Dominican Nude Bundle Double Toro Maduro Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
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Dominican Nude Bundle Double Toro Maduro

From: Dominican Nude Item #: 26271
$43.98 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 20 Cigars
Diameter 60 Ring
Length 6 Inches
Origin Dominican Republic
Packaging Bundle
Shape Regular
Strength Medium
Wrapper Maduro

With Dominican Nude Bundles you get smooth, classic Dominican flavor at a wallet-friendly price-point. A smooth everyday smoke with a clean burn and draw, these bundles won't disappoint.

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Very soothing, long lasting

By Ray on Apr 9, 2024

Decent smoke

I bought a couple of five packs about six months ago and found these to be a good smoke. Lots of smoke in last half of smoke. This batch was a little dry so will let them sit for a couple of weeks in humidor. Gave one to my golf buddy yesterday at the course he enjoyed it for over an hour.

By Scott on Mar 1, 2024

Very nice cigar bargain

This cigar is combines good quality with a good price in the size, which is what I was looking for. This is one of several similar cigars available from BCP that made me a regular customer.

By Randall on Dec 26, 2023

Good cigar for the price

Almost a secind cigar ..alittle dry but still good

By Donald on Dec 21, 2023

Great everyday stick

not fancy but sure a great value for everyday sticl

By tim on Nov 28, 2023

Very nice and smooth great flavor

By Walter on Nov 14, 2023


Good everyday cigar . A little light flavor for me but still like these for relaxing time.

By Donald on Sep 28, 2023

Good smoke

Smooth and flavorful. The toro wrapper is excellent. The only issue with these cigars is consistency. Some (~1 in 5) are roiled so tightly they don’t breathe properly. This results in a very hard draw and canoeing.

By Thomas on May 16, 2023

By SAMUEL on Apr 26, 2023

Not a fan

By George on Mar 21, 2023

You get what you pay for

The description of these cigars and the pricing were both so attractive that I couldn’t resist. I wish I had.

By George on Jan 19, 2023

Great cigars

Great smoking cigars Great flavor

By HARRY on Nov 22, 2022

Almost everyone canoed.

Almost everyone I smoke canoed! Not very enjoyable.

By James on Oct 7, 2022

Good everyday smoke

Great everyday smoke for the normal person.

By Walter on Sep 6, 2022

Great smoke

This is a under rated cigar bundle! These smoke great and burn at least a hour. Make sure they are kept In humidor to stay fresher longer so can enjoy a everyday smoke.

By Louis on May 5, 2022

By Elbert on Jan 25, 2022

Good smoke

Love this cigar...

By mike on Jan 19, 2022

Very tasty

Was very happy with this purchase. Tasty and long lasting. Just a little loose on the wrapper

By Keith on Dec 14, 2021

Double Toro

Good taste and price

By Roland on Apr 13, 2021

By howie on Feb 2, 2021

Rolled too tight

They were hard as a rock and I couldn't get a draw off 75% of them, Won't be purchasing them again

By francis on Jan 13, 2021

Good Cigar

These smoke well, taste good. Good value for the price.

By NED on Dec 1, 2020

cheap price, cheap construction

Uneven smoke. Falls apart on you and at times the wrapper just sloughed right off.

By Martin on Aug 18, 2020

To loose wrap.

They are wrapped to loose , come apart in your mouth - every draw i get a mouth full of tobacco. uneven
burn and dry poor taste. set in my humidor for 1 week still no improvement. I will not buy again throwing them away.

By Max on Mar 31, 2020

Dominican Nude Bundle 6 x 60

Most bundle cigars are mediocre at best with a really good one every now and then. This bundle was horrible. Have gone through 5 cigars and each one was overly spongy, very loosely rolled and with a terrible burnt plastic finish to each puff. I'm writing this off as one of those poor purchases. Do not recommend these cigars to anyone. You get what you pay for....

By Charles on Nov 15, 2019

Not for me

I didn’t enjoy these very much. Didn’t like the flavor / taste .

By van on Oct 3, 2019

decent cigar

This cigar smokes well, burns fine, for the price it is a deal.

By DEAN on Aug 21, 2019

By jeffrey on Mar 26, 2019


Nice cheap but great smaoke!!

By CLAY on Nov 8, 2018

By L. on May 8, 2018


By warren on Apr 26, 2018

By warren on Apr 26, 2018

Good Smoke

I bought this bundle to test them for golf smokes, for myself and those with whom I golf. My criteria is a full leaf (so no nasty pieces to spit out), durable mild to moderate blend.

If it is not durable enough to last unbroken in the side-pocket of my golf bag, the cigar doesn't make it to any of the other four criteria. Have to say, durability seems adequate (not great). The look good, are constructed well and burn evenly. They are mild (so they don't nock my golf partners on their backsides) and are priced pretty decently. I will probably by them again.

By Dave on Jul 26, 2017


good cigar for the newbies

By Toriano on May 11, 2017


Great price and great quality!

By David on May 9, 2017

Dominican Nudes

You can't beat the price and I love the flavor. For the most part holds togather good and burns even and fairly slow. Great bang for the buck!!! Keep it up Best Cigar Prices!!!!!

By Christopher on Apr 13, 2017

By James on Mar 9, 2017

Dominican Nude Bundles

These medium bodied smokes are good for the money. They hold up pretty well, burn evenly and have a consistent taste.

By Israel on Jan 12, 2017

By Paul on Dec 8, 2016

Great for the price

A few of the sticks tend to canoe burn, but all of them have an open draw. Most of them have the flavor of a $5+ stick. The rolling is mediocre since it's made with filler scraps, but I found if you leave a couple bundles in the humidor for a couple months, everything settles down, and most of them turn into quality smokes. I call them the poor mans Perdomo. I actually like them better than 1/2 the sticks that cost 3 times more. The major complaint is some of them have to be relit several times like smoking a pipe, but none have to be thrown out as unsmokable. They are one of the few cheap cigars at machine made prices that taste like the expensive cigars. I am not a snob, and don't mind spitting out loose pieces of tobacco occasionally. I reorder these because most of them are very satisfying smokes.

By Allan on Oct 2, 2016

Dominican Nude Bundle Double Toro Maduro


By TOM on Nov 5, 2015

Good Cigars

I was pleasantly surprised when I lit the first of these up as it was 60-65 minute cigar with moderately good flavor and a fairly good burn as well. I gave one to my dad and he decided to order batch.

By Randy on Jul 20, 2015

Madoro 6X60

I bought these with a little apprehension after one reviewer had some issues with them. I am glad I got them.They are a well made cigar with lots of flavor, with a nice draw and an even burn. So worth the money!!

By Tim on Sep 7, 2014

Good Cigar

Could be wrapped a little tighter, but burns even with good smoke. A little harsh at times but I think from too much draw, need to smoke slower. Overall a good value for the price.

By William on Aug 22, 2014

26271 Dominican Nude Bundle 6 x 60

I just had to let you know that this cigar just falls apart about half the time. I am about 10 into the bundle and they are very brittle and the outer wrapping splits on 1 out of 2 and the tip unravels after a few minutes and its no longer smokable. I was going to send them back but the price was so low it is not cost effective to ship them back. I tried re-humidifying them but they split worse so keep them in a separate jar to prevent any changes in their humidity if you have them now. Just be warned.

By Ralph on Oct 18, 2013

Nude Maduro 6x60

This cigar is an outstanding buy. Spicy yet smooth. Will canoe if you try to enjoy it too quickly. My new everyday favorite smoke.

By Thomas on Oct 6, 2013

Love them!

An expensive tasting cigar at an affordable price. They will not disappoint!!

By Matthew on Oct 6, 2013

Big T

I have been looking for a good every day smoke that I can afford and enjoy and I found it in this one. Good work.

By tom on Jul 27, 2013

maduro 6x60

a good everyday working guy cigar. good value, well made, excellent aroma, good draw, filler is a little grainy.

By norm on Nov 21, 2012

Dominican Nude Bundle Double Toro Maduro is rated 4 out of 5 based on 49 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

Are these long filler, or mixed?

This is a mixed filler cigar

By Bryan on Sep 25, 2014