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H. Upmann Yarguera - Nestled between two mountains in the lush, green fields of Honduras lies Yarguera - an estate where the climate and soil are uncannily perfect for cultivating fine tobacco. In the 1960s a special seed from Cuba was planted in these fields, giving birth to a sweet, aromatic, and slow-burning tobacco varietal that became a local treasure.

Altadis USA’s famed Grupo de Maestros blending team has crossed this vintage Cuban seed with a hearty Criollo ‘98 to re-awaken the fields of Yarguera for a new generation. This exclusive hybrid tobacco that carries the qualities of both its predecessors, now known as Yarguera, makes its debut in the exceptionally rich and decadent H. Upmann Yarguera cigar.

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Yarguera Toro By H. Upmann Yarguera Toro By H. Upmann
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