Factory Throwouts Number 49 Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
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Factory Throwouts Number 49

From: Factory Throwouts Item #: 24516
2X Deal - 40 Total Cigars
In Stock
Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
In Stock
$39.20 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 20 Cigars
Diameter 49 Ring
Length 5 1/2 Inches
Origin United States
Packaging Bundle
Shape Regular
Strength Medium
Wrapper Sungrown

Made in Tampa by the J.C. Newman cigar company, Factory Throwouts are crafted using Ecuadorian Sungrown Wrappers over aged Dominican filler tobaccos for an extraordinary value smoke with rich, full flavor. These even-burning, smooth-smoking sticks are perfect for a great "everyday" cigar at an affordable price.

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By George on Apr 15, 2023

By John on Nov 10, 2022

By Ed on Jun 11, 2022

Awesome everyday cigar

Best value for the money. Burns smooth to end, no runs. Just be sure to cut just the tip of cap to keep stray tobacco strands out of mouth lol Will order again when ready👍 Thank you

By Joseph on Apr 27, 2022

Great Cigar

This is the best cigar in the market at this price point. Great taste and consistent.

By Chris on Apr 14, 2022

By Jack on Apr 12, 2022

Decent sticks

Great value cigar, but they are seconds & some issues effect smoke-ability & draw … I keep some on hand for a low-cost smoke that doesn’t hurt to share.

By Brent on Apr 7, 2022

Good value!

Definitely a better cigar value than expected for the price! Good flavor & decent burn … although they are seconds & you can expect minor to major flaws. Most are negligible, but sometimes the issues can seriously effect the draw & drag - meaning they lack integrity & you suck air. After a few bundles, I moved onto other varieties as my go-to. Still would purchase for a big event - or for a cheap smoke that doesn’t hurt to share with visitors.

By Brent on Apr 7, 2022

Great cigars

Have smoked these cigars for years. Really enjoy them. Have friends that smoke the same cigar.

By Gerald on Jan 21, 2022

great customer service

We have been buying cigars for my father and husband for 3 years now and really like the site. Best Cigars has the brand and type that they both really like and good prices too. This last month the order defaulted to my Father's address who is now deceased and no longer lives there. My mistake. The fulfillment team was able to pull the order and correct the ship to address so that we could get the order that was intended for my husband. We are very grateful of this extra step in service. Thank you very much

By Kathleen on Nov 9, 2021

By Kirk on Oct 21, 2021

Notta Throwout

Try it you will like it

By Ted on Oct 14, 2021

By Jeff on Oct 7, 2021

Factory Throwouts Number 49 Sweet

I like the mild, sweet taste of these cigars, and definitely like the price. Not sure why they are factory throwouts because I have fully enjoyed these cigars and have not found a down side to smoking them. Thank you for such a great deal. Per my husband Charlie.

By Kathy on Oct 7, 2021

By Tim on Sep 14, 2021

By Michael on Sep 7, 2021

Great Deal

This is a very good everyday smoke at a great price. Glad I found these and now keep them stocked in my humidor.

By Scot on Aug 17, 2021

factory throwouts

I have smoked these for years ,Best smoking $ 1.00 cigar on the market!

By Terry on Aug 5, 2021

factory throwouts

These are the BEST $1.00 cigar you can buy!

By Terry on Aug 5, 2021

By Benny on Jul 22, 2021

Everyday Smoke

These always burn well, mild flavor, and last a while. They are great gor an everyday cheap smoke.

By Mark on May 13, 2021

By William on Mar 16, 2021

Factory throw outs 49

Excellent cigar at this price. I would strongly recommend it.

By Chris on Mar 11, 2021

By jamie on Mar 4, 2021

By jamie on Mar 4, 2021

By Richard on Mar 1, 2021

Factory Throwouts #49

I got interested in these Cigars from my local smoke shop then found them here at BCP and i actually found buying them from BCP makes my enjoyment of these cigars much more enjoyable they always come in good shape and at the proper humidity witch is nice, do to not having to wate for them to be smokable from my humiditor there a medium smoke that makes them easy to enjoy, there are occasions that 1 will be to tite or maybe a little loose but for a daily smoke thats very affordable and pretty tasty so you can enjoy ur good smokes from your humidor on them special occasions as intended these factory throwouts have that taste that some premium cigars have. I've had people comment that aren't cigar smokers saying they smell very nice and at just over a buck a stick make them my everyday cigar from BCP. If you have tried them from ur local cigar shop do urself a favor an order from BCP that freshness you get from them is what makes there smokes taste as intended take it from a 30 year cigar enthusiast taste comes from freshness and the proper humidity Dont just take my word try them for urself.

By Bradley on Jan 26, 2021

Relaxing smoke

By Jerry on Jan 7, 2021

Great Go-To Stogie

Can't beat these especially for the price! I can always taste the premium tobacco used to make these and each one is a pleasant surprise. This is my go to always for the golf course!

By Vincent on Nov 3, 2020


Great smoke for a everyday smoke. Really enjoyed it

By Kenneth on Oct 1, 2020

nice well made cigar with good flavor. wrapped tight and still draws good. a mild cigar

By mike on Jun 4, 2020

great cigar at a great price

used to buy these on-line with another company and accidentally found "Best Cigar" and now buy only here. Great smooth mild cigar at a price you don't mind giving away at the bar

By Allen on Apr 28, 2020

Factory Throwouts Number 49

A great value for the everyday smoker.

By Charles on Apr 28, 2020

factory 49 throwouts

great everyday smoke, good tast and value

By Greg on Mar 17, 2020

Factory throwout

Great flavor, stays rolled together well

By Dennis on Feb 14, 2020

Good Deal

For the price, you are getting a pretty decent cigar.

By Alfred on Jan 4, 2020

Great value

Well constructed. Decent tasting.

By john on Dec 17, 2019

By Daniel on Oct 22, 2019

Great value

These cigars are my favorite indulgence.

By Eric on Sep 10, 2019

Great smoke

Great for a weekday smoke. Priced right and burns even, mild taste.

By Mark on Aug 10, 2019



By DAVID on Feb 28, 2019

By Randy on Jan 15, 2019

Good Basic Cigar

Inexpensive, but good cigar for everyday smoking while you're working around the house. Good flavor, but not every one draws easily. Recommend!

By Mary on Dec 16, 2018

it's taking me a full year and countless different cigars to find one truly satisfying smoke. These cigars are my number one selection. I have no need to search any longer.

By Dave on Dec 11, 2018

Great value

Best Cigar Prices has the best price I've found on these cigars even with shipping.

By Thomas on Oct 4, 2018

A Lot of Cigar for the Money

These #49's are rolled tight, I needed to roll them on a hard surface or poke them to get any smoke, but they burn nice. Taste is good and they are not too strong. I have paid more and got a lot less from some other brands. These are a good buy.

By michael on Sep 11, 2018

49 factory throwouts

Good smoke for the money

By Jeff on Aug 9, 2018

It's a Good Smoke

Recently I got together with some Navy buddies and one offered me a cigar. I really enjoyed it and told him so. He told me how affordable they were through BCP. So, after getting home, I ordered a bundle. Love 'em! I'm putting in my second order today.

By James on Jul 18, 2018

Best Value!

I have been a cigar smoker for over 30 years and these are the best value I've found. Excellent construction and great flavor for less than $1 a stick.

By William on Apr 29, 2018


Decent draw and tasty little cigar for an everyday smoke. Can't beat the "2X Deal." Makes them soooo affordable...and more than beats the price on any other cigar website that I've found. Only drawback, overall, is that you don't offer more 'free shipping' options. Definitely recommend this cigar in ALL sizes. :)

By Mary on Apr 17, 2018

FC 49's

For the price, this cigar is good. Occasional side burn from packing and occasional hard draw also packing, but at this price can't be beat.

By Larry on Mar 8, 2018

By Robert on Feb 20, 2018

Factory Throwouts Number 49 - Claro

A better than average cigar, at a great value. These are culls so one cannot expect perfection. It is a great every-day smoke.

By Timothy on Dec 18, 2017

By Ryan on Dec 11, 2017

By Lynn on Oct 14, 2017

By Dan on Aug 29, 2017

By Robert on Aug 24, 2017

By Randolph on Jul 19, 2017

Nice every day smoke

By Ron on Apr 14, 2017

By Ken on Feb 21, 2017

Not bad

For a cheap smoke, not bad.

By Devin on Nov 19, 2015

good value

so far good draw,good smoke,no problems

By glenn on Aug 20, 2015

Outstanding cigar

Everyone I give a 49 cigars always say good smoke and outstanding price.

By George on Aug 6, 2015

Not a bad smoke

...for the price.

By Devin on Jul 3, 2015

Tom Bauer

They smoke like a much pricier cigar

By Thomas on Jun 29, 2015

Not bad

For those that just want a smoke...this is it.

By Devin on Jun 5, 2015

Not bad

Not bad for a cheap smoke

By Devin on Apr 25, 2015

Not bad

For a cheap smoke, they are not bad

By Devin on Apr 25, 2015

A good smoke for the price

Great greyish white ash. Some run but most are good. They must be put in the humidor for a couple of days, 2 minimum but the longer they sit the better they smoke.

By Gilbert on Mar 30, 2015

Cheap smoke

When all you want is a smooth, cheap smoke these are great.

By Devin on Mar 28, 2015

Great for the price

Good cigar for the price

By Sean on Mar 26, 2015

Cheap but a good smoke

Not bad for a cheap smoke.

By Devin on Sep 21, 2014

A good, everyday cigar.

I've bought many different cigars. These are a very good, everyday cigar. And the price is fantastic.

By Sue on Sep 17, 2014

Factory Throwouts Number 49

Great Product

By Lynn on Sep 4, 2014

Excellent product and price

I just received my order of Factory Throwouts Number 49. A smooth smoke that makes for a great inexpensive daily smoke.

By Richard on Aug 12, 2014

Better Than Expected

I was pleasantly surprised, considering the low price.

By Randolph on Aug 12, 2014

Not a Bad Smoke

Cheap and good smoke

By Devin on Aug 12, 2014

Great everyday cigar

I've bought about 5 bundles of these in the last 3 years and they are consistently a great everyday cigar. Nice, moderate to mild flavor. Ever so slightly milder than the Factory Throwout #59, which I also recommend. A great value that you'll tell your friends about. A lot for the money!

By Mark on Aug 13, 2013

Never Again

Don't be fooled, as I was, by the low price! I'm fairly new to cigar smoking, but it takes no expert to tell you these just aren't worth your time. The brand name said it all about the product, they are "Throwouts", which is exactly what I'm concerning doing for the 19 I have left. Spend the $10-15 more and buy a sampler or an off name brand.

By Marc on Jun 12, 2013

Factory Throwouts Number 49 is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 79 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

Is the “wrapper leaf” paper. Looks like my favorite ⛽️ station paper wrappers, but these babies are a better smoke. Just asking

The wrapper on this cigar is all natural tobacco leaf and is not "homogenized wrapper" like what you find on "gas station" cigars.

By Ted on Oct 4, 2018