Tatiana Classic Vanilla Box - 25 Total Cigars
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Tatiana Classic Vanilla Cigars - Box Of 25

From: Tatiana Flavored Item #: 5505
About This Cigar
Count 25 Cigars
Diameter 44 Ring
Filler Long
Flavor Vanilla
Length 6 Inches
Origin Dominican Republic
Packaging Box
Shape Regular
Strength Medium
Wrapper Colorado Maduro

Tatiana Classic Vanilla cigars offer a creamy and sweet vanilla bean flavor. Each cigar is crafted from high-quality Dominican tobacco and a Colorado Maduro wrapper. Experience a smooth smoke with an aromatic finish in every puff. These 6-inch cigars are available in a box of 25, pack of 5, or individually. Find Tatiana Classic Vanilla cigars at the lowest prices at Best Cigar Prices.

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Great products and easy to use website

By Robert on Feb 16, 2023

Great cigars and great prices.

Have ordered these several times. Prompt shipping. Great quality. Can't beat the prices.

By Belk on Jan 26, 2023

My favorite to smoke

By William on Dec 8, 2022

By William on Dec 8, 2022

By Edmond on Oct 18, 2022

By Barry on Sep 19, 2022

Good Sweet Smoke

This is my go to smoke, inexpensive,smooth,mild

By Michael on Sep 15, 2022


Love the smell!

By Tisha on Aug 19, 2022

Great cigars

Purchased these as a gift for my husband and he loved them. They are not too strong and have a wonderful vanilla flavor. I would highly recommend.

By Sarah on Aug 11, 2022

Great prices

Very fresh nice vanilla flavor consistent burn these are my 2nd favorite cigars.

By Scott on Aug 2, 2022

A new favorite

Unable to find a vanilla pipe tobacco I have been looking for something new and I have found it.

By Jeffery on Jul 14, 2022


Very good Cigar. Smooth, good

By Frank on Jul 5, 2022

Tatiana vanilla

Every bit as flavored as the little cigar s but in larger cigar. The did have a tendency to unravel while smoking.

By Jeffery on May 17, 2022

Tatiana Classic

Very disappointed with the quality and construction of this cigar. I order 15 at a time and out of the 15, at least 4 (25%) fall apart and are unsmokable. This situation has occurred just the past 12mos. and I am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere. I took pictures to send you but don't know how to attach to this survey...Basically the cigar unravels after I clip it. I am very unhappy.

By William on May 12, 2022


I only order Tatiana and they are delivered always on time and fresh everytime I call I get great customer service

By Robert on May 3, 2022


A fantastic tasting cigar

By Daniel on Dec 23, 2021


Great value

By Walter on Sep 14, 2021



By Marvin on Sep 9, 2021

Love it

Good flavor!

By Bryan on Sep 1, 2021

By CARL on Aug 31, 2021


I like these Cigars

By Omer on Aug 24, 2021

Personalized Service

Great representatives, Great quality

By Ben on Aug 17, 2021

Love these

For the price, you really can't beat these.

By Dan on Mar 11, 2021

By Shawan on Mar 4, 2021

By Noel on Dec 31, 2020

Not bad

For the price I didn't expect much, but this is not a bad little cigar, especially for the money

By Don on Nov 20, 2020

Excellent taste; smooth burn!

By Ian on Oct 29, 2020

Tatiana classic

Good cigar. Nice flavor. Enjoyed

By Steve on Oct 13, 2020

Best Vanilla Cigar

The Absolute Best Vanilla Cigar I have Ever Had! My Humidor is always full of these Sweet Smokes!

By Joseph on Oct 3, 2020

Tatiana Vanilla

Love all the flavored cigars by Tatiana. Vanilla is pleasant , along with the Chocolate. When we found the Tatiana Classic Groovy Blues we hit home.

By Paula on Sep 22, 2020

Tatiana Vanilla

I have been smoking this vanilla flavored cigar for years. I have tried a few other brands & by far Tatiana brand has plenty of flavor, most others you wouldn't even know it was a vanilla cigar. I smoke lots of full body cigars but for a quick every day cigar I love these mild vanilla cigars.

By Dennis on Aug 26, 2020

Great Mild Flavored Cigar

By Michael on Jun 14, 2020

Tatiana Vanilla

Very flavorful but can fall apart.

By Dominick on Jun 11, 2020

Amazing as always

By Denys on May 25, 2020

By Dom on Dec 31, 2019

Great Cigars

These cigars are a great smoke for me, I like them because they are smooth and have a good taste. the aroma is very nice.

By Mark on Nov 5, 2019

Reward your taste buds

I buy these for my wife who won't smoke anything else. The aroma is magnificent.
I will smoke these if we're attending an outdoor music festival because people love the aroma- even those who do not smoke. I'll end up giving away a couple.

By Charles on Sep 10, 2019


The vanilla flavor is just enough to not be overbearing. Not my "everyday" choice, but a nice diversion.

By David on Sep 3, 2019

Loose Wrap

Too many loose cigar leaf particles get in your mouth while smoking. Terrible

By gordon on Aug 15, 2019

By mike on Jul 18, 2019


Tried one, no thanks. May be a good cigar for a strong flavored cigar lover, but not me.

By Jack on Jul 11, 2019

Tatiana review

Unfortunately the box that I received on the first go-around was bad the best cigars was there to take care of it shipped me a new box immediately got them in a timely fashion and we're as fresh as they were rolled the day they were shipped service was great response was awesome and happy with everything that went down

By michael on Jun 27, 2019

Nice smooth taste, burns evenly.

By Tyrone on Jun 27, 2019

Excellent taste!

Very mild and smooth, with just the right amount of vanilla taste!

By PATRICK on May 28, 2019

By Andy on Mar 19, 2019

Great Cigars

My son introduced me to the Tatiana Classic Vanilla cigars. They are a pleasant change of pace from my normal maduros. Flavor is not overbearing, just right. Price is spot on.

By Thomas on Mar 12, 2019


I have been smoking vanilla Tatiana's for years now. In the past I have tried other flavored cigars but none compared to the quality of the Tatiana

By Ralph on Feb 7, 2019

Tatiana Vanilla


By John on Nov 8, 2018

By John on Nov 8, 2018

Great cigars

Smooth flavor

By Chuck on Sep 20, 2018

Tatiana Classic Vanilla 6 x 44—Box of 25

Fast shipping, great prices!

By ralph on Sep 18, 2018

By Dianne on Sep 16, 2018


I don't get it. These taste like vanilla incence. Yuk.

By Joseph on Aug 15, 2018

Awesome Cigars

I really love these cigars. The flavor is smooth and mild. I highly recommend these to anyone that loves flavored cigars.

By Ralf on Jul 17, 2018

By allan on May 15, 2018

Nice aroma

A decent cigar that girlfriend will love to smell while you smoke.

By Eric on Mar 20, 2018

Best Flavored Cigars EVER!

I've been smoking these for over 10 years and they never disappoint. Always a good smooth draw unlike other flavored cigars. The best part is when I light one up the people around me compliment me on how good they smell.

By John on Feb 9, 2018


We enjoy them all the time

By Louella on Feb 1, 2018


I get the 5-pak of diff. flavs. and they are always perfect. Not broken or dry.

By Duane on Jan 30, 2018

By Bart on Jan 15, 2018

By Bart on Jan 15, 2018

Pleasant experience

I am not a big cigar smoker, so I prefer milder cigars and this fits the bill well. Pleasant vanilla aroma with little aftertaste.

By Will on Jan 2, 2018

Very Smooth

Great smoke- very smooth and the vanilla flavour adds to the taste.

The delivery to my door and the pricing made this purchase a five star!

By Michael on Dec 31, 2017

By Craig on Dec 5, 2017

nice price

Cigar has a great taste and are priced right

By victor on Nov 20, 2017

Vanilla Smokes

Strong vanilla almost chemical flavor. Prefer more of tobacco flavor. Construction should be better for price. Won’t purchase this brand again.

By Mark on Nov 9, 2017

By Mike on Nov 9, 2017

tatiana classic vanilla

Tatiana classic vanilla cigars are smooth and the vanilla taste is great . I get a lot of compliments on the aroma.

By Mike on Nov 9, 2017

By oscar on Sep 26, 2017


Came quickly and were fresh! Would definitely recommend

By Chris on Aug 29, 2017

Tatiana Classic Vanilla

I will purchase again. 1 or 2 hard draw.

By Al on Aug 22, 2017

Sweet Vanilla

If you like sweet flavored cigars you will love this one. Very rich in flavor.

By Mark on Aug 7, 2017

Goood smoke

Love this cigar, burns nice and a mild taste

By victor on Jun 29, 2017

Mild and wonderful

The classic vanilla cigar is the perfect long lasting miles. The vanilla flavor last until the end and remains flavor. I would highly recommend the cigar for those who like Sweet and mild.

By Joni on Jun 20, 2017

cigars are fresh and order is processed quickly

By Charles on Jun 12, 2017

First time buyer

They answered the phone quickly talked about my selection, they made it fast and easy. Thanks

By Jim on May 27, 2017

By Duong on May 11, 2017


Long lasting with a mild and enjoyable smoke.

By mike on Apr 30, 2017

Tatiana Classic Vanilla

Tastes great easy draw aroma not offensive. My favorite cigar.

By Domenic on Apr 20, 2017

By Michael on Mar 16, 2017

The product is smooth and easy to smoke but to light for me.

By Anthony on Mar 7, 2017

Tatiana Classic Vanilla

Great little cigar if you just want a quickie

By Alan on Jan 24, 2017

Great cigar

I really enjoy this mild sweet vanilla smelling cigar. It leaves no after taste and back when you could smoke in bars I have had many women come up to me and tell me that normally they hate the smell of a cigar but that they really liked this one, and they wished all cigars smelled this good.

By Sharon on Dec 20, 2016

By Pierre on Nov 29, 2016

By Pierre on Nov 29, 2016

By Pierre on Nov 29, 2016



By Bret on Mar 22, 2016

My first order

Excellent service and love the taste

By David on Nov 17, 2015

Tatiana Classic Vanilla

mild smooth taste

By George on Nov 11, 2015

Sweet Smoke

Tatiana flavored cigars are the most Tastefully pleasing smoke I've ever enjoyed. ( especially vanilla) . The only negative criticism is they are not as firmly rolled as they should be. All other aspects-- shape, color, size are ideal.

By Lawrence on Oct 19, 2015

Tatiana 6 X 44

A sweet but not sticky medium steady burn through out the cigar. Very worth the price.

By Ron on Sep 4, 2015

Great taste! Great price!

This is one of my favorite cigars. There is just the right hint of vanilla. Not overbearing at all.
Best of all, my wife loves the smell. That's always a bonus.

By David on Aug 27, 2015

Cigar vanilla

Best price I have found by far:)

By Donnie on Aug 13, 2015

best buy

I've tried but can't seem to find one to beat this flavored cigar. great taste and don't need an hour to smoke it

By Benjamin on Jul 22, 2015

Tatiana Vanilla

I fell in love with this cigar while living in the DR. Amazing flavor and scent. People around me always ask me what it is because of its wonderful smell.

By Shaun on Jul 9, 2015

My go to cigar

Consistent and flavorful.

By George on Jun 30, 2015

Jamie from instant chat

Dear HR,
Don't let this one go. Jamie from instant chat made my first on-line cigar purchase a pleasure.Please give her a raise. If you give her a raise,I will continue to purchase cigars from your company. Deal? YVT, Jared Pereau. Cocoa,Fl.
PS: if you could clone her....put her on the phones also.

By jared on Jun 11, 2015

My go to cigar

I always seem to order this one as it suits my taste

By George on May 29, 2015

Great Taste

A very smooth cigar with a nice sweet taste

By Andrew on May 28, 2015

smooth and delicious

This cigar is a treat , after a meal or just sitting with a glass of wine enjoying the evening. The draw is easy, the flavor is pleasing and always consistent.
Flawless in construction, these always burn evenly and provide that hint of sweetness
that is so memorable.

By tom on May 14, 2015

great cigar but...

great tast for the first 5-10 minutes. But after that, it become strong and lose his vanilla flavor...

By olivier on Apr 26, 2015

Nice cigar

I have bought these for some time now and enjoy them.

By George on Apr 16, 2015

Love Tatiana

I only smoke flavored cigars. Tatiana is my favorite brand and vanilla is my favorite of the Tatiana flavors.

By Steven on Jan 4, 2015

Great flavored cigar!

This is an excellent flavored cigar. Great for smoking around others. Many compliments on the good aroma.

By Kenneth on Dec 22, 2014

tatiana vanilla

a well constructed dependable brand.
the vanilla flavor catches your attention before you even light it.
Chocalate is a good choice too.

By Thomas on Oct 26, 2014

Tatiana 6x44 vanilla

I love these cigars. Mild with a great aroma and flavor.

By Shaun on Oct 25, 2014

tatiana review

this is a very good cigar smooth and draws very easy

By john on Oct 11, 2014

Ron Nelsen

I have tried many brands that are more expensive, and many that were cheaper, but have found the best balance of construction, taste , and price with the Tatiana cigars. I rate them "Excellent"

By Ron on Aug 18, 2014

irwin saul

good cigar

By IRWIN on Aug 13, 2014

Great Cigar

I'm ALWAYS amazed at how many people remark at this cigar when I smoke one saying "Gee that really smells good!' Even the ladies are surprised. And of course I enjoy them too. Besides the aroma, they're especially mild!

By Darell on Aug 12, 2014

Good smoke

smokes well, nice flavor, even burn and very affordable

By Terry on May 24, 2014

Excellent flavor

This is a great cigar with excellent flavor. It could be more firm but still great value for the money.

By Kenneth on Feb 21, 2014

Tatiana Classic Vanilla is rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 112 customer ratings.

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what is the net shipping weight of a box of 25

For regular sized items, such as a box of 25 cigars, we do not ship by weight. Instead we would apply the standard UPS Ground shipping rate of $5.95. More information regarding our shipping policies and procedures is available on the "Help" section of our site, under "Shipping."

By Christopher on Feb 8, 2011