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La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press

Boasting a fresh, unique look and phenomenal full flavor, the La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press has arrived to bring you a blast of beautiful boutique excellence.

Far from just another new stick with a fancy name. “Spanish Press” refers to the technique used in finishing the rolled cigars in which the cigars are placed into special trays with dividers immediately after rolling, giving them a squared shape for an improved burn and draw. This allows you to properly drink in the audacious tones of cedar, leather, dark fruit, cream, and spice it so gracefully unleashes.

Crafted at the El Credito Cigar Factory, a boutique rolling gallery located within General Cigar Dominicana designated solely for the production of La Gloria cigars, the Spanish Press is a bold, balanced, and complex smoke that transports the real essence of the factory right to your sensory receptors. Seriously, you can’t miss with this one.

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