Cigar Swami Pg Potion 8oz - 3 Pack
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Cigar Swami Pg Potion 8oz - 3 Pack

From: Cigar Swami Item #: 27763
$30.00 MSRP
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Contains 3 8oz bottles of Cigar Swami PG Potion. Best Cigar Prices proudly presents Cigar Swami, our exclusive brand of cigar humidification products! Every Cigar Swami product is precision engineered to maintain perfect conditions in your humidor, ensuring that your cigars age exactly how they're supposed to. Cigar Swami PG Potion is a propylene glycol solution that was specifically designed to use in Cigar Swami products. When used with Cigar Swami humidifiers, PG Potion will consistently maintain 70 percent relative humidity. It is important to note that Cigar Swami PG Potion is not a 50/50 propylene glycol/water solution; never mix PG Potion with a 50/50 solution, as this will render it ineffective.


x3 Cigar Swami Pg Potion - 8oz Cigar Swami Pg Potion - 8oz $30.00 MSRP
MSRP:  $30.00
Best Cigar Prices:  $15.99
$14.01 off MSRP

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By Reginald on Nov 14, 2023

Cigar Swami Pg Potion

Great product, great price

By Ben on Oct 6, 2022

cigar wham

this potion helps keep the cigars moist and flavorful

By Donalda on Mar 22, 2022

By Chris on Dec 29, 2021

By Angela on Feb 16, 2021

Does what it supposed to

It’s a pg potion. It does what it’s intended to do

By vincent on Aug 13, 2020

By hagop on Jul 30, 2020

By tarek on May 28, 2020

Great product

The lid they come with has a long straw which makes filling the gell packs really easy.

By Dagan on Mar 10, 2020

It Works as it states

This product works as it states for both of my units to date. I refill about every 45 days and been using it for a 90 days to date.

By Jerome on Jan 26, 2020

By ken on Jan 2, 2020

Cigar Swami Purchase

Even though I needed to wait for resupply, this product has been very successful in maintaining my humidors and the cigars I have. Have used it for a few years now and have been very satisfied.

By Ralph on Sep 25, 2019

The Swami

Good product goes into every humidifier works well with crystals and gels

By Robert on Jul 30, 2019

Cigar Swami

Much more staying power than the distilled water I was previously using. Reliable and don’t have to worry about mold

By Charles on Jun 19, 2019



By cory on May 28, 2019

By Tim on Jan 17, 2019

keep them fresh!

seems to work great.

By david on Dec 9, 2018

By Brendon on Nov 14, 2018

By Daniel on Oct 12, 2018

By John on Sep 18, 2018

Great Deal

Works like a charm

By Brian on Aug 21, 2018

By KEN on Jun 22, 2018

By Dale on Feb 10, 2018

By Randall on Jan 9, 2018

By Todd on Dec 28, 2017


works as advertised

By Jeffrey on Nov 30, 2017

!st time using these

This was my first time using these and they worked out great. Beat Is a great vendor to deal with.

By Stephen on Oct 28, 2017

By brent on Sep 25, 2017

By Robert on Aug 24, 2017

Mr. Cigar

awesome product that works great

By Michael on Jul 21, 2017

Dry will never do.

Good value.
Effective @ keeping cigars from drying out.
Good idea to wipe down the interior of your humidor too.

By John on Jun 22, 2017

By Kevin on Jun 1, 2017

Great product

Best i have ever used. Humidor is useless without it

By Justin on May 23, 2017


It's worked great just used it to cure my cigar box and it worked great would recomend the use of this product

By Christopher on Mar 24, 2017


Must have the magic juice. Works awesome!

By CIPRAINO on Mar 13, 2017

Swami Review

By robert on Feb 21, 2017

By Ed on Jan 31, 2017

cigar swami

Great stuff. It helps to keep my humidor at the right humidity so my cigars stay fresh longer.

By TERRY on Dec 29, 2016

By Paul on Dec 8, 2016

By Raymond on Dec 3, 2016


Great product at a great price...much cheaper than other brands and shipping was fast!

By Joseph on Dec 1, 2016

Better than water

Works great and keeps the humidor at the perfect humidity

By Stu on Nov 20, 2015


This PG potion worked fine in the cold-fresh months, maybe november to april, but in may to august with temperature over 100 F, it was not enought. This time I bought a 4 oz
jar, so I hope this work fine

By Juan on Nov 20, 2015

Cigar swami potion

this stuff really works, no more messing with water

By Mike on Oct 1, 2015

Cigar products

No matter if ordering cigars or cigar products they very well made and the people are very professional

By frank on Sep 10, 2015

Works great

Always keeps my humidors at peak

By Pete on Jun 25, 2015

PG Potion

easy to use, takes the guess work out of keeping a constant humidification, long lasting

By steven on May 28, 2015


Was delivered properly

By Robert on May 28, 2015

Swami PG Potion

Great product! Great Price! only bad thing is it always seems to be on back order. Although the pricing is probably the reason it is out of stock.

By John on May 28, 2015


Cigar swami works great

By Alan on May 14, 2015

Cigar Swami Superior

Keeps cigars in superior state even after 2+ months!!

By Wendy on Oct 10, 2014

Cigar Swami PG Potion - Great Deal

Three bottles for $13 couldn't be beaten anywhere else. Excellent for maintaining my humidity in my humidor. I've tried other products but this one has always worked the best for stability. Nothing worse then losing great cigars to dryness or mold because of cut-rate humidifiers...

By Jeff on Oct 10, 2014

Cigar swami review

Excellent product that last a very long time for only being a 8oz bottle

By shaun on Sep 25, 2014

good deal

good deal for three, this stuff works great and these will last me a while

By Ardell on Jun 4, 2014


Works well

By Jerry on Nov 13, 2013

Cigar Swami Pg Potion 8oz - 3 Pack is rated 5 out of 5 based on 55 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

I have not used my Cigar Gurus - Large (stopped smoking for two years. I am happily back!). My assistant accidentally soaked one of my Gurus in distilled water. Will it still work as effectively with PG POTION as it used to? PS, By far the best humidifier I have ever found! (Also, when will PG POTION be back in stock?) Thank you.

Yes your Cigar Guru should still be fine since in a pinch you can definitely substitute PG Potion for distilled water. The propylene glycol solution helps prevent and inhibit mold and fungi naturally but distilled water is still a fine way of hydrating your cigars. The Cigar Swami PG potion will be back in stock soon and thank you for being a loyal Cigar Swami purchaser.

By Ronald on Jun 26, 2019

Is this product comparable to this XIKAR PROPYLENE GLYCOL 70-8OZ

YES! Our Cigar Swami PG Potion has the same components and makeup as the Xikar pg.

By Bob on Dec 29, 2016

How many 8 ounce bottles do you get for $12.95? The advertisement seems to indicate 3 bottles.

This offer gives you three 8 ounce bottles of our Cigar Swami PG Potion. This is one of our best deals for humidification!

By Mike on Dec 8, 2016

how many ounces are these ea.?

They are 8 Fluid Ounces each.

By bob on Sep 23, 2014