San Cristobal

San Cristobal is a city in the central highlands of the Mexican state of Chiapas. The history of San Cristobal goes back to the Mayans, until the Spanish conquistador Diego de Mazariegos established a base in the region in 1528. On March 1st, 1535 the Spanish crown officially named the settlement after St. Christopher, naming it San Cristobal de los Llanos. Since then, the city has undergone many name changes, but each change maintains San Cristobal. Although there were conflicts in the 1990's with the Zapatistas in the region, San Cristobal has a population of roughly two hundred thousand people. The name San Cristobal resonated with Ashton Cigars, and they had used in the 1980's, and trademarked it in the United States in the 1990's. When the time came to reintroduce the cigar, Ashton Cigars knew that it had to be a top of the line cigar that held nothing back. When it came out that San Cristobal cigars were being re-made, the hype behind them was ridiculous, and it quickly became the most anticipated Ashton cigar in a long time.

When Ashton Cigars decided to go ahead with the San Cristobal cigar, they needed the right blender to make it possible. After working in Cuba for 30 years, master blender Don Pepin Garcia, has quickly made a name for himself in the cigar industry. His myriad of blends and lines have all been received with great admiration in the cigar industry. When the opportunity came to combine his legacy with Ashton Cigars, everyone was ecstatic. At the 2007 RTDA show, these cigars debuted and everyone’s expectations were met, and exceeded.

This Cuban style Triple-Capped Nicaraguan Puro cigar is available in seven different sizes, and all boxes come with twenty two cigars. The presentation of this cigar is exactly what you would think, classic but with a new twist. Upon opening the San Cristobal box, you are greeted with the logo of a red parrot and pastel colors that make this cigar seem lively and vibrant. But enough about the presentation, what you really want to know about is how good the cigar is, right?

San Cristobal cigars use a dark, oily, Nicaraguan wrapper, as well as deliciously aged Nicaraguan tobacco for the binder and filler. When you smoke one of these cigars, you’ll notice that it has Don Pepin’s signature all over it. The flavor in this cigar is almost unreal. It’s like a story being told with every puff, throughout the entire cigar. The San Cristobal cigar is full bodied with hints of dark chocolate, walnuts, espresso, as well as hearty notes of earth and cedar. After receiving a 91 in Cigar Insider as well as an 89 in Cigar Aficionado, San Cristobal cigars have been enjoyed by many in the cigar industry already. We’re confident that the San Cristobal cigar will live up to your hype because it certainly has for us. Don Pepin has come through with another astounding cigar, and as fans of his other lines, San Cristobal cigars are another successful blend for the innovative master blender. We are confident that you’ll enjoy the partnership of new and exciting blender Don Pepin, and classic powerhouse Ashton Cigars.

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