Boveda Humidipak 60 gram - 72% Relative Humidity
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Boveda Humidipak 60 Gram - 72% Relative Humidity

From: Boveda Item #: 7866
$6.00 MSRP
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Comes ready to use. Will last 3 months in most humidors. Number of packets needed per number of cigars: 2 packets for up to 50 cigars, 4 packets for up to 150 cigars, 6 packets for up to 250 cigars, and so on.

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Fantastic product

This is the best thing I've ever found for keeping cigars fresh. It's simple, easy to use and last for several months. One pack works perfect for 20 to 25 cigars.

By Thomas on Jun 4, 2024

Very reliable

Boveda makes a great product. It is spot on for keeping your humidor’s humidity in the proper range.

By Norman on May 28, 2024

By miguel on Mar 28, 2024

Does the job

Works well. Does the job great.

Makes humidification so simple

By Exavior on Mar 5, 2024


Performs excellent first four or five weeks. Have to monitor it after that to make sure stay in the best condition overall very good product. Love it.👍🏿

By George on Feb 1, 2024

Boveda is all I use now!

I’ve been using Boveda packs in my humidors for over a year now. Easy to use, works great, and priced right. My go to!

By Nick on Oct 17, 2023

B 72

Works very well and lasts close to three months

By Peter on Oct 3, 2023

Great product, keeps my humidifier at the needed humidity level.

By Ken on Oct 3, 2023

Boveda pack

These packs get the job done. Keep your cigars fresh. Great price to keep your cigars fresh

By Steven on Sep 7, 2023

They work well

They do what they are supposed to do.

By William on Aug 24, 2023

By George on Aug 15, 2023

By Gary on Aug 8, 2023

Great product, does the job and yet so convenient

By Steve on Jul 25, 2023

Completely satisfied

By Larry on Jul 6, 2023

Boveda Humidipak

Have used this to keep my cigars humid for some time. works great!

By Eric on Jan 10, 2023

By Bob on Dec 17, 2022

Humidity pack

Does a great job in my 50 stick humidor , last at least a long time .Simple, easy and cost effective .

By tim on Nov 11, 2022


Great humidity pack

By Sheila on Oct 27, 2022

By Francis on Sep 29, 2022

Excellent Product

By Steven on Aug 30, 2022

By Richard on Aug 11, 2022


Works better than anything else I've tried

By Roland on Aug 9, 2022

By Brett on Jun 30, 2022

Work well

By Jim on May 31, 2022

By Harold on Feb 24, 2022

By Elbert on Jan 25, 2022

By Kevin on Jan 4, 2022

Good stuff

Highly recommended

By Christopher on Dec 14, 2021

By Edward on Dec 9, 2021

Boveda Humidpack

Keeps humidor at constant humidity for months.

By Bill on Nov 26, 2021

By Robert on Sep 24, 2021

By John on Jul 30, 2021

gets the job done

Perfect to keep fresh

By Joe on Apr 27, 2021

By Rick on Apr 22, 2021

Highly Effective

Enjoying the Humidpak. Works great.

By Rusty on Mar 9, 2021

Easy and effective

Boveda packs are the simplest way to keep relative humidity where I want it in my humidor. They don’t last quite as long as I’d like them to, but as someone who doesn’t smoke a whole lot, it’s easier to throw one of these in there than to try to finesse and monitor a hygrometer.

By Anthony on Oct 27, 2020


It’s dope

By Aaron on Sep 12, 2020

Bovada Humidity pack

Excellent product. Keeps my cigars at a perfect moisture content. Easy to use with no maintenance required!

By Kevin on Sep 8, 2020

It does what it’s supposed to

If this is what you need it will work

By vincent on Aug 13, 2020


Great price and product

By john on Jun 3, 2020



By Gary on Nov 22, 2018


This is Humidipak I have bought . So far it is holding the humidity and with no effort other then throwing in humidor . No gels, no distilled water

By zachary on Nov 20, 2018


These packs work great. Keep my cigars fresh without all the worry.

By Robert on Nov 20, 2018

they work well

By janice on Nov 8, 2018

Works great.

By Daniel on Oct 12, 2018

By Curtis on Oct 9, 2018

By James on Sep 14, 2018

Moisture pack

These work great 1 per 25 cigars

By Mike on Sep 7, 2018

Boveda Humidipak recommended

I highly recommend the humidpak by Boveda. Ive been using them for years to keep my cigars fresh. I have tried other humidities but like the 72% the best.

By JESSICA on Aug 30, 2018

not good

not really a good product. don't seem to work like it should.

By james on Aug 23, 2018

Moisture bags

Excellent and accurate. Good for about 3 months too

By Bradley on Aug 14, 2018

Java Corona Maduro

Best prices anywhere!

By Tiffiney on Jul 17, 2018

By Gary on Jul 10, 2018

Boveda Humidipak - 72% Relative Humidity

Easy and convenient to use. No mess and it works!

By Robert on Jun 22, 2018


gotta have em

By Neil on Jun 16, 2018

They don't work that well for me

I bought 3 of these and used two at one time and the humidity never reached 72%

By Robert on May 21, 2018

By Richard on Apr 12, 2018


By Joseph on Apr 3, 2018

Humidity Pack

By Daniel on Feb 15, 2018

Boveda humidapack

Works great ebery time

By Fred on Feb 3, 2018

Works as it should

By Jeff on Jan 14, 2018

Best product for humidor

Humidor pack are the easiest and most convinience way to keep your humidor at the right degree

By Alain on Dec 21, 2017

PLease see other review

By Stephen on Oct 28, 2017

No fuss

I’m fairly new to the cigar world so when it came to humidors, I needed help. Just choose the % humidity you like your humidor to be, tear open the pack from its protective packaging and throw it in. It works with your hydrated humidifier to no only keep the humidor at the % of humidity you choose, it also absords humidity so it won’t be over humid. Great product and a must have!!

By Stefano on Oct 24, 2017


These little packages come in so handy. For the cigars you can't fit into your humidor, simply put them into a zip lock freezer baggy and one or two of these packets. The cigars will be as fresh as those in the humidor!

By Gunnar on Oct 17, 2017

Works as it should

These packets work great although I think I should have got 2 for the size of my humidor.

By Andy on Sep 26, 2017

excellent product

I use the 72% packets in my humidor and my cigars are always perfect. They last about 2 months and always keep things moist.

By bo on Sep 23, 2017


Work well, easy to keep humidity levels

By Brad on Jul 27, 2017

By Arthur on Jul 25, 2017

By Michael on Jul 22, 2017

Perfect for me

I use these and the 68% ones (depending on which humidor) all the time. I keep one or 2 in my travel humidors and several in my box humidor. Very consistent even with temperature changes.

By Jim on Jul 13, 2017

Humidore packs

Very convenient and easy to use.

By Alan on Jul 7, 2017

Boveda Humidipak

product works in all my humidifiers

By Robert on Jun 27, 2017

By RONALD on Jun 9, 2017

just right

just like the porridge belonging to baby bear, in the Goldilocks' story, the Boveda humidity pack keeps my humidifier 'just right' !

By g on May 25, 2017

works as stated

By howard on May 23, 2017

For Travel and Home

I've been using these products for my golf bag with a zip lock, my travel Xikar Humidor, or my nice home humidor....keeping a supply on hand helps me protect my investment. Individually packaged product allows me to activate when needed.

By Chris on May 11, 2017

Real convenience

I've used the Boveda Humidipaks for several years. They are easy to use and work great.

By Jack on Apr 19, 2017

By Kurt on Jan 26, 2017

Works perfect!

Works just as described.

By Craig on Dec 13, 2016

Great idea

These packet work great they actually keep my humidor at 72%. If you have issues as I do with your humidor this packet should help.

By Tomas on Jul 12, 2016

good pack

always a good pak

By Terry on May 24, 2014

Boveda Humidipak 60 gram - 72% Relative Humidity is rated 5 out of 5 based on 82 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

Is it better to install on lid or side of humidor

The Boveda Humidipak is effective in any area of your sealed humidor. We suggest to move the packs around every couple weeks to rotate the humidity if there is a slight difference.

By Mike on Feb 7, 2017

Two questions: 1) How is this activated 2) Is there indication when it needs to be changed

The Boveda Humidipaks are ready to use right out of their plastic wrap. They can last between one and three months. Once the Boveda Humidipak becomes hard and brittle, it's time for a replacement.

By Bill on Jun 29, 2011