Diamond Crown Hygrometer
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Diamond Crown Hygrometer

From: Diamond Crown Item #: 5582
$39.95 MSRP - 34% OFF
2-5/8" x 3" x 1/2". This Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer will accurately read the conditions in your humidor and help you maintain the ideal climate to properly maintain your cigars.

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Diamond Crown Hydrometer

Great buy and extremely easy to use. Would recommend it for anyone with a humidor.

By Floyd on Sep 26, 2014


This hygrometer was a great purchase at a great price. Very accurate therefore allowing for perfect conditions of your prized cigars!!!

By John on Oct 10, 2014

inexpensive digital

digital is the way to go if you want precise humidity. I bought this not because it's diamond crown, but because it's a quality digital hyg. at a good price

By Ardell on Jun 4, 2014

Diamond Crown Hygrometer is rated 5 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

Is this meter adjustable and does it dispense a mist to keep a stable reading.

The Diamond Crown hygrometer is not adjustable, though they are accurate to +/- 3 percent points and comes with a battery already installed. There is no calibration needed. The Diamond Crown hygrometer also features a Fahrenheit to Celsius option.

By Ray on Mar 3, 2011