Flor De Las Antillas Sungrown Toro Box-Press SUNGROWN
Flor De Las Antillas Sungrown Toro Box-Press Box - 20 Total Cigars
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Flor De Las Antillas Toro Cigars

From: Flor de las Antillas Item #: 29277
About This Cigar
Count 20 Cigars
Diameter 52 Ring
Length 6 Inches
Origin Nicaragua
Packaging Box
Rating 96
Shape Regular
Strength Medium
Wrapper Sungrown

Rating: 96 by Cigar Aficionado

A tribute to the Pepin familys Cuban cigar heritage, the Flor de Las Antillas is a box-pressed Nicaraguan puro with a sun grown wrapper from the Namanji region of Esteli. Full flavored and well-balanced, these Nicaraguan sticks are smooth, deeply rich, and masterfully constructed.

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(92 Customer Reviews)
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Very Enjoyable

If you like this length, it is a very good cigar.

By Keith on Feb 16, 2023

By Leland on Feb 14, 2023

Excellent standby

One of my favorite standby smokes

By Walton on Feb 7, 2023

Consistent Quality

My go to cigars. Rich & smooth.

By Michael on Dec 1, 2022

Great cigar.

My go to cigar when chilling.

By Stephen on Nov 29, 2022

My #1 daily go to

Still to this day the Flor de las Antillas Sungrown Toro is my favorite overall go to cigar. Medium bodied with great flavor and always seems to burn well. Highly recommend, is a phenomenal value, and never disappoints.

By Adam on Nov 10, 2022

Great Value

Great smoke and I shared these with some buddies. They all really liked them.

By John on Aug 16, 2022

Always Consistent

Great smoke well made

By Eric on Jul 5, 2022

Flor de las Antillas

Excellent cigar. Great value. You can have it as your mid day joy smoke or Saturday after dinner relaxation.

By Vladislav on Jun 23, 2022

Great Flavor + Great Value

My go to cigar. Consistent quality.

By Michael on Jun 2, 2022

Wedding Treat

To be tasted as yet. Ageing nicely.

By Wisdom on May 19, 2022

By Isaac on Jan 25, 2022

By Jim on Dec 9, 2021

Excellent cigar

I bought a lot of these cigars for a 1-2 daily smoke, and will continue to purchase them!

By Lloyd on Nov 2, 2021

By ROBERT on Oct 19, 2021

By Dee on Apr 8, 2021

Never Fail

I discovered Flor the year after it was awarded cigar of the year. I have ordered them regularly since then. I have introduced them to friends who are also now hooked on them. I'm sorry, I have tried others, certainly good, maybe better but, I am assured of the quality of this cigar for me, my taste. It never fails me. I can smoke it from beginning to the very end without a rough taste or dirty flavor as it burns well thru out.

By Mark on Sep 17, 2020

Smooth cigar

I’ve always smoked acid infused cause I didn’t care for a harsh cigar so I started trying others. This one is very smooth and mild. Great cigar.

By chad on Aug 13, 2020

Excellemt smoke

Tried a box of these. Thought they smoked great. Flavor had subtle hints of honey. Will buy again for sure.

By Lance on Aug 7, 2020

Great Pool Side Cigar

Smooth, well constructed, Burns evenly, great flavor

By Phil on Jul 28, 2020

Enjoyable smoke

Great draw, smooth and pleasing. Always enjoy these and love when they are on sale.

By John on May 14, 2020

By Marc on May 14, 2020

By Norman on May 7, 2020

smooth smoke

For the price,this cigar can not be beat. Try by buying just one, and you will be hooked!

By Jon on Apr 29, 2020

Flor De Las Antillas Toro

Great cigar for the price. Nice notes of pepper spice throughout.

By john on Apr 23, 2020


Very nice cigar, not to strong/heavy, very little spice(which i personally do not like). Good burn.

By David on Apr 2, 2020

By Derek on Mar 17, 2020

Flor De Las Antillas Toro - Excellent Smoke

Being a longtime fan of Nicaraguan tobacco, as well as the Pepin Garcia's My Father line, this Flor De Las Antillas hits my personal "sweet spot" smack dab in the center! It has all that deep, deep satisfying "soul food" sort of base flavor profile, but is a bit more "gentle" on the palate than and without the "peppery" accent that is the hallmark of Pepin Garcia vitolas.
It is even burning from start to finish and the draw is quite perfect. Though in this current box (not my first and certainly not my last!) a few sticks have a tendency to require re-lighting toward the last third.
All in all a wonderful, pleasant medium-t0-full bodied cigar that is an absolute pleasure to smoke and to share with friends!

By David on Jan 21, 2020

By Salvador on Jan 21, 2020

Great Cigar!

Good medium body with a consistent smoking experience.

By Steve on Jan 10, 2020


Great cigar

By wyatt on Dec 24, 2019

Great consistency

These are my go to!.. always smooth full of flavor and always consistent.. one of the very best especially for the price!

By johnny on Dec 17, 2019

Great smoke

This is not the first time I’ve purchased these. Great stick for the price. Try them!

By Rick on Nov 7, 2019

excellent every day smoke.

This is my everyday go to cigar, smooth, great taste, easy burn, and here at bestcigarprices.com, the best bang for your buck coming out of Nicaragua.

By arnel on Oct 24, 2019

By Michael on Oct 11, 2019

Great Cigar at a Great Price

A wonderful cigar at a great price that only BCP can offer

By Elesix on Sep 24, 2019

flor de las antillas

A great smoke at a great price

By robert on Sep 6, 2019

Great Cigar - Better Deal

Outstanding cigar, and great customer service.

By Gary on Aug 29, 2019

Great cigar

These are a great smoke! Close to my favorite Fuente.

By Kevin on Aug 27, 2019

New favorite

Smooth, nice slow burn, will put this into my favorites rotation .

By zachary on Jul 9, 2019

Great Cigar - Better Deal

Found these wonderful cigars through a review on Cigar Aficianado. Turned to BCP to fulfill the order, and they arrived promptly and fresh. Would highly recommend both the cigar and BCP again.

By Gary on Jun 4, 2019

Cigar review

Best cigar for me! Your company has the best price as well. Thank You

By Gregory on May 15, 2019

One of my favorites

smooth even smoke

By Albert on Apr 11, 2019

Fantastic cigar, fantastic bargain

These are some of my favorite cigars. I've bought 3-4 boxes over the years and I highly recommend them. Very cuban-esque.

By David on Mar 21, 2019

My Father - Flor de las Antillas

Great smooth testing smoke that burns evenly & Best Cigar has the best price I've found for these.

By EARL on Jan 25, 2019

Great Cigar

I like this cigar when I am playing golf. It will last 9 holes and smokes great to the last draw.

By Ranson on Jan 8, 2019

By Humberto on Nov 25, 2018


Medium and flavorful

By Joe on Nov 22, 2018

By Michael on Oct 30, 2018

Flor De Las Antillas

Good cigar, smooth, good draw. A little milder than I like but good flavor.

By Jim on Oct 30, 2018

The Best

Finally a cigar that tastes and draws the same all the time with no lingering unpleasant after taste. My all time favorite.

By edmond on Oct 9, 2018

Great cigar but hard to find

If you start stocking it again let me know pls.

By Adoni on Oct 9, 2018

By jonathan on Aug 28, 2018

A true deal!

These are the best cigars I've ever had. The only one I smoke anymore.

By Victor on Aug 16, 2018

By Alan on Aug 11, 2018


Slowly becoming my go to cigar!!

By Henry on Jul 26, 2018

A Mighty Fine Cigar

To me, this is just a mighty fine cigar that weighs in at the medium level making it perfect for the deck in the morning with a cup of coffee or evening with a glass of water or even sipping on some Garrison Brothers Bourbon. Oh, inexpensive too. I believe it's time to light one up now!

By Dennis on Jul 24, 2018

Flor de las Antillas

One of my favorite cigars. Tobacco is very refined. A nice, full draw that is airy and creamy throughout. A real treat.

By Steven on Jul 12, 2018

By Steve on Jul 10, 2018

Flor de las Antillas Toro

Excellent in favor & value

By Kirk on May 29, 2018

great cigar

For the price, this cigar outshines many more expensive brands. Never a bad draw or burn. Try the cigar sometime.

By Jon on May 2, 2018

By Dennie on Mar 30, 2018

Still a favorite

Great cigar

By Mark on Mar 15, 2018

By Walter on Aug 29, 2017

By Phil on Jul 14, 2017

By Efraim on Jun 29, 2017

By Larry on May 30, 2017

By Fredric on Apr 26, 2017

Flor de las Antillas

These are currently my favorite cigar. My experience in purchasing from Best Cigar Prices was very good.

By Edward on Apr 19, 2017

By Theodore on Apr 11, 2017

Flor de las Scrumptious

These are wonderful cigars. Easy to smoke everyday, they are smooth and flavor packed. The aroma is bold yet the notes off your tongue are delightful and lasting. A good pairing for any time of the day.

By William on Dec 7, 2016

Perfect Smoke

By William on Dec 6, 2016

flor de las antillas Toro

An excellent high end cigar in taste, aconstriction, and burn.

By William on Aug 15, 2015

outstanding for the price

My Father is a favorite of mine since I first tried them. flor de las antillos is one of the best in all catagories. The flavor is very good with out being over the top.The price point is reasonable for a cigar of this caliber.

By George on Aug 2, 2015

Nice Cigar

Really nice cigar for the money.

By Philip on Jun 25, 2015

New Favorite

Price, delivery, & ease of ordering were exceptional .

By Michael on Jun 25, 2015

Flor de las Antillas Toro

For a beginner cigar aficionado, the Flor de las Antillas Toro was a pleasurable cigar with a great flavor from the start to the finish.

By christopher on Jun 12, 2015

flor be las antillas

Premium cigar from my father cigars. Sun grown, full bodied, but smooth. Box pressed; Some spice on draw but a sweetness on exhale, ie, cocoa or cedar. A very different flavor than anything else. Great value!

By William on May 22, 2015

G. Harvell

Very good cigar

By Grady on May 7, 2015

You can’t go wrong…

Liking a particular cigar, or not so much is a personal choice. Flor de las Anrillas Toro has been my cigar of choice when needing a gift, everyone likes it!

By Thomas on Apr 23, 2015

Flor de las Antillas Toro

My Fathers Cigar has become my favorite after work and relax time smoke. For $6, I have the taste and aroma of a much more expensive smoke. Along with the Oliva Series V Mel, a great cigar!

By Gary on Apr 16, 2015

Great value

Excellent value in a cigar.

By John on Mar 20, 2015

My Favorite Cigar

While I've only been smoking cigars for a few years now, this cigar is by far one of my favorites! Smooth, full and always seem to burn great. I recommend these to anyone who asks for a good cigar.

By Daniel on Mar 19, 2015

Great smoke at any time of the day

I truly enjoy this cigar since it provides me the perfect balance of smoking a milder cigar that still has the taste and zest of a stronger smoke. It draws a nice puff every time and is well constructed. It providuces an even burn and a nice white ash to prove it. If you want to take a break from your stronger cigars, but not give up the taste that may be lacking from a milder smoke, then this is the cigar for you. And, that makes it a perfect cigar treat for any time of the day.

By Mark on Oct 28, 2014

Good Smoke!

Decent draw and mild to medium flavor. Overall, a good cigar for the price.

By Nick on Sep 4, 2014



By kelly on Aug 12, 2014



By kelly on Aug 12, 2014

Worth every penny!

This is a smooth, even-smoking vitola, with a real Habano flavor profile. My go to smoke with a dram of Laphroig, or Lagavulin scotch.

By Robert on Aug 12, 2014

Relaxing smoke

A mild, creamy smoke with no harsh flavors. It deserves the high rating given by CA, especially for appearance and construction. The flavor of the smoke from beginning to end remains the same. It burns evenly and the ash hangs on (precisely and firmly rolled). As an experienced cigar smoker who likes maduro wrappers, it does not have much of a cocoa/coffee note. It's a pleasant smoking cigar if you want a change from robust and flavorful cigars.

By Willie on Jun 11, 2014

My favorite Cigar

This cigar won the 2012 cigar of the year from cigar aficionado so I tried one and they have been a staple in my humidor ever since. I smoke gran cantidad’s more often because of the price but when I have a special occasion to celebrate this is my choice.

By Phil on May 29, 2014

florida de las

Can't remember. Only smoked one.

By Carl on May 24, 2014


This is a fantastic stick!!! Especially for the money, it's one of the best cigars I have had. Nice and spicy. Not too heavy. Definitely recommend this cigar.

By Grant on Aug 5, 2013

Flor De Las Antillas Sungrown Toro Box-Press is rated 5 out of 5 based on 92 customer ratings.

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