Nub Connecticut 460 Box - 24 Total Cigars
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Nub Connecticut 460 Cigars - Box Of 24

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About This Cigar
Count 24 Cigars
Diameter 60 Ring
Length 4 Inches
Origin Nicaragua
Packaging Box
Shape Regular
Strength Medium
Wrapper Connecticut

Rating: 89 by Cigar Aficionado

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Nub Connecticut 460 hand rolled cigars are made in a Nicaragua African Cameroon, Ecuadorian Connecticut, Nicaraguan Habano, or Brazilian maduro wrapper leaves. These cigars were created by Sam Leccia who also made the Cain and Cain F lines. By simply taking the same about of tobacco from the Churchill, he created a short cigar with a big ring magnifying its flavor. The Nub Connecticut 460 cigar comes in 4-inches with a medium strength. Available in sticks, packs, boxes, and 2x deals. Premium cigars at the lowest prices at Best Cigar Prices.

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By Louis on May 31, 2022

By Jeff on Oct 21, 2021

Nub Connecticut

My favorite cigar. Mild, just the right size and I especially enjoy the 60 ring size. It’s a very smooth blend and always a pleasurable smoke

By Larry on Oct 12, 2021


I love these shorties! They have a great taste that is consistent thru the entire cigar. Has a good construction and an excellent burn. Will definitely buy lots more.

By Wenceslao on Jul 29, 2021

Light Flavor

Great cigar if you like a more smoother taste, not harsh.

By Denise on Jun 8, 2021

Great Cigar

Great flavor. Nice cigar to smoke on the cooler nights in Wisconsin.

By TERRY on May 13, 2021

like puffin' a smoothie

great steady burn, light yet flavorful.

By g on May 11, 2021

Tasty treats

Mild smoke with flavors of tea and spice throughout. Enjoy one with coffee in the a.m.

By Steven on Apr 29, 2021

Nub Connecticut 460 4x60

A great cigar from Oliva. The Connecticut wrapper and tobacco burns smooth and evenly with pleasant hints of leather and earth. A very pleasing smoke.

By Robert on Apr 6, 2021

Very nice if you like CT.

Last year at my wedding i had offered two boxes of NUB for anyone signing in. One box was the connecticut and the other Habano. The CT. were chosen by first time smokers and women, the Habano were popular with veteran smokers. The burn time was perfect for my guests while photos were being taken. Great for similar events.

By Robert on Mar 17, 2021

By JOE on Feb 23, 2021

By Robert on Feb 9, 2021

Sweet Spot

Nub Connecticut accomplishes the objective described in the hype. It's a four inch sweet spot.

By Frank on Jan 19, 2021

A good short smoke

Nubs are a really good cigar, and really convenient if you don't have the time for a full length cigar. They are as good on the first draw as they are on the last. I have smoked several boxes, and have never had one that wasn't or that burned unevenly. Knock on wood.

By Tony on Jan 5, 2021

By Fred on Nov 26, 2020


Perfect when you are looking for a quick smoke

By Brent on Sep 10, 2020

Nub Connecticut 460

Well it's true. Oliva advertises that the Nub starts out with the sweet spot instead of burning part way down a longer stick. They're good start to finish, great aroma, nice draw and pair with bourbon, wine, beer and coffee.

By Erik on Sep 8, 2020

Nub 460

This is a smooth smoke that just hits all the right notes. If you’re looking for a cigar that goes well with a nice glass of bourbon, this is the one!

By Shawn on Jul 21, 2020

The Nub

Been my go to economical anytime cigar.

By Jerry on Jul 18, 2020

The go to

Great everyday cigar...smooth til the end

By david on Jul 14, 2020

By Frank on Apr 27, 2020

By mark on Apr 9, 2020

By Chris on Dec 31, 2019

Solid Smoke

I find the Connecticut Nub to be a solid smoke having great flavor, smooth taste with a 3/4 to 1 hour of enjoyment. Well worth the price.

By Dennis on Dec 10, 2019

By david on Nov 26, 2019

Nub Connecticut 460

This cigar is a smooth smoke and a great value.
It's one of my top picks.

By Shawn on Nov 21, 2019


Great cigar, great taste.

By frank on Nov 19, 2019

My “go to”

These are my go to Cigars. They are consistent in flavor and burn. An overall great smoke.

By Tama on Nov 15, 2019

By Jim on Nov 7, 2019

Still the Best Cigar!

Nub cigars: top notch quality, great taste, a sweet spot from first light to burnt fingers! Remains the best cigar you can find.

By Arthur on Oct 17, 2019

By JOE on Aug 6, 2019

Still Yummy

Been my smoke for years. Thanks

By Mark on Aug 6, 2019

This smoke got me into cigars. Smooth with no bitter after taste. Great for a beginner smoker.

By IKE on Jul 3, 2019

Smooth smoke

Very even burn, easy draw. Nice smoke.

By Michael on Jun 6, 2019

Great Cigar

I love these cigars!

By Paul on Jun 4, 2019

My to go cigar

I always get fast service and get the best price on the Nub Connecticut, its a mild and easy cigar to smoke

By Gerald on Apr 9, 2019

Nub delivers

Nub is by far the most enjoyable cigar I have ever smoked.

By frank on Apr 9, 2019

By Angel on Mar 21, 2019


Very pleased with product and quality.

By Roxane on Feb 26, 2019

Nubs Rule

This is my everyday smoke and it never disappoints!!

By Lisa on Feb 5, 2019

By Erik on Dec 15, 2018

My favorite. Perfect size, smoke and draw. And yes it will stand on end

By Sam on Oct 4, 2018

Love these Cigars

Great Cigar and a fantastic price. About 1/2 off the Cigar Shops price. Highly recommend!

By joseph on Oct 4, 2018

Nub connecticut

My husband loves these.These are his favorite.

By Roxane on Sep 27, 2018

By Mike on Aug 30, 2018

Love the Nub!

Great stick! I buy them all the time.

By Harry on Aug 13, 2018

Consistency=Nub Ct. 460

Are you sometimes disappointed in the lack of consistency you experience from your favorite, premium cigar? That is not the case with my “go to” smoke...the Nub Ct. 460!
Try ‘em and you will agree, I’m sure.
The James of Georgia, USA

By James on Aug 9, 2018

Love these cigars

One of my favorites. Great price for this cigar

By joseph on Jul 10, 2018

Nub Connecticut 460 4 x 60

These are great for when you can't commit to an evening of cigars and beverages. There's enough there to be satisfying, but not a long commitment. Easy to pair with beverages.

By Erik on Jun 19, 2018


Love them , good quality , shipment comes quickly !

By Dan on Jun 14, 2018

Don't understand this request ?

As you can surmise, I must like this product, since I've ordered this from you all for at least 5-6 yrs. I like the stick !!!

By William on May 5, 2018

By Brian on Apr 3, 2018

Nice, Mild, Easy to Smoke Cigar

This is a nice easy going cigar. It is what I tried when I started smoking cigars and it has an easy going mild and mellow taste that lastes the distance. I have tried the other Nub Cigars and been equally impressed.

By Vanessa on Mar 23, 2018

By Delores on Feb 8, 2018

By albert on Feb 2, 2018

My go to smoke!

Very well made..consistent good draw...right length and ring size for satisfying 20 minute smoke!

By frank on Jan 16, 2018

Snub te Nub

Very disappointed - price high - duration short. Quality - not as advertised. Came up short - pun intended.

By Robert on Nov 21, 2017

just musing

musing...the personal thouhts of someone expressed so others can, i muse why i'v missed these great little nubs for so long...tightly rooled and wrapped....quickly ignighted and slowly and evenly comes to an end without requiring additional re-firing...sounds kinda like another piece of my life...pun intended!...enjoy this slice of life, i am.

By g on Sep 21, 2017

Great smoke

This is my favorite cigar. A great draw great flavor all the way to the end.

By Aaron on Aug 29, 2017

Flavor is a little flat. Set it down a minute and it goes out.

By paul on Aug 24, 2017

Nubs rule

Great for a quicker smoke but still a 60 ring statement cigar. One of my favorites always.

By Brent on Jul 30, 2017

test sample


By Rolf on Jul 11, 2017

NUB 460 Connecticut

They are great for what I find a perfect smoke

By Rolf on Jul 11, 2017

my favorite smoke

By albert on Jun 17, 2017

These are good!

Smoked most of the diff. NUBs. The 460s are great! Nice smoke from start all the way down to the NUB!!!

By Darren on May 11, 2017

First Nub Order

First time trying Nubs. Taste and smoke great. My only issue was, with a beard, I was always conscious of how close the ash was to the beard. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the smoke.

By Terry on Jan 24, 2017

Nub connecticut 4x60

Love these! Very consistent non-biting taste throughout..well packed with no hot spots..consistent draw...just the right size!

By frank on Jan 3, 2017

Nub Connecticut 460

Great little cigar for a round of golf. Excellent burn and taste consistent from start to finish

By John on Nov 19, 2015

nub connecticut 460

great cigar

By Jeff on Sep 18, 2015

Nub Connecticut 460

This is a very lite and refreshing Cigar, Outstanding if you only have a few minutes for a quick Cigar. The Appearance and Construction is outstanding and the Draw and Burn is Perfect

By Barry on Aug 5, 2015

A winner

Recommended by customer and very popular with customers who know the brand.

By George on Jul 16, 2015

Very Good Smoke

This is a smooth mild - medium smoke. It lasts about as long as a 6 inch cigar. Burns very even and has great taste.

By Michael on Apr 9, 2015

Nice long Ash

Very nice mild tasting cigar. Burns slow and develops a nice long ash. It's entertains too as you watch and guess how long the ash will get before it finally falls off. Be sure to allow extra time to enjoy this cigar. Goes well with Jack n Coke......

By Mike on Oct 26, 2014

A perfect cigar aytime

If your wanting a regular cigar with no frills and a perfectly mild cigar look no further. You won't be disappointed.

By Tim on Oct 10, 2014

Nub Connecticut

I really enjoy smoking a Nub Cigar. The Connecticut is mild and the burn is long and slow. My favorite part is seeing how long the ash will get before it falls off. A very relaxing and entertaining smoke.

By Mike on Sep 16, 2014


The 460 is a cigar I can count on for consistency. Flavor, draw and burn are always good and don't vary from cigar to cigar or from box to box. A fine cigar!

By W. on Sep 4, 2014

Nub Connecticut 460

a very nice cigar

By Chris on Aug 13, 2014


Nice slow burn, great flavor

By Dennis on Aug 12, 2014

Nice smoke

Nice and mild

By Jerry on Dec 18, 2013

Nub Connecticut 460 is rated 5 out of 5 based on 79 customer ratings.

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