Gran Habano #3 Habano Cigars

Using their famous Habano and Corojo seeds to grow the tobacco, Gran Habano cigars are given the proper attention from the start. These seeds are grown on company owned farms in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and in the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. At the Gran Habano quality control factory, the tobacco is inspected and tested with the latest equipment to ensure that every cigar you smoke maintains consistency. Gran Habano sympathizes with those smokers that are tired of opening their favorite box of smokes and hoping that each cigar is as good as the last.

Gran Habano #3 contains a medium-bodied blend of Costa Rican, Nicaraguan and Mexican longfillers with a Nicaraguan binder and a robust Nicaraguan Habano seed wrapper. The result is a well-balanced and slightly sweet smoke with relaxed and satisfying flavor.

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