Factory Throwouts Number 59 Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
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Factory Throwouts Number 59

From: Factory Throwouts Item #: 8892
$40.40 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 20 Cigars
Diameter 45 Ring
Length 6 1/4 Inches
Origin United States
Packaging Bundle
Shape Regular
Strength Medium
Wrapper Sungrown

Made in Tampa by the J.C. Newman cigar company, Factory Throwouts are crafted using Ecuadorian Sungrown Wrappers over aged Dominican filler tobaccos for an extraordinary value smoke with rich, full flavor. These even-burning, smooth-smoking sticks are perfect for a great "everyday" cigar at an affordable price.

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Great product value.

By Lillian on Feb 1, 2024

By angel on Jan 16, 2024

By Chris on Jan 10, 2024

By Wayne on Jan 2, 2024

By Jeff on Nov 16, 2023

Worth it!!

This is a great smoke at a bargain price!

By Jose on Oct 31, 2023

Great price

Great price for the quality item

By Brad on Oct 31, 2023

inexpensive every day cigar

By Andrew on Oct 5, 2023

Olivia Review

It was okay...i would say a good value cigar

By SpeedPro on Oct 5, 2023

So far not so good

Purchased cigars and cigar cutter 2wks ago still waiting for both. Charged me $8.+ for shipping the 2 dollar cutter. Not a good startI Once I receive product I'll be glad to do this again.

By John on Aug 17, 2023

By Tom on Jul 25, 2023

By Larry on Jul 11, 2023

A Great Everyday-er

Nice everyday stick for the beach and lawn work. Great flavor and even burn

By Wayne on Jun 15, 2023

Not bad

Not a bad smoke so far. Will order again.

By Jeremiah on May 16, 2023

By Keith on May 4, 2023

Better than expected.

I love this cigar. If it had a bigger ring size it would be on the top of my list .

By tommy on Apr 12, 2023

They are great. Mild and just right.

By DONALD on Apr 4, 2023

Good value for the dollar

By Scott on Mar 29, 2023

Nice Cigar

Very nice Cigar. Like the way they smoked.

By Michael on Mar 25, 2023

By Tim on Mar 21, 2023


Poor quality, bad taste, does not burn well, we will never buy it again.

By Pavel on Feb 28, 2023

By Gregory on Jan 20, 2023

By Michael on Jan 13, 2023

By Russell on Jan 3, 2023

Factory Throwouts 59 6 1/4x45

I know why you call them throw outs, that is what would do. I have tried to smoke 3 of them so far and have unable to get through any of them. I have thrown each one of them away. I will not EVER buy another one and will never recommend to my enemies to try one. I will stick with the Quorams for my every day smoke.

By Nick on Dec 6, 2022

Great cigar for the money

By borden on Dec 6, 2022

By Martin on Nov 22, 2022

By Eugene on Nov 15, 2022

By gary on Jul 26, 2022

Good cigar, great price.

By Stephen on Jun 30, 2022

Your packages arrive on time and in a good box. Thanx!

By Clifford on Apr 19, 2022


Always enjoy this medium long lasting good tasting well priced cigar.

By randall on Apr 5, 2022

#49 burn better than #59

Bought here rather than local cigar shop. 50% less in price. Both need just very tip cut to preserve integrity of cigar. Very moist and difficult to cleanly cut otherwise. I prefer the burn & draw of the 49. For the price, an awesome cheap cigar. I don’t recommend the 59, star rating is for the 49.

By Joseph on Mar 10, 2022

Cigar 19

Good value for everyday smoke

By Steven on Mar 1, 2022

WO Dimi Tips

Tips are pack so tight that you can't draw, out of the last box of
50 I had to throw away 12 cigars

By PAUL on Jan 27, 2022

Hey husband loves them

By Christine on Jan 20, 2022

So so

Considering the price, these were OK. I’m not sure I’d buy them on a continual basis but they’re good for golfing.

By jim on Jan 18, 2022

No good

Very hard, I can hardly get the to draw,no more for me

By Bobby on Jan 11, 2022

By Ryan on Dec 30, 2021

By Michelle on Nov 9, 2021

Factory throwouts are great

These cigars are great. They sometimes burn uneven, but I've had $10 cigars fall apart while smoking. They have a mild flavor & smooth finish. Well worth it to me.

By Thomas on Oct 8, 2021

By Tim on Sep 14, 2021

Factory Throwouts Number 59

I've always found thee bundles to be a great value for a smooth smoking cigar.

By Woodrow on Aug 26, 2021

Produce Review of cigars

good for lighting fireworks other then that horrible

By GForce on Aug 12, 2021

By harold on Jul 27, 2021

Great Smoke

Surprisingly good cigar for the money.

By Robin on Jul 15, 2021

By Andrew on Jun 30, 2021

Good flavor

For the money, these cigars are great! The taste is nice and smooth, light to medium body. The wrapper is a little weak and cracks when you cut it so make sure to have a high humidity setting!

By Will on Jun 29, 2021

My old-and-new favorites

The 59 throw-away is perfect. Dominican, an easy-going smoke, very, very mild, and it lights up easily. Low maintenance. A good smoke, and a good companion on my long walks.

By Douglas on Jun 15, 2021

good taste good value

By Richard on Apr 13, 2021

Cigar Review

This is not a bad cigar for the price!

By Michael on Apr 11, 2021


Decent cigar for friends who don't know cigars

By steven on Feb 19, 2021

Throwout 49

Have been buying these from best cigars for some time now they have always been fresh and packaged well im very satisfied with best cigars thank you

By Robert on Feb 9, 2021

For the money great smoke

By Jerry on Jan 7, 2021

A good every day smoke

Cigars just plain went out of sight in pricing. I used to smoke the Fuente 858 but a box went from $42 to $142, I smoke most all day every day and I could not afford these any longer obviously. I have been around the cigar world from Punch to AF and I keep coming back to these. There are others I prefer but this cigar seems to have most of what I want and need. Decent burn and flavor and affordable.

By john on Oct 24, 2020

value priced

these cigars are perfect for me. great taste and value. dependable 'burn'. will purchase again.

By james on Oct 8, 2020

Great cigars

Very smooth
Love them for the price

By Ron on Sep 15, 2020

Excellent bargain and taste

I got these just to pad out my order but they turned out to be the stars. Tight, clean wrapper. Unconventional flavor, but I like it. Reminds me of pine with a touch of mesquite. A great slow smoke for hot summer evenings in the southwest. Going to stock up.

By H on Sep 3, 2020

Worse Cigars ever

I purchased these cigars because of the good reviews but let me tell it was a mistake. Hard draw and tasteless even after a week in my humidor. This Factory Thowouts are going to the garbage

By Jose on Aug 30, 2020

Outstanding cigars for the price.

By Garrison on Aug 4, 2020

Can’t find anything wrong

These cigars are smooth and mellow. For the price, they can’t be beat. I can’t find any flaws, I don’t know why they are Factory Throwouts.

By Daniel on Jun 19, 2020

Factory reject

Good cigars at great price

By Andy on Jun 2, 2020

Best value

Smooth smoke,best value.

By Andrew on Apr 21, 2020

Factory Throwouits #59

Definitely a factory 2nd for a very premium cigar … some are excellent... some burn a little goofy - but great value...

By George on Apr 16, 2020


Love these sweet factory throwout for their taste and relative low price. Highly recommended

By Richard on Mar 24, 2020

Good smoking

They’re actually pretty good cigars, at a price I don’t think twice about smoking one every day or so.

By Mark on Oct 8, 2019

By Michael on Oct 8, 2019

Recent order

Best Cigar Prices continues to deliver fresh, quality cigars. Specifically, this bundle. Great taste and value.

By Michael on Oct 3, 2019

Nice daily cigar

Great price

By james on Sep 12, 2019

Best dael

Very good cigar for a good price

By Ron on Sep 10, 2019

By Dan on Sep 5, 2019


good cigar for the money

By William on Aug 1, 2019

Pretty dang awesome

Great for my walk every night. A budget deal!!!

By Jim on Jun 25, 2019

Factory throwouts 59

Good smoke for the price

By David on Mar 28, 2019

throw out good cigar for price

For the price they are good

By gary on Feb 20, 2019

Factory throwouts #59

These are a great smoke ,I order them occasionally but only if 59 sweet are out of stock

By Terry on Jan 1, 2019

By Dennie on Dec 13, 2018

By Haydar on Nov 23, 2018

By Robert on Jun 21, 2018

Great Buy

These cigars are absolutely terrific for the price. So good, I want to keep them a secret.

By William on Feb 15, 2018

By Lynn on Oct 14, 2017

By Rob on Sep 29, 2017


What a pleasant surprise this smoke is! I'm usually not a fan of sandwich smokes but this cigar is pretty good. Burns great and smells good too. Have to spit out a cigar bits from time to time but well worth the price!

By John on Aug 22, 2017

its a good smoke for the money and I don't mind sharing with friends

By Nathan on Feb 2, 2017

By Hubert on Jan 3, 2017

Pretty Good

It's a great cheap smoke. Construction varies highly but it's a "get what you pay for" situation that isn't a total waste

By Devin on Dec 8, 2016

Worth It!

Cap issues. That is the only thing bad to say about this ugly duckling. Taste is very good, not real strong but still pleasing enough. A little too mild for my liking, but if you are a fast smoker like me it does the trick and without getting bitter.
This cigar handles a cut and relight with ease.
actually left a cut one out for a week and it was still a very god smoke.
The last 2 fer I got from BCP have plume on most of them.
I smoke the s#%t out of these things, 4 to 6 a day, if you don't keep some in your Humi then you are missing out on a great everday jewel IMO.

By scott on Aug 31, 2015

Surprisingly tasty smoke

The draw and burn was even, the taste somewhat Ashton like, and the aftertaste palatable.

By Carl on Jul 23, 2015

Factory Throwouts

Don't let the throwouts fool you. As someone who smokes daily this is an honest cigar, full, yet not overwhelming and the price is fabulous!

By Susan on Jun 4, 2015

Not bad is pretty good

These bundle cheapies have become the backbone of my smoking -- inexpensive enough to afford, tasty enough to enjoy. Retired guys live a life of constant frugality and these smokes have filled an important niche. Go-to smoke. Unlike a lot of cheap bundles, they never tunnel or canoe. Flavor is just fine, middle-of-the-road strong, tasty enough, but without detectable [to me] hints of myrrh, patchouli, guanabana, or orrisroot that guys find in cigars. Helluva deal at the price.

By Pat on Feb 5, 2015

Great shop cigar

Good cigar in the work shop or beach

By Mark on Sep 4, 2014

Just ok

Nothing special

By Noel on Aug 26, 2014

Factory throw outs # 59

Nothing fancy, just a great working persons cigar. Even though this is a throwout the flavor is consistent, smooth and mild. For less than 1.00 each I mind sharing and well worth very penny!

By Susan on Aug 12, 2014


Not great but not terrible either.

By Noel on Aug 12, 2014

Great everyday cigar

Been buying these for several years and I enjoy them every time. Great mild to moderate flavor. Burns well, but not perfectly even and slow like a 12 dollar cigar. Flavor is not highly complex, but still very good. I recommend these to all my friends for an everyday smoke. Fantastic value.

By Mark on Aug 13, 2013


The appearance of the cigar is rough. Some are discolored or some have a slightly rough edge, but that is to be expected due to the factory throw out. Other then that, this is a very nice cigar. Full of flavor that is not too one dimensional. Great for an every day smoke.

By Paul on Apr 19, 2013

Factory Throwouts Number 59 is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 96 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

Are these made with long filler tobacco?

These are mixed filler

By William on Nov 10, 2021

looking for a mild, well constructed, connecticut wrapper. a cigar that burns evenly. does this qualify?

These specific cigars are made with a sungrown wrapper, that is the closest to a connecticut wrapper that this brand offers.

By michael on Jan 27, 2021

I like a sweet med to bold stick would these Qualify?

The Factory Throwouts Number 59 Sweets is a great cigar for those who want a solid medium bodied smoke with a bit of sweetness.

By Patrick on Jun 3, 2019