Isla Del Sol Churchill 1 Cigar
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Isla Del Sol Churchill

From: Isla Del Sol Item #: 55851
$4.86 MSRP - 12% OFF
About This Cigar
Count 1 Cigar
Length 7 Inches
Diameter 50 Ring
Flavor Coffee
Origin Nicaragua
Packaging Stick
Shape Regular
Strength Mild-medium Bodied
Wrapper Sumatra
Using a creamy, chocolate-brown, sun-blessed Sumatra wrapper, as well as premium Nicaraguan tobaccos, Drew Estate has continued to push the envelope of the notion of the traditional cigar with Isla Del Sol. Each one of the Nicaraguan filler leaves in Isla Del Sol has been infused with premium Sumatra coffee, making for a truly unique and brilliantly flavorful smoking experience.

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Not impressed

Keep in mind I don't really like flavored cigars with the exception of Tatianas, Tabak Especial, and Java. Regardless, I didn't think these were very good. Do yourself a favor a pay a little more for the Tabak Especial, or better yet the Java. Both are worthy of their price ranges.

By Steve on May 23, 2014

Great cigar

The best morning cigar ever! It is a must in my golf bag...the flavor is great, the draw is easy, and the aroma is amazing. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

By Thomas on Apr 16, 2015

Good Flavor

Nice easy smoking for the weekend!!!

By Nathan on May 28, 2015



By Frank on Apr 23, 2015

time to relax

Great smoke for a great Price

By Raymond on May 9, 2015

Isla Del Sol

It's a smooth non burning, smoke with just a hint of coffee. I love it. But the price keeps going up!

By David on May 28, 2015

All time favorite. Drew Estate, nuff said.

Perfect construction and appearance. Always an easy draw. No canoeing. Long and steady burn. Holds a good ash. The flavor is a little hard to describe. I would say cocoa but also with a slight hint of vanilla. Man cigars are advertised as flavored but in reality the taste just like regular cigars. This is without doubt infused but you won't feel like you are inhaling a can of air freshner. Just right! Best infused cigar for the money on the market.

By Russell on Jun 4, 2015

ranch owner norcal

don't want to run out of these ,good weekend smoke w/ chores and coffee.

By TERRY on Jun 11, 2015

Isla Del Sol

Great flavor and value!

By Allison on Sep 17, 2015

Wonderful product

I purchased these always. They are a wonderful quality and have a great smooth flavor

By Megan on Oct 2, 2015

Great flavor and Value

Love this cigar. Always reorder. This cigar has great coffee flavor, a smooth draw and is a real value from Best.

By Robert on Nov 19, 2015

Isla del Sol - Truly a Sweet Smoke

This coffee infused cigar meets the three criteria that I have for my cigars.

First, does the wrapper taste good? This cigar's wrapper tastes excellent. In fact, it tastes good enough to simply hold in the mouth for a while before lighting it.

Secondly, does it draw easily and smoothly? Yes it does.

Finally, does the overall flavor of both the smoke and the wrapper taste good without bitterness or bite? Yes, again. In fact, each time I smoke an Isla del Sol Churchill, I have the desire to smoke another one, it is that good.

So, if you like a good tasting, smooth smoking cigar at an affordable price, Drew Estates' Isla del Sol is the brand for you!

By Major on Nov 12, 2015

Great Cigar

Good cigar with a nice draw

By David on Aug 14, 2014

isla del sol churchill

mild with a slight sweet taste. i do not smoke often so i found these to be perfect for a once in a while cigar guy

By Tom on Sep 5, 2014

sweet sun shine

These cigars, at the end of a day, provide a ray of pleasant, sweet sun shine, either at my favorite cigar bar, or back yard, my island of private refuge.

By jon on Sep 16, 2014

Isla del Sol Churchills

These cigars are great. Smooth and mild.

By Gary on Sep 5, 2014

Isla Del Sol Enjoyment

These cigars are the best!! I also order the Robust at the same time. I enjoy them when I play a round of golf and I really get a lot of complements on the aroma that they send off.
Matter of fact, I know two golfers that get these now and enjoy them.
I'll be ordering them again soon as I don't want to be without them on the links.
Might cheat sometimes and have a couple lounging around the pool and having a cervesa enjoying the weather.

By Ben on Oct 10, 2014

My favorite cigar ever

Smooth great flavor

By Michael on Oct 10, 2014

Great cigar

Every morning, on the first tee box, while waiting to beat the little white ball into submission, this is my "go to" cigar. It is a really great smoke!

By Thomas on Sep 16, 2014

Isla Del Sol

Great cigar for the price. Great sweet flavor.

By William on Oct 10, 2014

Daily Smoker

I keep coming back to this cigar on daily basis. The value is just a bonus...

By Jay on Oct 24, 2014

Sweet Sticks

The Isla Del Sol Churchill is a good cigar for the money. I love the sweetness on the pallet. They are sweet but not too sweet and they still have a quality cigar aroma.

By Earl on Jan 5, 2015

S-M-O-O-T-H .... Isla del Sol

The Isla Del Sol - a favorite 'Daily Go To' for me. Smooth, Rich flavors, Creamy, Thick Smoke, an Even Burn and Priced Right for my regular choice as a Daily Indulgence !

By Keith on Feb 5, 2015

Isla Del Sol

Very good infused cigar and even better with the reasonable price.

By Karen on Jan 1, 2015

Quickly becoming my favorite smoke.

I know a lot of cigar purist may be rolling their eyes but Isla Del Sol is one good smoke. I originally bought one for my wife to try, to see if she would like to enjoy a cigar with me. I typically smoke Arturo’s, Cohiba and other similar cigars. But I have to say this Isla Del Sol is quickly becoming my favorite. It has a very aroma, easy draw, and the taste us unbelievable. It goes good with whiskies, tequilas and a good cup of coffee. I highly recommend this cigar.

By Chad on Dec 31, 2014

Coffee infused

Came upon this cigar by accident years ago, and have enjoyed them since.

By RONALD on Mar 12, 2015

Isla Del Sol Churchill

This is by far one of the best cigar values out there! For less than $3.00 a stick, it gives a smooth, relaxing smoke for about an hour. Great flavor and great draw on these. Will buy again!

By John on Dec 22, 2014

Isla Del Sol Churchill

I first somked one of these cigars about 5 weeks ago and I loved them. This is why I purchased 2 boxes. If I could have fit more in my humidor I would have pruched more.

By Farrell on Apr 9, 2015

Exceptional Smoke

This smooth cigar knocked my socks off! Everyone that I smoke with asks for its name. This cigar opened a whole new world of flavored cigars that I never knew were available.

By Thomas on Dec 2, 2013

great deal

I enjoy these on my friday evenings, it's my weeks worth reward.
taste, flavor , everything to make me happier.
try one of these mild cigars they are good.

By TERRY on Feb 24, 2013

Best 4 the Price

This cigar is sweet to the lips and draws strong luscious smoke with ease. Mild flavor and nice aroma. I found my favorite right here.

By Mark on Dec 3, 2012

smooth & sweet

I enjoy these on a daily basis , I prefer these over more expensive cigars .

By Mark on Feb 7, 2017



By Gordon on Dec 12, 2014

Best Smoke Around! Drew Estate, nuff said.

This cigar is my all time favorite. It is infused but not overpowering. The construction is always perfect, always an easy draw. I have never had one of these canoe on me. Even steady and long burning. The flavor is a little hard to describe sort of a cocoa but with a real light vanilla hint to it. Many cigars say they are flavored but when you get them they just taste like a standard cigar. This one won't let you down but you won't think your inhaling a can of air freshener either!

By Russell on Jun 4, 2015

By BETTY on Dec 10, 2016

Great Tasting

This is a Great Tasting cigar. Very mild with a hint of Vanilla taste which I like. I have had women come up to me and tell me they usually hate cigar smoke but that they really liked the smell of this cigar. If you like a mild cigar, I highly recommend this one.

By Sharon on Dec 20, 2016

My favorite

Any time , any where these cigars are my favorite . Set the sails and light a cigar .
Pudget Sound : Mark Baird

By Mark on Jan 4, 2017

Good cigar at a Good Price

A very smooth mild-medium cigar for everyday. Easy draw, nice hint of coffee, and compliment on the aroma.

By Phillip on Jun 2, 2015

Isla Del Sol

I have been smoking these cigars for roughly 10 years. These are my signature cigars, when others gather they know my cigars will be at hand. I have turned many cigar smokers to Isla fans, it's a great cigar. I recommend everyone to try one, you will not be dissapointed.

By Virginia on Dec 27, 2016

Isla Del Sol Churchill is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 39 customer ratings.

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