Vega Magna

Sweet, rich, and full-bodied, the Vega Magna By Quesada Cigars showcases a unique selection of Dominican Tercio-aged tobaccos dating back as far as 2001. A potent Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper leaf plays host to an exciting combination of vintage Dominican secos, visos and ligeros, all of which were aged using the traditional tercio-aging method, in which the tobaccos are wrapped and left to rest in royal palm leaves. This process preserves the leaves natural moisture, resulting in a deeper fermentation that produces richer, sweeter, and more flavorful tobacco - which would explain the Vega Magna’s juicy-smooth character with complex tones of cocoa, dried dark fruit, & smoky cedar. Far from average, and close to perfection, the Vega Magna is the epitome of an artisan cigar. Experience it now at the lowest prices anywhere.



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