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Swisher Sweets cigars are a classic smoke with a rich history. Today, they continue to provide consistent products known for their sweet taste and multitude of flavors. Swishers are machine-made cigars with a natural wrapper that gives smokers a mellow finish every time. Whether you prefer classic Swisher cigarillos or their flavored options like the popular Blk Cherry, you’ll get a great deal on your next box at Best Cigar Prices.

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Swisher Sweets / Swisher Sweets Cigars

More About Swisher Sweets Cigars

The affordable flavor of Swisher Sweets has been an American favorite since the 1950’s. In a range of flavors and styles, Swisher Sweets cigarillos offer a variety of satisfying small cigars. Providing a mellow and tasty smoke at a low price, Swisher is a classic go-to cigar for casual connoisseurs.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Swisher International Inc. is the world’s largest cigar factory and has been producing cigars since 1861. The Swisher company was the first to introduce cigar rolling machines to ensure unyielding consistency from cigar to cigar - a practice that has since become the industry standard. The company hit the jackpot when they released the original Swisher Sweet cigars in 1958. These tasty smokes with the sweetened tips proved to be an enormous success for the brand and remain as such today.

Now available in a wide selection of both filtered and non-filtered options, Swisher Sweets cigars are among the best-selling machine-made cigars in the world. Products like the original Swisher Sweets, Outlaws, Sweets BLK, Sweets Little Cigars, Sweets Filter Tip Cigar, Blunt XL, Optimo Cigarillos, Blackstone Wood Tip Cigarillos and Filtered Cigars, & King Edward Cigars have been mainstays in the domestic cigar market for decades.

In recent years, Swisher’s flavored cigars and wraps have become quite a hot commodity. Delicious Swisher cigarillos in flavors like sweet, grape, peach, white grape, strawberry, blueberry, wine, black, and tropical fusion fly off the shelves regularly with no signs of slowing down. Get your favorite Swisher Sweets cigars and cigarillos in a variety of lip-smacking flavors at the lowest prices online right here at Best Cigar Prices.