Factory Throwouts Number 99 Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
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Factory Throwouts Number 99

From: Factory Throwouts Item #: 19281
2X Deal - 40 Total Cigars
Item is Backordered
Bundle - 20 Total Cigars
1-2 Week Backordered
1 Cigar
In Stock
$48.40 MSRP
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About This Cigar
Count 20 Cigars
Diameter 52 Ring
Length 7 1/4 Inches
Origin United States
Packaging Bundle
Shape Regular
Strength Medium
Wrapper Sungrown

Made in Tampa by the J.C. Newman cigar company, Factory Throwouts are crafted using Ecuadorian Sungrown Wrappers over aged Dominican filler tobaccos for an extraordinary value smoke with rich, full flavor. These even-burning, smooth-smoking sticks are perfect for a great "everyday" cigar at an affordable price.

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The cigars are fresher than the ones I purchased at the brick and mortar store

By Stephen on May 16, 2023

By Russell on Mar 30, 2023

First Time Purchase

I'm always leery of the first time I use a new site even after looking at reviews. I can honestly say that my first transaction with Best Cigar prices went smooth as silk. Easy to order; Great service; Items received in a timely fashion. The cigars are my husbands favorite go to on a daily basis and he was very pleased with the freshness and quality. The price was a great value. Will certainly be a long time user of this online service.

By Susan on Mar 15, 2023

great cigars

have been ordering these for many months- love the cigar and price on throwouts. keep 'em coming. thanks

By randy on Feb 1, 2023

Factory Throwouts # 99

Bought these for my husband. He seems to like them pretty well

By Becky on Jan 19, 2023

#99?throw outs

Nice economical smoke

By Ricky on Nov 6, 2022

Thanks guys

By Carl on Oct 13, 2022

these cigars are the best value for the price for an everyday cigar and also great on the golf course

By Michael on Apr 19, 2022



By Dennis on Apr 6, 2022

Great value

These are a good smoke for anytime. They're budget friendly but don't seem cheap.

By Dwight on Mar 31, 2022

By William on Mar 15, 2022

Factory Throwouts

My husband loves these! Well worth the money!

By Darlene on Feb 22, 2022

Mild 'N Mellow

A very mild and mellow smoke that will get you about 90 minutes of relaxation. Not a lot of smoke, mild tobacco flavor. The final 2 thirds are definitely more enjoyable and produces more smoke than the first third. Good stick for the beginner with 90 minutes to burn. Draw was easy and burn fairly even. Did not need to touch up or relight between 30 to 45 second puffs.

By Ron on Jan 20, 2022

By Ken on Jan 13, 2022

Factory Throwouts

I have been smoking these cigars for years. The quality of construction has gone down in the last year. A lot of the cigars are so tight You cannot draw through them.

By John on Dec 16, 2021

Great for yhe price

You are excellent for throwaway cigars are usually cut them in half for when I’m on the run or I’m out at a party and I want to go sit in a corner and just smoke a little bit of wine at the affordable price you don’t mind snapping it out and leaving it

By phil on Dec 2, 2021

By Joe on Nov 9, 2021

By Joe on Nov 9, 2021

Very predictable, consistent

I've smoked thousands of these over the years. Taste is always reliable and expected, everytime

By Benjamin on Oct 26, 2021

Factory Throwouts Number 99 Sweet

Great deal, great price. Love the mild, sweet taste. These last me for two hours and are enjoyable the entire time. Per my husband, Charlie. Thanks

By Kathy on Oct 7, 2021

Great everyday cigar

Good cigar for when working

By Rick on Sep 30, 2021

Great everyday cigar

Great cigar for everyday use

By Rick on Sep 30, 2021

Factory Throwouts

Quality control has been down lately !!!

By John on Sep 28, 2021

Great smoke

These cigars are a great addition to any cigar lineup, be it high end or more budget friendly. More "accepts" than "rejects".

By Dwight on Jun 15, 2021

Inexpensive Churchills

A fine cigar for the money.

By Kenneth on Jun 5, 2021

By Edward on Apr 29, 2021

#59, #99 factory throwouts

Great value. I used to smoke Macanudos at $8 a cigar until the cigar store owner suggested that I try these.

By Stephen on Feb 9, 2021

Great cigar for the price

By Nick on Jan 28, 2021

Very good

Really enjoy these cigars. Have been ordering them for several years.

By Carl on Dec 3, 2020

Everyday Smoke

I think they are pretty decent sticks for the price. Good for when you're mowing the lawn or just sitting back with a brew.

By steve on Nov 14, 2020

Good daily smoke

This cigar is my favorite daily smoke. It is long lasting with a smooth flavor.

By Don on Sep 29, 2020

Way tasty

Throwouts because of variations in the roll, but all taste mighty good.

By Richard on Aug 25, 2020


Not for me. It’s like smoking a stale cigarette

By raymond on Aug 6, 2020

Excellent smoke

By nick on Aug 4, 2020

By Vincent on Jul 2, 2020

FTO Number 99

Love these stogies...great every day smoke...sometimes 4 a day!!!

By Andy on Jun 16, 2020

Great After Dinner Smoke

These cigars have it all! Good construction, easy draw, excellent flavor and a great price! Highly recommended.

By William on May 26, 2020

Great Service & Great Cigars!

My friend recommended Best Cigars to me a couple years ago and I have ordered several times with great success. The online team is very helpful in the chat when trying to get my order organized for Canada so if you are Canadian, make sure to speak to the person online since the shopping cart will not check you out because it is only US. No problem, they handle it really well. Cigars always great!

By William on May 19, 2020

Quality 45-55 minute smoke

Pretty even draw. Medium bodied. A little squishy in the middle, but typical for Cuban Sandwich cigars.

By john on May 5, 2020

Factory Throwouts Number 99

Good for the every day smoker.... Especially good for the price...

By Charles on Apr 28, 2020

Best Cigar Prices everyday CIGAR

Well constructed, Fantastic draw, very little canoeing, can smoke these all the down with no heat...

By Gregory on Mar 21, 2020

Great Value.

A fine stick. Burns (relatively) even, and you get a good 45 minutes-an hour out of the churchill.

By john on Jan 28, 2020

good cigar

I have been smoking these cigars for about two years now. They are a good cigar for the price. I love them.

By nathaniel on Jan 7, 2020

By Daniel on Oct 22, 2019

Very Nice Cigar

These cigars may not be the prettiest, but great tobacco make them a really nice smoke!

By Richard on Oct 10, 2019

Wrapper extremely tough. Could not cut with cigar cutter. Otherwise good cigar

By Tommy on Aug 23, 2019

Throwouts 99

My first order with BCP...great!!! Very fresh..and price is right!!! Better value than the local Kwik Trip Tobacco Outlet...will order again very soon!!! Thanks

By Andy on Aug 9, 2019


Great smoke. Smooth and even draw. Can't beat them for the money. My everyday goto.

By Lou on Jul 25, 2019

Factory Throwouts Number 99 71/4 X 52 bundle of 20

For the PRICE "the best cigar on the market" period

By Pat on Jul 16, 2019

By Bernard on Jul 11, 2019

By Bernard on Jul 11, 2019

Not a fan

Draw was ok but flavor was just not there for me. Burn was also uneven.

By Glenn on Jun 6, 2019

Danno the Cigar Man

great budget cigar burn is ok as for the draw some are a hard to draw like others have said but i have draw poker what fixes the problem last 45 - 60 min depending how much you puff on them fast shipping got mine a day early was a happy camper will order again and will recommend this cigar for yah go to cigar trips in the car/ truck or even camping playing cards with yah buddies

By dan on Mar 20, 2019

Factory Throwouts #99

the best cigar for the money

By Pat on Mar 14, 2019

Everybody takes good care of you on the phone

By nick on Nov 1, 2018

Good Daily Cigar

These are a good smoking standard. They burn a little uneven but have a smooth taste.

By Chad on Oct 18, 2018

Happy customer

Cigar is just the right quality for the price

By kenneth on Jun 19, 2018

Happy customer

Cigar is just the right quality for the price

By kenneth on Jun 19, 2018

By Tammy on Mar 20, 2018

Good After Dinner Smoke

I love these cigars after my dinner each night. Good, easy draw and great flavor. At a little over $1 apiece, they're a great value.

By William on Mar 7, 2018

By Darrell on Nov 16, 2017

For the yard!

These are just OK, well constructed but just don't burn well. Some are a hard draw. But this is a good yard work cigar.

By Ron on Oct 25, 2017

My favorite Cigar

After spending way to much money of the years I have found a great Cigar for a much more affordable price. Factory Throwouts #99 from Best Cigar is the best deal I have ever found.

By Rickey on Oct 17, 2017

By derek on Jun 29, 2017

Factory Throwouts Number 99 7 1/4 x 52—Bundle of 20

Haven't received the product yet but my past experience with it has been good. It's the perfect cigar for the golf course or cutting the grass sitting on the riding mower.

By Shane on Jun 15, 2017

Factory Throwouts 99

Good smoke!!! Very good resonable price for quality cigars.

By Tammy on Jun 13, 2017

Great Smoke

My go too cigar for a great value smoke. You can't beat the flavor of a premium cigar at a value price.

By Don on Jun 2, 2017

Party Smokes

I you ever have a party and want to give out cigars this is the way to go.

By Gilbert on Apr 11, 2017

Good cigar for the price.

By Lynn on Mar 7, 2017

Factory Throwouts Number 99

Great cigar for the price

By Dominic on Jan 17, 2017

Best Yet!

Best price & communication I've ever found plus fast shipping. I'll be back!

By Alfred on Jan 8, 2017

factory throwouts #99

good value

By scott on Jan 5, 2017

By Ronald on Dec 27, 2016

Everyday Cigar

Great cigar for the price.

By Rick on Dec 22, 2016

Great for the price

Great cigar for the price.

By Sean on Mar 26, 2015

Brian Kusel

For the price, they are hard to beat

By brian on Oct 14, 2014

factory throwouts #59

these #99's are lawn mowing, watching cars go bye cigars. They burn pretty well and the taste is pretty uneventful, but I liked them. I like a big cigar and if the factory would make this size as sweet as the 59's I think they would have a real winner. I miss the sweet taste of the 59's!!! B.W.

By B on Jul 25, 2013

Factory Throwouts Number 99 is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 77 customer ratings.

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Customer Questions

what do these smell like when burning,

They do have a nice aroma to them and people usually compliment our Customers when they're smoking them

By gerald on Aug 19, 2014