades. If you are looking to impress your friends with some Uber expensive cutter that doesn’t do anything more than cut cigars, look pretty and drain your bank account, don’t buy this cutter. If you smoke big fat down to little cigars and need a clean cut, this one is for you.

By jonathan on May 17, 2022


Does what is is supposed to do

By Paul on May 16, 2022

By Rick on May 10, 2022

By Dee on May 10, 2022

Pretty Good for the Price.

I prefer a bit sharper blades but other than that it gets the job done and what can you really complain about when a product works and is super cheap.

By Adrian on May 4, 2022

great cutter, I have several I keep near me

By rick on Apr 26, 2022

This is a great tool. When used many times it's gets dull. I put it in the dishwasher. Wished there was a sharpener.

By Randall on Apr 22, 2022

By Michael on Apr 22, 2022

Product review

The cutter was not very strong. The end broke off quickly

By Robert on Apr 21, 2022

It’s ok

Not as sharp. Not easy to cut the tips with this.

By elizabeth on Apr 19, 2022

the cutter

no problem

By Tony on Apr 17, 2022

By William on Apr 16, 2022

80 Ring Guage Cutter

Perfect cut, every time.

By Anthony on Apr 14, 2022


Nice cutter

By Joe on Apr 14, 2022


it seems to cut fine the one time I used it, it was free...

By John on Feb 20, 2022


Surprise bonus! Thank you totally needed an extra one and very nice quality. Much appreciated!

By Candie on Feb 2, 2022

By Leroy on Feb 1, 2022

By Darrin on Jan 20, 2022

Cutter is big enough to accommodate any and all cigars ever produced!

By VINCENT on Jan 11, 2022

love it

nice cutter

By James on Jan 9, 2022

By Debbie on Dec 28, 2021

Sharp and clean cut

This cigar cutter was very sharp, cutting through the end of the cigar cleanly. With an 80 Ring Gauge you will not have a problem with any size cigar.

By Craig on Dec 21, 2021

CIgar cutter

large enough for all ring sizes, does the job.

By Stephen on Dec 21, 2021

Good to have

Nice to have a good oversized cutter. Does a good job.

By James on Dec 14, 2021

Great Cutter

A nice cutter.

By Paul on Dec 1, 2021

By Sherman on Nov 30, 2021

Best Cigar Prices Double Blade 80 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter

Always pays to have an extra cutter. The 80 ring size is nice.

By Peter on Nov 4, 2021


it was free!

By Michael on Nov 2, 2021

Bkade review

Awesome blade

By Mark on Oct 28, 2021

Got a bunch

A nice freebie, but barely use.

By Joseph on Oct 22, 2021

By Joe on Oct 19, 2021

By John on Oct 18, 2021



By BRUCE on Oct 12, 2021

By Andre on Oct 7, 2021


So perfect.

By Annamarie on Sep 30, 2021


Great cutter and can’t beat the price. Came free with my order. Thanks!!!

By Nick on Sep 29, 2021


Large ring inexpensive cutter. Works fine

By David on Sep 7, 2021

good cutter

works well

By robert on Sep 2, 2021

As cutters go this is a good cutter best feature is the large ring if you are a large ring cigar smoker

By michael on Sep 2, 2021

Good cutter

Good cutter

By Edward on Aug 31, 2021

By Russ on Aug 26, 2021

80 ring cutter

Excellent size, very sharp cutter.

By Bob on Aug 19, 2021

Love it

It's a cutter, it cuts very good. glad to have it in my collection.

By David on Aug 15, 2021

By Bruce on Aug 13, 2021

Cigar Cutter

This was a very nice gift I received.

By Joe on Aug 10, 2021


A great addition

By JOSEPH on Aug 10, 2021

By Bennie on Aug 6, 2021

excellent cutter

By joel on Jul 29, 2021


Very sharp, great price

By John on Jul 27, 2021

By Rob on Jun 10, 2021


Not as sharp as I hoped, but gets the small sticks done

By Ronnie on Jun 8, 2021


By Michael on Jun 1, 2021

By Jose on May 11, 2021


The best cutter sharp

By Frank on May 11, 2021

Part two of the deal..

My other cutters were like using a butter knife on steel. Definitely in need of a new one. This did the trick. Better than other two I've been using and I think I'll be content for quite a while. Thank you guys again.

By Al on Apr 27, 2021

So far so good. Use it for travel or when bringing cigars to a bbq

By Eduardo on Apr 22, 2021

By Leo on Apr 20, 2021

By Gary on Apr 3, 2021


It’s plastic

By Brendan on Apr 1, 2021

By Zina on Apr 1, 2021


What can I say sharp.Great product

By Javier on Mar 25, 2021


Impressive looking cutter that seems to fade fast

By Nicolo on Mar 24, 2021

By Marty on Mar 22, 2021

Sharp cutter.

This cutter is capable of cutting the largest of any cigars. Very easy to use and does a great cut on any size cigar.

By Raymond on Mar 18, 2021

Free cutter

Got this for free with purchase.

By Lance on Mar 11, 2021

Best Cigar Prices Double Blade 80 Ring Gauge Cigar Cutter is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 271 customer ratings.

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