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Davidoff Winston Churchill Cigars

Winston Churchill cigars are made using premium tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Nicaragua for a fitting tribute to legendary cigar lover Sir Winston. Best Cigar Prices carries Winston Churchill cigars at the lowest prices on the web.

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Davidoff Winston Churchill / Davidoff Winston Churchill Cigars

More About Davidoff Winston Churchill Cigars

Winston Churchill was a man who was never seen without a cigar. Not only was he one of the most important men of the 20th century, but he was one of the definitive cigar smokers in history. So famous, in fact, that a size was even named after him. Churchill's love affair with cigars began when he was in Cuba in 1895 where he had his first Cuban cigar. His favorite brands were La Aroma de Cuba and Romeo y Julieta. Churchill's plethora of humidors were usually stocked with three to four thousand cigars.

Winston Churchill was nothing short of obsessed with cigars. In one instance when he was Prime Minister, he was preparing for his first high-altitude airplane flight. This was the first time he'd be in an unpressurized cabin, and the possibility of not being able to smoke was simply not an option for Churchill. Prior to his flight, a custom oxygen mask was made for him so that he could smoke his cigars 15,000 feet in the sky.

A typical day for Winston Churchill was to smoke around ten cigars, allowing them to burn out so he could chew on them. Churchill was the smoker that we all idolize, a man who simply loved to smoke and would go to any length to do so. His clothes were constantly burned with cigar ashes, so much so that he actually wore a "bib" in bed to prevent himself from burning his clothes and starting a fire.

Churchill is quite famous for his one-liners as well. He didn't take anything from anyone. In one occasion, Bessie Braddock attempted to call Churchill out on his drinking. She stated, "You're drunk!", to which he responded, "Yes, and you are ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober." This was the type of man Churchill was. A regular man who simply enjoyed his drink and cigars, something we all can appreciate.

It's no wonder that there have been many tributes to this important man. When Davidoff announced that they were going to be creating a new blend entitled Winston Churchill, everyone knew that this would be the only true fitting tribute to Churchill. Davidoff of Geneva, Switzerland has created some of the finest cigars in the world such as Zino and Avo. The Winston Churchill cigar features a very interesting collaboration between Master-Blender Henke Kelner, and Winston Churchill's grandson.

The Winston Churchill cigars feature a few firsts for Davidoff. The Winston Churchill cigar is the first non-Davidoff branded cigar to be made at the Davidoff factory in the Dominican Republic. It is also the first Davidoff cigar to be produced with one full Cuban-seed tobacco. Using premium tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Nicaragua for the filler and binder works magic in this cigar. The Winston Churchill cigar is rounded out with a delicious Ecuadorian Sun-Grown wrapper.

It's a no-brainer how wonderful this cigar is when you look at it's credentials. It combines the blending talents of the man behind Avo, Davidoff, Griffins and Zino with the legacy of Winston Churchill. Ever since we got on our hands on these premium cigars, our customers have been raving about them. They have been incredibly well received by the cigar industry, and there's a reason for that. If you're looking for something new that you know is going to be a quality smoke that you won't forget, pick up a box of Winston Churchill cigars today. There have been many attempts before, but this is the only Winston Churchill that does the man justice. Give us a call today, or order a box online at Best Cigar