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When George Hamilton arrived in Hollywood in 1957, he only had fifty dollars in his pocket. He had to borrow his friends car in order to get to his first auditions. Since that time, he created a long-lasting career that has brought Hamilton into many of our lives. Hamilton has always been a fan of cigars, smoking his first cigar in Cuba at the age of seventeen. Once his career began to take off, Hamilton decided to create his own personal blend of cigars. What better way to treat yourself once you’ve become financially stable, right? In fact, Hamilton’s father made his own tobacco for the smoking, and his great great grandfather was involved in the tobacco business.

He wanted consistency in his cigar, and he wanted to create something special. Hamilton went to the Dominican Republic in search of a blend that suited him best. After meeting with many master blenders, and testing hundreds of cigars, he was finally satisfied with the Hamilton Reserve. After creating various other private label blends, Hamilton came out with his affordable, yet quality Hamilton House cigar. It’s the classic cigar, no hidden flavors or surprises, just premium, hand-rolled cigars that pack a punch. Hamilton House cigars are made with tobacco from the Dominican Republic, and use a delicious Sun-Grown wrapper. At an incredibly affordable price, Hamilton House cigars are a bargain worth investing in. As George Hamilton stated in his 1981 film, Zorro, the Gay Blade, in which he played Don Diego (ironically enough), “Bravo, my brother. You’ve really proven yourself tonight.”

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from $1.46/stick
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