Factory Throwouts Number 49 Sweet  Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
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Factory Throwouts Number 49 Sweet

From: Factory Throwouts Item #: 33226
2X Deal - 40 Total Cigars
Item is Backordered
Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
Rare & Out of Stock
$39.20 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 20 Cigars
Diameter 49 Ring
Length 5 1/2 Inches
Origin United States
Packaging Bundle
Shape Regular
Strength Medium
Wrapper Sungrown

Made in Tampa by the J.C. Newman cigar company, Factory Throwouts are crafted using Ecuadorian Sungrown Wrappers over aged Dominican filler tobaccos for an extraordinary value smoke with rich, full flavor. These even-burning, smooth-smoking sticks are perfect for a great "everyday" cigar at an affordable price.

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By Donald on May 18, 2023

By Donald on May 18, 2023

I buy several bundles of cigars a year from best cigars. The people are always super nice to deal with. The customer service people are great. They will help you any way they can to make sure you are satisfied.

By Gerald on May 17, 2023

Great cigar for the price

By Stacy on Oct 11, 2022


great taste smooth my go to cigar.

By DANA on Apr 15, 2022

Awesome smoke

Very nice smoke. Good utility cigar. Great price.

By michael on Mar 17, 2022

Great casual smoke

For about a buck a stick, these smoke like more expensive cigars. I like to relax with one while relaxing in my shop and working on odds and ends. Smooth and burn evenly unlike other cigars in the price range.

By David on Mar 15, 2022

factory throwouts

49 sweet great price a 3 beer cigar, ha ha

By Frederick on Mar 3, 2022

By William on Feb 10, 2022

Great smoke

For the price these guys are great for every day smokes.

By Frank on Feb 3, 2022

By Kurt on Dec 30, 2021

Smooth and great tasting

By Kurt on Dec 30, 2021

By Homer on Nov 25, 2021

By Homer on Nov 25, 2021

Factory Throwouts Number 49 Sweet

Love the sweet, mild taste. Cigars hold together while smoking. I mix these with the 99s during the day. The 99s last about 2 hours, so if it close to time to go out or eat, I smoke one of these for shorter time. Great cigars and price can't be beat.

By Kathy on Nov 23, 2021

Not bad for the price

I found these cigars to be mild and with a good flavor. These are one of my consistent "go to" stogies for smoking on the front porch. Can't go wrong for the price.

By Hal on Nov 4, 2021

Notta Throwout

Tried different throwouts and rejects. these are the best

By Ted on Oct 14, 2021

Factory throughouts

These cigars rival thr far more expensive brands. Just as good in taste.

By Hal on Oct 12, 2021

By Tim on Sep 14, 2021

fine cigar. great price

By mike on Sep 10, 2021

Great cigar for the price

Great cigar. Burns nice and even. Mild in flavor. Shipping was fast and prices were very good.

By jeremy on Sep 9, 2021

My Guilty Pleasure

I can't believe these Factory Throwouts #49 Sweets are only a little more than a buck each. Who cares if the color of the Ecuadorian wrapper leaf isn't uniform? Not me. The Dominican blend is tasty, mild, and burns easy. It takes about forty-five unrushed minutes to fully enjoy a good stick. Highly recommend.

By Daniel on Sep 2, 2021

good cigar

very good cigar

By robert on Sep 2, 2021

Great quality product

This cigar is an excellent cigar and very cost friendly. Processing and shipping is very easy and fast.

By Gretchen on Aug 17, 2021

Factory throw out sweets

These cigars are reasonable in price yet are good quality.

By Hal on Aug 3, 2021

Great Deal! - Great Taste!

By J on Jun 29, 2021

Good Replacement

Purchased this size because Churchill size was not available.

By Joe on Jun 14, 2021

throwouts order

Better price than when I bought them at a local Retailer. Also fresher.

By JAMES on Jun 10, 2021

By mark on Jun 1, 2021

Factory Throwoutsts

Great for an everyday smoke.

By Gary on May 17, 2021

Love these

These cigars are great! They light easily and burn evenly, and the taste is mild and smooth.

By Jo on Apr 29, 2021

By jamie on Mar 4, 2021

Factory Throwouts Number 49 Sweet

I love these cigars. The taste is mild. The cigars do not come apart like some. And they last much longer than my previous brand. And the price is great. So glad my daughter found these. Thanks

By Kathy on Feb 11, 2021

Good inexpensive smokes, Great customer service!

By Douglas on Feb 11, 2021

By Jimmy on Nov 26, 2020

factory throwouts #49 sweet

I have been smoking factory throwouts #49 and #59 sweets for many years.they have a mild full taste ,and you can't beat the price!

By Terry on Nov 3, 2020

Great Cheap Smoke

Sure, you're not gonna read about these in your favorite stogie mag, but what do you expect from a cigar called "throwout"? Great for chompin' on while mowing the lawn, washing the car, or any other time you feel like burning a stick instead of $$ 'cause you're otherwise occupied and don't have the time to sit back and savor. Fairly consistent construction, decent burn and draw, though every now and then you can get some tunneling or find one that's a bit too tight. Nice medium flavor and the sweet tip helps smooth things out a bit. Used to smoke the regulars but found I like this a little better about the sweets. Aroma is OK (remember "throwout") but I don't have people asking me if I'm trying to smoke something Fido left laying in the yard either. Hard to beat for the price.

By Steve on Oct 26, 2020


love these cigars. they fit into my current income level. i like the sweet aroma and taste. they are perfect for timing my breaks at work. also a good casual cigar while watching a game on tv.

By james on Oct 8, 2020

Good cheap smokes

These are good for someone that likes to smoke cigars all day, they won’t break the bank

By Karl on Aug 18, 2020

By John on Jun 30, 2020

Excellent smoke

Great every day smoke,smooth and sweet! Great for the budget also. Enjoy !😎

By John on Jun 30, 2020

Factory Throwouts #49 Sweet Bundle

Great value cigars! Will definitely purchase again!

By Ron on Jun 28, 2020


Good daily smoke

By Roger on May 12, 2020

Pleasing tweeter

Enjoy something close to the #99 smoke volume, with close to the modest size of #59. Very high quality cigars for a low price.

By Richard on May 5, 2020

great price, fast shipping

This is by far the best cigar site on the internet. Prices are reasonable, rewards program is great, and shipping is fast!

By brian on Apr 16, 2020

Cigar Lighter

The cigars are fine but I recently bought a torch lighter. It worked 3 times and now won’t work at all.

By Lee on Mar 31, 2020

Factory Throwouts #49 Sweet

These cigars are smooth. mild, and sweet! They are ideal for the casual cigar smoker, and the ladies seem to like their aroma. I will buy them again.

By JAMES on Jan 23, 2020

By Charles on Nov 7, 2019

By Charles on Nov 7, 2019

By Paricia on Nov 6, 2019

Great Everyday Smoke!

Great, cheap, everyday smoke. Not too sweet but just the right amount of flavor. Some were a hard draw but nothing rolling them through your fingers wouldn't fix to loosen them up.

By Shawn on Jul 25, 2019

By Paricia on Jun 20, 2019

By Jason on Jun 6, 2019

Every day smoke

I found these online and have been smoking them for years now. Great every day cigar. Burns well and evenly. Great price too!

By Robert on May 6, 2019

By Richard on Apr 30, 2019

Great Flavor!

As the title said, factory seconds are just that about half are made well and the other half usually get tossed(:

By John on Feb 19, 2019

Working persons smoke

Good working man smoke. Inexpensive for the person smoking while working outside.

By Jon on Jan 17, 2019

Factory throwouts #49 sweet

These cigars are the same quality and taste of the #59,I buy these when the 59 is out of stock

By Terry on Jan 1, 2019

Great smoke

Always go with the best from best cigar prices .com!!

By Victor on Nov 27, 2018

Good Smokes

Great cigar for every day can't beat the price

By Darrell on Oct 18, 2018

can't beat it for the money. My favorite

By D on Oct 4, 2018


For the price great Cigar

By Tim on Jul 24, 2018

huff n puff

Very satisfied with customer service and product. Can't beat the price for an everyday cigar.

By Andrew on Jul 21, 2018

Darn tasty cigar!

I was skeptical of these at first but the second I held it and lit it up I knew I was holding my new favorite. Very mild, not too much nicotine harshness and a sweet wrapper. Even burn, long ash, tasty to the last little bit. Excellent cigar, I will buy many more.

By David on Jul 12, 2018

By rick on Jun 28, 2018

By rick on Jun 28, 2018

By Donna on Jun 12, 2018

Good price

These are pretty good smokes for a very reasonable price.

By Larry on Apr 5, 2018

Good price

These are pretty good smokes for a very reasonable price.

By Larry on Apr 5, 2018

Factory Throwout 49 sweet

Usually a good smoke. Occasionally difficult draw, I would say about 10% of the units. Some side burning, and occasional stems, but overall a good inexpensive everyday smoke.

By Larry on Jan 25, 2018

Smoking em

I have smoked these for 9yrs. Can't beat em for the price

By Steven on Dec 7, 2017

By Lynn on Oct 14, 2017


unusual good tasting cigar for the price

By Bob on Jun 29, 2017

Great reasonably priced cigar

I have tried them all and I would compare this one to Romeo and Juliet

By Larry on Jun 27, 2017

Factory Throwouts Number 49 Sweet

These cigars are just what i was looking for. Mild, sweet, and the price is right.

By Peter on Jan 18, 2017

Good daily smoke

If you like to smoke daily and you have a budget this is the perfect smoke. Yes it is sweet.

By Jay on Oct 16, 2016

Mike D

This is my daily "go to" cigar. The taste is great, and the price is affordable. I would suggest this cigar to any one that likes flavored cigars. I

By Michael on May 21, 2015

49 throwouts sweet bundles

excellent value, great service.

By Larry on May 21, 2015

Good taste for right price.

These throwouts are a good buy for the flavor.

By Sharon on Sep 25, 2014


Throwouts, I don't think so , these are keepers!

By John on Aug 13, 2014

No 49 sweet

Nice and mild. sweet gum on the tip. Good cheap smoke.

By Vincent on Aug 12, 2014

Everyday smoke

I do believe these cigars have to be the best inexpensive cigars out there. If you are looking for a cigar to smoke while you are out working in the yard or piddling around the house these are it. Burns well, good flavor and easy draw.

By lane on Aug 12, 2014

A simple taste of sweet

An inexpensive sweet treat for anytime of the day or night!

By Brad on Jul 2, 2014

Daily Smoke

An inexpensive daily smoke! Good flavor that stays lit and burns well.

By Brad on May 25, 2014

Factory Throwouts Number 49 Sweet is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 84 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

Is this cigar considered a Robusco or Toro as to the size. Just asking

This size is closer to a Corona, although the ring gauge is a bit on the larger size than the typical corona's.

By Teddy on May 24, 2018

Are these cigars machine made?

Yes, the Factory Throwouts are all machine made cigars.

By Jerrod on Sep 4, 2014