Stinky Cigar Ashtrays

Known for their Stinky Cigar Ashtray, Stinky Cigar is a popular brand recognized for their quality cigar accessories. This exclusive brand offers functional ashtrays in a variety of colors and styles. Stinky Cigar is the country's leading cigar accessory manufacturer. The ashtrays by Stinky Cigar feature deep bowls to ensure a low maintenance, no mess smoke. Stinky Cigar offers durable, well made pieces at a great price. The most popular items by Stinky Cigar are their original stainless steel ashtrays that feature 4 stirrups to hold cigars. Stinky Cigar was founded in 2004 and has been expanding ever since. The company is a leading accessory manufacturer and continues to make unique cigar ashtrays and smoking accessories.

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Stinky Cigar Ashtrays