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Calderilla Dominican Cigarillos Sweet 10 Cigars
Calderilla Dominican Cigarillos Sweet thumbnail image 1

Calderilla Dominican Cigarillos Sweet

From: Calderilla Item #: 24909
$13.20 MSRP - 39% OFF
About This Cigar
Count 10 Cigars
Length 4 Inches
Diameter 30 Ring
Origin Dominican Republic
Packaging Loose Pack
Shape Regular
Strength Mild Bodied
Wrapper Natural
Calderilla Cigarillos have been compared to Macanudo Ascots, but at about half the price, this is an opportunity that no discerning smoker should pass up.

This is the perfect inexpensive 20 to 30 minute smoke, and is available in regular or sweet-tipped.

Here's what others have to say about this item!

(8 Reviews)

Great smoke for time crunched smokers

Great full tobacco flavor the sweetness is only there for the first few puffs..then it is like a fine Connecticut cigar

By Pete on Jun 5, 2014

great little smoke

On my have 15 minutes to spare? This is the perfect little smoke. Great flavor, easy draw, not harsh. For the price, you really can't beat em.

By David on Aug 12, 2014

Great for the price!

My husband thinks they are a great inexpensive alternative to acid cigarillos. They are as strong a flavor but great for the price.

By Yvonne on Sep 4, 2014

Always Fresh

Great Taste
Perfect Size
Always Fresh and Great Service

By Dan on Dec 11, 2016

By Robert on Feb 23, 2017

Great Cigar - Usually

Most of the time this is a great little smoke. But not always. I have been smoking these for a couple years now and occasionally I go through a period where the cigars that I get are rolled way to tight. About half of the box is smoke-able, the other half is so tight that there is pretty much 0 draw. It's almost like this is a batch issue, as once I get a box like that, the next one is pretty much going to be the same. Not much I can do with them so they get tossed.

Aside from the batches like that, they are a good cigarillo.

By David on May 18, 2015

Good smoke, can't go wrong with this one

In warmer weather, I'm a robusto size smoker. I'm a fan of Fuente, Romeo, Oliva, Vega Fina...I like quality cigars, but a mild-medium smoke. When cold weather hits I usually switch to a 4x30 size. Went through an Acid phase, but the sweetness got old. The sweetness of these can not be compared to Acid or any other flavored cigar. These have a very slight hint of sweetness, and are smooth and mild. When I switch to smaller cigars, I'm basically looking for something that isn't c***, burns well and can be smoked over 20-30 min. I have a hard time finding anything decent, in this size at my local shops that comes out to anything less than $3-4. The price of these is wonderful and the construction, burn and flavor is above my expectations. If you want a small, quick, quality smoke, without the BS price of big name brands...this is it. You won't regret it.

By Alex on Nov 20, 2013

Best Short Smoke!

As an avid outdoors man, I like to take short breaks and relax with a mild blended cigar.. I used to smoke pipes Exclusively, just like the ole Fur trapper and traders.. I shoot black powder exclusively mostly Flintlocks but when it comes time for a smoke i need a smooth smoke that does not weigh me down like most heavy bodied cigars.. This is so light but Flavorful!! gives a 30+ minute smoke...PS. PUNCH the end with an AWL..DO NOT CUT THE END OFF.. the BEST draw imaginable!!!

By Pete on Nov 23, 2012

Calderilla Dominican Cigarillos Sweet is rated 4.3 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings.

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