Factory Throwouts Number 59 Sweet Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
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Factory Throwouts Number 59 Sweet

From: Factory Throwouts Item #: 14495
$40.40 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 20 Cigars
Diameter 45 Ring
Length 6 1/4 Inches
Origin United States
Packaging Bundle
Shape Regular
Strength Medium
Wrapper Sungrown

Made in Tampa by the J.C. Newman cigar company, Factory Throwouts are crafted using Ecuadorian Sungrown Wrappers over aged Dominican filler tobaccos for an extraordinary value smoke with rich, full flavor. These even-burning, smooth-smoking sticks are perfect for a great "everyday" cigar at an affordable price.

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Great budget bundle

Great starter/ budget smoke.

I hand these out to those who haven't had a cigar before to give them a nice introduction to cigars.

Tastes nice and sweet, like natural tobacco and whole wheat bread. Doesn't offend at all.

By Exavior on Mar 5, 2024

Great smoke

Really great for the pricd

By Cody on Nov 3, 2023

dood cigars

By Andrew on Oct 5, 2023

Great Smoke/Great Value

GREAT VALUE - Good smoke, mild and sweet. Great for the golf course to.

By Tom on Aug 11, 2023

By James on Jun 20, 2023

By Donald on May 18, 2023

Awesome cigar

The most cost friendly and flavorful cigar I smoke. Being a female cigar smoker it’s a perfect size and gage!!

By karen on Feb 16, 2023

BFT59 Best flavored Tobacco in this Sweet 59

Love this cigar. Moderately priced, great flavor, lasting cigar!

By randall on Dec 27, 2022

Great Cigar

With cigar prices skyrocketing, this is a great smoke for a great price. If you haven’t tried them try both the sweet and the regular. They are quality smokes

By Rick on Oct 19, 2022

By James on Oct 7, 2022

Great Prices

Always great prices here.

By Robert on Sep 29, 2022

Great little cigars

I discovered these a few years ago, and they are still my go-to cigar, when I want something flavorful and dependable. Don't let the low price fool you. These are great cigars, just with a few (unnoticeable) flaws. Oh, and even at 45 gauge, they give you a nice long smoke.

By Hal on Aug 18, 2022

Great Buy

This Cigar has great taste on the sweeter side, great value for the price!

By Tamara on Jul 26, 2022

very satisfied


By Brad on Jun 28, 2022

1 of the packs were extremely dry. After 2 weeks in my humidifier, they were still extremely dry.

By Keith on Apr 21, 2022


sweet tip not sweet throughout still worth its money will order again also the outer layer does unravel a bit but see this on lots of different one for my price range

By Rob on Mar 22, 2022

Cigar 7

Good every day smoke.

By Steven on Mar 1, 2022

Factory throw out

Sweet smoke

By Andy on Feb 22, 2022

By Kurt on Dec 30, 2021

Like em, will enjoy again.

By Earl on Dec 23, 2021

You get what you pay for.

The flavor is pretty good, but the drag it’s horrible.

By Adam on Oct 28, 2021

By Robert on Aug 12, 2021

By william on Jun 15, 2021

Dry & hard

There’s better deals here. I’d avoid these in the future

By Joseph on Mar 23, 2021

good cigar

these are the best smokes you can buy for the money

By robert on Jan 21, 2021

Smooth Draw

Sweat to taste with a easy smooth draw. Well worth the time to enjoy

By Ted on Nov 17, 2020

great value

great cigar for the money

By lynn on Nov 3, 2020

Great Cigars

Great cigars. Great service. Cigars always arrive in a timely manner.

By Lee on Oct 15, 2020

Sweet and tasty, but...

...I guess because they're "throwout," some are quite difficult to draw. Still, a great value purchase

By Richard on Jul 14, 2020

By DANE on may 17, 2020

Great cigar real smooth love them.

By DANA on May 17, 2020

factory throwouts #59

By Tom on Dec 26, 2019

By Dan on Sep 5, 2019

By Paulette on Sep 3, 2019

Factory throw outs 59 sweets

Very good product. Good flavor and always mild

By richard on Aug 22, 2019

By Dennis on Jan 23, 2019

Factory Throwouts #59 sweet Cigars

I really enjoy these cigars ,mild ,sweet and a GREAT value!

By Terry on Jan 1, 2019

Great buy

Love them wife loves them two

By Donald on Sep 18, 2018

Can't beat them !

Been smoking cigars over 30 years . These are the best I've had . Better than the big names and at the prices you just can't beat them .

By Rick on Aug 30, 2018

Great all day cigar

By M. on Mar 20, 2018

By Lynn on Oct 14, 2017

Factory Throwouts Number 59 Sweet

Great smoke at a great price. Perfect for golf and time in the back yard. Smooth and not too sweet.

By Robert on Aug 8, 2017


great value

By Rick on Dec 22, 2016

#59 sweet

a well made good tasting cigar for a great price. they draw a little hard but I will buy more when these are gone.

By eric on Aug 19, 2015

factory throwouts no. 59 sweet

these are the best cigars for the price.can not beat price and quality

By SAM on Jun 25, 2015

Golf course approved

My new golf cigar,very satisfied ,I will buy again

By greg on Apr 19, 2015

Good for price

For the price, if you like a sweet cigar, these are hard to beat. I almost always pick up a bundle, to keep with my other choices. Good daily smoke.

By Robert on Apr 1, 2015

Not bad at all

For the cost, these are excellent daily smokes. If you like a sweet cigar, which doesn't really have any artificial flavoring, and smokes easy, this is a good choice.

By Robert on Mar 14, 2015

My daily!

These are my daily smokes. Im not much of a fan of flavored cigars but sometimes after a stressful day a combined shot of sugar and cigar smoke does the trick. Nice contrast to my top shelfers!

By David on Feb 20, 2015

sweet #59

I didn't know what to expect but after trying these I was very happy and will buy again

By Mark on Dec 22, 2014

Factory Throwouts 59 sweet review

This is as close to the Romeo-Julietta toro I used to smoke as I can get. Since I retired I couldn't afford Romeo's anymore. The 59 sweets are a close second at a fraction of the cost.

By Maurice on Aug 13, 2014

factory throwouts 59 sweet

these are good cigars and are nice and sweet, but you should use a cigar punch instead of a cutter. The tight cap makes it almost impossible to cut. They are a change of pace and probably a 30 minute burn. Flavor is sweet and good.

By B on Apr 6, 2013

Smoooth... Sweet Surprise

My introduction to these little beauties was a matter of not finding what I came to the shop for. My continued return for a fresh bundle is a matter of extreme pleasure and contentment with their consistent high quality... 40 to 50 minutes of uninterrupted smooth, faintly sweet draw... and HIGH LEVEL OF VALUE smoke for the price (enhanced greatly since finding them here for HALF of total investment at the local shop...).

Here's a bullet-point breakdown of these "throw outs":
PACKAGING - clear cellophane wrapped bundle of 20 (each cigar is individually wrapped, as well.

APPEARANCE - a complete NON-issue for this enjoyer of a fine smoke, but don't expect to "WOW" your friends and neighbors with their initial presentation (see "packaging"). NOTE: I remove them from the bundle pack, and place them in a couple of wood-lined "Partagas" presentation boxes for freshness and personal aesthetics in the den.

NOTE: These fine smokes are sold as "factory throw-outs" because of inconsistent coloration of the Dominican single-leaf wraps. Aw Shucks.

"Smoke-ABILITY" - After a clip of the end (or just use a finish nail and poke a 1.5" hole... the den is a work in progress, and I can't find the cutter my wife brought back from Greece)... these 6 1/4" pleasurestiks take a light easily. They are suited best for a set-aside time of relaxation, burning slow and even for almost an hour of restive, unhurried draw. I do occasionally have to encourage the embers with a short relight (due to the pace of draw more than any anomaly of the craftsmanship).

NOTE: Unlike many other cigars, these do lend themselves fairly pleasantly to a tap out and relight later in the day -

FLAVOR - There is a hint of "sweetness" in the initial light-up and first few draws. The balance of the 40-50 minutes of relaxation are smooth, completely UNbiting and consistent. Utterly CONSISTENT.

VALUE - I personally have found "FACTORY THROW OUTS #59" to be a very welcomed addition to arsenal of relaxation.
-CM Sackett-

By Chip on Feb 5, 2013

Factory Throwouts Number 59 Sweet is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 52 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

How much does this cigars weigh?

A single bundle of 20 cigars weighs 0.60lbs.

By Hyungseok on Jun 2, 2022

Are these Factory 59 Sweet, Suger tipped, if not why are they sweet?

Factory 59 Sweets do have a sugar-coated tip for an extra hint of sweetness.

By Dennis on Feb 9, 2011