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Don Pepin My Father Cigars

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My Father cigars are a collaborative effort between Don “Pepin” Garcia and his son Jaime Garcia. A rare Habano Rosado wrapper from Ecuador is used on the original My Father cigar blend, blanketing rich binder and filler leaves from Esteli, Nicaragua to a deliver spicy, rounded, and savory taste. Medium-to-full in body with notes of espresso, pepper, cream, and rich cedar, My Father cigars exude a masterful level of balance that sets them far apart from the pack.

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Don Pepin My Father Cigars / Don Pepin My Father Cigars Cigars

More About My Father Cigars

My Father Cigars -

With a dedicated and loyal fan base, as well as Cigar Aficionado ratings as high as 94, Don Pepin My Father cigars are among the most respected and revered in the industry. All Don Pepin My Father cigars are handmade to the highest standards in the traditional Cuban style under the watchful eye of Don Pepin Garcia and his son Jaime in Esteli, Nicaragua.

In the best-selling original My Father cigars, an Ecuadorian Habano-Rosado wrapper leaf plays host to a bold mix of aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers from the rich soils of Esteli. The smoke opens with a healthy dose of pepper to wake up the palate, before introducing a beautiful bouquet of almond, espresso, and savory cedar tasting notes with a surprisingly creamy finish. Even after just the first few puffs, it doesn’t take a connoisseur to quickly come to the conclusion that Don Pepin My Father cigars are indeed, something quite special.

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Other popular Don Pepin My Father Cigars:

My Father Cigars Jaime Garcia (JG) Reserva Especial

My Father Cigars Jaime Garcia (JG) Reserva Especial features a savory Ecuadorian binder and rich Nicaraguan filler tobaccos under a dark, oily Connecticut Broadleaf for a complex and refined smoke with true Pepin character.

Notes of molasses, smoky wood, espresso, and dark chocolate permeate the JG Reserva’s smooth profile while a subtle peppery spice grows in intensity over the course of this strong and satisfying smoke. The JG Reserva Especial is nothing short of spectacular, and any Pepin fan would be remiss to let it pass them by - especially at our low BCP discount price.

Don Pepin My Father Cigars Connecticut

The first My Father cigar to feature an Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper, the My Father Connecticut combines this tasty top-leaf with a Corojo '99 binder from Nicaragua and a filler blend of Nicaraguan Habano and Criollo tobaccos for an exceptionally flavorful mild cigar. Hand-crafted at My Father Cigars S.A. in Estelí, Nicaragua, the My Father Connecticut brings the company's cigar portfolio full circle as a light-bodied smoke that satisfies without sacrificing flavor.

Don Pepin My Father Cigars - La Antiguedad

Created by master blenders Jose “Pepin” Garcia and Jaime Garcia, La Antiguedad is a super-premium cigar handcrafted in Nicaragua, using the world’s finest Cuban seed Nicaraguan grown tobacco. This addition to the My Father Cigars portfolio will continue to showcase the Garcia’s Cuban heritage and respect for tradition. The filler tobacco for La Antiguedad is cultivated entirely in Nicaragua on the farms of San Rafael, Las Quebradas, and San Jose, all privately owned and operated properties of My Father Cigars.

Don Pepin My Father Cigars - La Duena

Blended by Pete Johnson and Janny Garcia (daughter of Don Pepin), La Duena is a spicy and woody flavor-bomb with all the depth and character we've come to expect from My Father cigars. These masterfully-rolled sticks smoke cool until the last puff, with rich flavors of sweet cocoa, espresso, earth, and plenty of red pepper spice.

If hearty cigars with a healthy dose of spice are your cup o' tea, we invite you to enjoy Don Pepin My Father Cigars at the lowest prices online here at Best Cigar Prices.